Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Mount lovers and dimensioneers: We got you covered!

It’s not Halloween yet, but we already have some enchanting sales ready for you!

Starting October 10 until October 24, you have the chance to obtain some amazing items!

You’re heavily into dimensions? We got you! For a limited time, we’re offering the Key to Dimension: Shadow Scion for only 2100 Credits, as well as the Mystery Box: Wonders of Alittu for 420 Credits!

Additionally, the following items are included in this sale:
  • Tenebrean Planar Attuner: ̶2̶̶0̶̶0̶ 160 Credits (20% off)
  • Cache of Individual Reward Charges: 9̶̶5̶̶0̶ 760 Credits (20% off)
  • Trove of Individual Reward Charges: 2̶̶2̶̶5̶̶0̶ 1800 Credits (20% off)
  • Dark Levitation Supply Crate: 450 Credits
  • Dread Obsidian Kirin: 3000 Credits

What are you waiting for? Grab your fluffs whilst you can!
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Online Gambling Info for Rift Fans

Hello Rift fans! Are you also a fan of online slots or casinos? We’ve found there is often overlap between the players of one and another. While not all online games are created equal, there are so many overlaps within the people who play them.

This is why I want to take some time to talk to you about online gambling for Rift fans. There are many different online casinos that allow you to play these games so you have plenty to choose from.

Are you wondering if it’s even safe to gamble online? You’ll be happy to know that for the most part, it is safe. You just need to do your research and be sure you’re playing on a reputable site. This is why we also plan to make some suggestions to help – for those of you who are new. But here are some things to look for when it comes to online casino site safety.

Always check into the website with a little basic research. Look at sites like RipoffReport, etc. to see if people have filed complaints. You can also do a Google search of the site you’re thinking of playing on to see what other kinds of reviews and things are out there. Look for posts from real player and real people. It’s far too easy these days to get fake reviews put up on a site. You can’t trust these.

Next, you should also look into what security features the site has. What kind of encryption software is used on the site to keep your data and payment information secure? This very important, especially for any site you’ll be using your financial information on. Some people like to go the extra mile for security and only attach prepaid cards instead of their regular bank cards, just in case the site was compromised.

If you’re looking to learn more about online gambling NZ, then you should start with a review of this site, what games they have, and how their processes work. I think you’ll find it’s easy to work with and it’s one of the few good ones that allows people from New Zealand to play and use their financial info on site.

And finally, you can also check out Casinopro because they have a lot of value to offer as well. Use the tips above, and your own intuition and it will guide you toward the best sites for online casino play. Enjoy!
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Saturday, October 05, 2019

Shiny Shenanigans

It’s time to get shiny!

Hunt pinatas that are distributed across Telara and collect the shiny artifacts that come with this event! Collect all 7 artifact sets and be rewarded with a shiny glowing eyes effect! A wonderful guide can be found here.

Get in-game and collect as many shinies as you can! Shiny Shenanigans runs from Friday, October 4 until Wednesday, October 9, 2019.

See you there!
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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Unicornalia returns on September 20!

Sharpen your horns: Unicornalia is coming!

Expand your mount and pet collections during this time through spending either Credits or Chaos Motes.

Explore Telara while completing the Hooves and Horns Event and pick up 4 Daily Quests to collect Chaos Motes. You can find the corresponding NPCs in Meridian (/setwaypoint 6122 5231), Sanctum (/setwaypoint 7380 3078) or Tempest Bay (/setwaypoint 12943 11579).

You can obtain marvellous unicorns such as the Swift Celestial Unicorn, the Burning Opal Unicorn, the Noxious Onyx Unicorn and so many more!
This CTA will end on September 22 at 23.59 server time.

Check here this awesome and very detailed guide by player Caduto!(–_2H7iQMQ02dAoW0mPby4GipH8faVCPBk2Z7hHfdKrJC7FWqRrtw).

Log in to get started, go on this journey and grab those unicorns by their hooves, Ascended!
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Battle Pass Season 2: Tendrils of Blight has begun!

