Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Betting in Rift

If you play Rift, then you might already know that betting is not really a built in feature of the game but did you know that it can actually be illegal, too? Some players have expressed wanting to bet on 5v5 tournaments, or other features and matches within the game. Betting on the game publicly is not allowed by Trion.

This isn’t always the game developer trying to ruin your fun. There’s actually a practical, legal reason these rules are in place in most online games. Due to recent changes in the law in the past few years, unless you can properly verify a participant’s age, you cannot allow gambling of any sort. To do so would be illegal and get the game developers in trouble. This includes real currency as well as in-game currency. Gambling of any sort, virtual or real, is not allowed.

Some of you might remember that EQ2 had a lottery. Other MMOs have done unofficial versions of the same thing. Some guilds will offer lottos or similar opportunities to their guild mates that are, essentially, gambling. Betting in Rift is not legally allowed but this doesn’t mean that some players don’t do it anyway, amongst themselves or quietly on the side.

Wouldn’t it be great if it was allowed officially in the game? Imagine all the things you could do with that feature. This is an inspired of world of Rift idea but it’s not something we’re likely to ever see in the game. If you could see gambling or betting in Rift, what features would you think are necessary?


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