Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Growing the E-Sports Community

If there’s one thing that many gamers have in common, it’s a love of e-sports. This is a strong and close-knit community in many ways and there are now more tools than ever before to bring the community even closer.

First, what do we mean by e-sports? We’re talking about competitive games, specifically online competitive games and the concept is nothing new. It has a history that goes back to the 70s and 80s in arcades, where crowds would place bets on the best players and the score toppers of each machine.

When home consoles became mainstream, people would gather at someone’s house or a club/other meeting place, watch people battle it out in their favorite games, and even place bets on the winners.

This was about more than just watching gaming, or even winning money through your bets. It was about a community. It was about rallying behind a particular player or team that you enjoyed. It was about seeing the best of the best play your favorite games. An entire culture has been built around this and it is still alive and strong today. In fact, it might be stronger than ever before today.

When gaming moved to the internet, it became an even bigger scene. Now gaming and e-sports could reach more people and the community grew. As the gaming scene matured, so did the betting community built around it. Now, it’s seeing an all-time high for many great reasons.

For one, e-sports are easier to access than ever before. There are sites that put it literally in the palm of your hand. Gaming is also more accepted in the general population. League of Legends (a popular e-sports game), for example, has more than 30 million players every month.

Video streaming technology, and better internet connections and broadband also make it more accessible for players, fans, and betters. E-sports matches are taking place all the time and you can tune in to watch them, see the scores, and even to place your own bets if you want to participate.

If you want to find out who dominates the e-sports scene at William Hill, you can browse the site to learn more. Find out about signing bonuses, seasonal rewards and cash back, mobile sports that let you take your betting with you on the go, and so much more. It really brings the entire e-sports and e-sports betting community together.

Part of finding and participating in that community lies in understanding which games and sports you want to follow. It might be a game you play yourself, or a game you used to play, or it could even just be one you really love to watch the pros play.


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