Greetings, Ascended!

Prepare your weapons; the second season of Battle Pass is live!

What can you look forward to?
Progress through 30 levels (Season 2) by completing Daily and Weekly Quests
4 Daily Quests (+2 for Patrons) per Day
Quests chosen at random
3 Weekly Quests per Week
Quests chosen at random
Quest Re-roll feature
30 Levels of rewards Rewards split up between Free (no purchase required), Premium (purchased the pack) & Patron Premium (purchased the pack and have active Patron status).
Free rewards include a new artifact set which unlock their own unique rewards, individual reward charges, rune unsocketers, and more premium service items.
Premium rewards include numerous leafy cosmetics, as well as the new Wings of Life Levitate mount, bonus credits and more!
Patrons who unlock premium will also gain bonus rewards including Loyalty, premium lockboxes and more


Leafe me Alone (artifact)
Planar Essence Removal Devices
Pack of Individual Reward Charges
Suspension of Disbeleaf (artifact)
Artifact Hunter’s Tracking Vials
Dungeon Charge
Take it or Leaf it (artifact)
Underwater Mount Training
Fisher’s Friend
Branching Out (artifact)
Rune Unsocketing Apparatus
Gone with the Wig (artifact)
Warfront Charge
Made in the Shade (artifact)
Brevanic Portal Batteries
Reap the Whirlwind (artifact)
A Thyme for Everything (artifact)
Herb your Enthusiasm (artifact)

5x Bonus Credits: 300
Mote of the Greenseer
Transcendent Favor Vial
3x Bundle of Affinity
Mote of the Forest Walker
Opie’s Artifact Stash
Crafter’s Energy Infusion
Transcendent Token Tablet
Warfront Charge
Exceptional Crafting Skill Boosts
Transcendent Skill Sphere
Mote of the Warden
Mass Soul Mend
Transcendent Notoriety Vial
Mote of the Soaring Leaf
Twisted Artifact Hunter’s Tracking Vials
Celestial Crafting Rift Lure: Bountiful Life
Large Sack of Currency
Cache of Individual Reward Charges
Crown of Life
Dungeon Charge
Wings of Life
Unstable Artifact Hunter’s Tracking Vials
Wings of Life Levitate

Trove of Individual Reward Charges
3x Opie’s Artifact Stash
6x Dark Levitation Supply Crate
Orb of Loyalty: 10,000
Poison Artifact Hunter’s Tracking Vials
Orb of Loyalty: 50,000
Burning Artifact Hunter’s Tracking Vials
Nightmare Artifact Hunter’s Tracking Vial
Orb of Loyalty: 100,000

The end of Season 2 has not been set in stone yet, we shall announce it at least a month before. Once season 2 is finished, you will have at least 7 days to claim all of your rewards.
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Monday, August 26, 2019

Call to Action: Mechs on Parade!

Mechanical Walkers are suddenly growing in number across Telara – could it be the influence of Crucia?

There is something immensely satisfying in tromping around with your own personal mech-style mount, and we’ve got a whole parade for you this weekend! Rumble through the lands in your clanking metal machine…

LIVE Store:
  • Faewood Infinity Walker
  • Red & Silver Empyreal Walker

WORLD EVENT: Available on Live for Chaos Motes!

Collect enough for special Walkers – this event runs from August 23rd to August 25th, 2019. As with other World Events, there will be a quest starter in each home city. You’ll be asked to run an Expert Dungeon with LFG, participate in Warfronts, complete the Mech Zone Event, and collect drops from special Mech Invasions and Footholds!
  • Empyreal Walker
  • Black Empyreal Walker
  • Golden Empyreal Walker
  • Infinity Walker

In addition to the clanking wonders, you can earn:
  • Mech Companion Pets
  • Minion cards
  • Dimension items!

What are you waiting for?

Bolt yourself in and join the Mech Parade!
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Sunday, August 18, 2019

The burning quartet is back!

