Monday, June 29, 2020

New DDOS Protection – EU Downtime

Dear Community,

In order to implement a new DDOS protection for Rift, there will be a maintenance on all EU shards on Thursday, 2nd of July, starting at 8am CEST / 1am CDT / 11pm PDT. Our expected downtime is 6 hours, during that time, all EU shards will be offline and unavailable.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience!

Best wishes,
your Rift team!
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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Battle Pass Season 4: Vein of Glory

Greetings, Ascended!

Prepare your weapons and ready yourselves; the fourth season of Battle Pass is now live!

The fourth season will be live from today, June 18, 2020 at 4:30pm server time, until August 13, 2020 at 4:30pm server time.

What can you look forward to? Here is an overview of the new Battle Pass season – Vein of Glory:


Daily Quests:

• Players will now receive the following quests every 24h:
1x ‘Random Dungeon Victory’: Complete a random Expert Dungeon
1x ‘Random Warfront Victory’: Win a random warfront
2x Random Daily Quests (+2x dailies for Patron subscribers)

• Rerolling daily quests will not grant either the ‘Random Dungeon Victory’ or the ‘Random Warfront Victory’ quests.

Weekly Quests:

• Players will now receive the following quests every 7 days:

1x ‘Anomaly Tamer’: Complete 20 Battle Pass quests
2x Random Weekly Quests

• Rerolling weekly quests will not grant the ‘Anomaly Tamer’ quest.

• All weekly quests grant a base Battle Pass EXP of 10K.

Battle Pass EXP:

• When completing a Battle Pass quest, players receive a Concentrated Expertise Cache on their inventory, that will grant Loyalty points and Battle Pass EXP based on their status.

• Players who own the Battle Pass obtain +25% Battle Pass EXP for the quest completed.

• Active Patron subscribers obtain +25% Battle Pass EXP for the quest completed.

• Players who own the Battle Pass and have an active Patron subscription obtain +50% Battle Pass EXP for the quest completed.

• Purchasing the Battle Pass or activating a Patron subscription will NOT grant extra EXP over already completed quests.


• Quest EXP gain overhaul. Adjusted EXP gained from several daily quests. All weekly quests grant 10K Battle Pass EXP (Half a level).

• Fixed an issue where quests to hunt rare mobs were only counting the zone achievement rares.

• Rare mobs that count towards a specific zone quest are now displayed on the tooltip upon hover-over.

• Removed several quests that were complicated to trigger when there were not enough players in the required zone.

• Added new quests to close rifts across the continents in Telara! (Mathosia, Dusken & Brevane)

• An additional cosmetic item “Crown of the Earth Baron” will be available in the Rift Store.

• Players are now able to buy Concentrated Expertise shards in the Rift Store to level up immediately. Available in +1 and +5 level format.

• The new Dimension Kit: Imperial Mining Expedition contains unreleased dimensional items, including the new scaffolding building modules.

• Improved Battle Pass localization.


• After the Battle Pass Season is over, players will have 7 days to claim all pending rewards. During this time, players can acquire the Battle Pass and claim all regular tier


• Free:
Artifact – Measuring Tools
Red Crystal Structure
Fisher’s Friend
Artifact – Crafted Metamorphic Rock
Rune Unsocketing Apparatus
Artifact – Mineral Core
Strong Red Spire
Artifact – Epoch Study of Telara
1 Dungeon Charge
Artifact – Wanton Igneous Rock
Strong Red Crystal
Artifact – Hardest Mineral
Underwater Mount Training
Red Bulky Crystal Structure
Artifact – Adamantium Melting Technique
Durable Red Spire
Artifact – Volcanic Activity Report of Ember Isle
Normal Artifact Tracking Vial
Durable Red Crystal
Artifact – Magical Mineralization Thesis

• Premium:

7x Credits (2×100, 1×150, 1×200, 1×250,1×300, 1×400)
2 Bundle of Affinity
Ancient Idol
Diamond Sight
Blue Mineral
Imperishable Terrene
Earthquake Steps
Celestial Crafting Rift Lure: Earth
Wheel of Fate
160% Crafting Skill Sphere
Relic Opie’s Artifact Stash
Twisted Artifact Tracking Vial
Rock Guard
160% Favor Vial
Blue Mineral Column
Unstable Artifact Tracking Vial
Sandstorm Impulse
Poison Artifact Tracking Vial
Exceptionel Crafting Skill Boost
Hellscape Hewn Stone
Earthquake Grounds Effect
Title “Earth Baron”
Levitate Mount – Magnanimous Archon

• Patron:

Epic Opie’s Artifact Stash
Relic Opie’s Artifact Stash
2 Bundle of Affinity
7x Dimension Kit: Imperial Mining Expedition
Giant Red Mineral
Earth Sky
Patron Skill – Banker Skin (Perm)

Happy gaming!

Best wishes,
your Rift team!
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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Unicornalia returns on June 12!

Did you miss out on some fabolous Unicorns last time? Here is another opportunity to expand your mount and pet collection with either Credits or Chaos Motes!

Explore Telara while completing the Hooves and Horns Event and pick up 4 Daily Quests to collect Chaos Motes.

You can find the corresponding NPCs in:
• Meridian ( /setwaypoint 6122 5231 )
• Sanctum ( /setwaypoint 7380 3078 )
• Tempest Bay ( /setwaypoint 12943 11579 ).

Discover and obtain marvelous Unicorns such as the Swift Celestial Unicorn, Burning Opal Unicorn, Noxious Onyx Unicorn and many many more!

This CTA event will start on Friday, June 12th at 12:00am server time and end on Sunday, June 14 at 11:59pm server time.

Don’t miss your chance at catching some of those amazing creatures! Tell your friends, log in, and grab them by their hooves!
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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Start the Bonus Weekend with a 20% Credits Bonus!

What could be better than starting the weekend with a Bonus Event, including a Call-to-Action ? Exactly, starting the weekend with a Bonus Event, including a CTA AND a 20% Credits Bonus!

Beginning yet and lasting until Sunday, May 31, 2020 at 11:59PM CEST, you can get 20% additional credits for your credit purchase of any size.

Special Surprise for all of you that have already purchased credits in the time since 00:01 CEST! You have recieved the credit bonus already!

While the credit packages in-game will not reflect the 20% credit bonus in it’s images, purchasing a package in-game will give you the 20% Bonus Credits.

Don’t wait to score these deals, grab your Credits now before they’re gone!
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Hellbugs invade Telara during a Bonus Weekend!

One hell of a Bonus Weekend!

Hellbugs have once again invaded Telara! Get in there and save the world!
These icky invaders have come from a land far far away. Their goal is to try and make Telara their new home. Will you be able to stop them?

Call-to-Action Event

From Friday, May 29, 2020 beginning at midnight server time until Sunday, May 31, 2020 at 11:59pm server time, Hellbugs from Defiance 2050 will invade RIFT! During this limited-time event, Hellbug Rifts will spawn more frequently throughout Telara.

Participating in this Call to Action event can net you some unique prizes. Completing these Hellbug Rifts have a chance to award you:

  • Minor XP or Token Boosts (15%)
  • Bonus Currency
  • Special Dimension Items
  • Minions
  • Wardrobe Skin Items & Bundles
  • Special Mounts

Note that zone events use personal loot Individual Reward Charges. Players get two free rolls per zone per day, after that, they are charged.

In order to spice up your experience while playing the CTA event, we decided to also turn on some sweet bonuses!

Log in and enjoy the following bonuses from now on until Sunday, 31th of May, 2020 at 23:59 server time:

• 50% more Experience
• 50% more Favor
• 50% more Zone Event Currency

What are you waiting for? Save Telara now, Ascended!
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