On August 16th four glowing Ki Rins will return to the store for a limited time!
We have several colours covered. What do you prefer? Blue,Green,Red or Purple?
We also have a special guest! The Ember Nebula!

– Glowing Sapphire Ki Rin
– Glowing Ruby Ki Rin
– Glowing Amethyst Ki Rin
– Glowing Emerald Ki Rin
– Ember Nebula

You will be able to acquire these awesome mounts for 3000 Credits in our store! (Patrons: 2700)
**The Dread Obsidian Ki Rin will be available once a hotfix goes live.
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The Dread Obsidian Ki Rin arrives!

Greetings, Ascended!

Starting August 15th you will be able to get your hands on this burning hot Ki Rin!
The Dread Obisidian Ki Rin receives the official invitation to join Telara!

If you like red spikes and burning black flames, this mount is the perfect addition to your mount collection!

This offer will run for 1 week – until August 21th!
You will be able to acquire this awesome mount for 3000 Credits in our store! (Patrons: 2700)

Credit Pack + 40 Slot Bag!

We have also prepared a second offer for you guys!

From August 15th until August 21th you will be granted a 40 Slot Bag when purchasing the 49,99€ Credit Pack in our ingame-store.

(This offer is available once per account.)
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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Call to Action – Budgie Madness!

Greetings Ascended!

We hope all of you are good friends with birds! Because it is time for a return of the Budgie’s!

Earn Chaos Motes by finishing special daily quests! The Questgivers can be found in Meridian, Sanctum and Tempest Bay.
Get your riding boots and prepare for the ride of your life! Join the Budgie Races and earn yourself your own feathery friend!

There are several mounts to get for Chaos Motes! Do you prefer a little companion on your side? Don’t worry, we got just the right things for you!
Check out our item shop for more information.

This Event will run from the 9th of August at 00:01 Server time until the 11th of August at 23:59 Server time!

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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Summerfest is back!

You’ve been waiting for it and it’s almost here! It might be hot outside, but our Summerfest is burning! Join our activities starting July 18, 2019 3.30 PM server time until August 8 and earn event currency!

Summerfest Activities
  • Summerfest offers several activities for all walks of Ascended:
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Swarmlord Khargroth Battles
  • Seasonal Quests
  • Artifact PiƱatas
  • Mitch the Artifact Attractor Minion Questline (if you’ve already done this in previous years, it will not be available)
New for Summerfest 2019

  • Maelloon
  • Floral Red Surfboard
  • Floral Red Surfboard

  • Dorna (corgi pet)
  • Larry (crab pet)

  • Sun Worshiper Sword (1h)
  • Sun Worshiper Axe (1h)
  • Sun Worshiper Staff (2h)
  • Sun Worshiper Greatsword (2h)
  • Sun Worshiper Warglaive (Axe) (2h)
  • Sun Worshiper Cudgel (Mace) (2h)

Dimension Items:
  • Sun Worshiper Vase 1
  • Sun Worshiper Vase 2
  • Sun Worshiper Vase 3
  • Sun Worshiper Vase 4
  • Hanging Mask 1
  • Hanging Mask 2
  • Hanging Mask 3
  • Hanging Mask 4
  • Hanging Island Mask, Mischievous
  • Hanging Island Mask, Fierce
  • Hanging Island Mask, Intimidating
  • Hanging Island Mask, Mystical

What is Summerfest?

You may be wondering about the origins of Summerfest. While some of the history is lost to time, many scholars believe that Summerfest dates back to ancient elven rituals involving burning sacrifices inside wicker figures. Of course, most elves would prefer to forget these barbaric references to their past. In fact, such practices are now forbidden by both High Elves and Kelari alike, although sometimes alluded to by disgruntled Dwarves. What remains in modern Telara is a celebration of flames for all Ascended to enjoy. Summerfest is now the holiday that marks the longest days of summer in Telara. Ascended continue to celebrate ancient traditions and have fun, even in the sweltering heat. This helps lighten the distract celebrants from the stress of the near-constant threats against Telara.

So don’t be late! Just like summer itself, the festivities won’t last long!
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