Saturday, November 30, 2019

Rams, Raptors, and Razorbacks – oh my!

All of these great deals are only for a limited time!
Oh wait, we didn’t tell you what we have in store, well, let us tell you!

Roam the lands of Telara on mounts that will surely strike fear into your enemies, and perhaps even yourself! With so many to choose from, it’ll be a difficult choice if you were to pick only one.
The following Power Packs are on discount for a limited time!

  • Laethys Indulgence Power Pack
  • Fires of Maelforge Power Pack
  • The Rising Storm Power Pack
  • Blood Raptor Power Pack
  • Frosty Moosedantix Power Pack
  • Mummified Power Pack
  • Nightmare Razorback Power Pack
  • Greathound Power Pack
  • Infernal Carousel Ram Power Pack
  • Autumn Harvest Power Pack

Round out your dimension collection with these Mystery Box deals! Try your luck, you may have a chance to receive the featured dimension or other wonderful goodies for 400 Credits each!

  • Mystery Box: Landquarium Wonders
  • Mystery Box: Wonders of Alittu
  • Mystery Box: Vostigar Curiosities
  • Mystery Box: Imperial Wonders

We got a load of Supply Crates in! Look at them and all their glory!

  • Fae Yule Bagling Supply Crate – 450 Credits
  • Infinity Walker Supply Crate – 450 Credits
  • Regulos Broodling Supply Crate – 450 Credits
  • Magical Broom Supply Crate – 450 Credits
  • Blazin’ Snail Supply Crate – 450 Credits
  • Lovely Cappie Supply Crate – 450 Credits
  • Harvest Levitation Supply Crate – 450 Credits
  • Spectral Carriage Supply Crate – 450 Credits
  • Dark Levitation Supply Crate – 450 Credits
  • Planar Pounder Supply Crate – 450 Credits

What are you waiting for? We’ve got deals on wheels and they gotta go soon!
From November 29 to December 6
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Dimensional Design Winners!

You have really all outdone yourselves regarding this competition! It’s mind blowing to see how talented you all are regarding your dimension building abilities! Thus making this very tough to just choose 3 winners!

Firstly lets congratulate Unka@Wolfsbane and their dimension “Escape From Halloween” built in Izbithu’s Demise!

Next lets congratulate Bisou@Deepwood, their dimension “You do that voodoo that you do” which they used Xarth Mire to build!

Last but never least Kitasia@Deepwood and their dimension named “~Sweet Hallow Endings~”! They went with Central Necropolis!

We appreciate all the entries extremely and would like congratulate you all on blowing us away this contest!
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Mechanical Monstrosities

We’re requesting help! There’s a mech right outside the walls! Please send anyone! Ascended, if you’re listening please help!

Call to Action: Mech is back! The excitement and electricity is in the air until December 1st! Test your strength against the mechs for some of these amazing items!

First up are the Empyreal Walkers! Ranging from Black to Red and Silver they make your stomps throughout Telara a footprint to leave behind!

Next is the Infinity Walkers! In Factory or Faewood colors they definitely look like something out of a sci-fi film!

If that’s not enough for you to help us we hope these pets will truely make it worth your while! With the cool Pwny 2.0 and the adorable Bleep the Holosquirrel what more could you need? We have plenty more to offer up if you just help us!

Please hurry, Ascended! We urgently need your help to fight back against the mechs! We cannot hold them off for forever!
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Monday, November 25, 2019

Black Week – Double Up Credits

Ascended, it’s time to stock up on Credits!

For a limited time, we’re offering DOUBLE the value on Credit Packs in-game during this special Black Week Double Up event. If you’re still missing out on awesome mounts, cosmetics, pets or dimensions this is YOUR chance!

Credit Packs
  • 7̶5̶0̶ → 1,500 Credits
  • 3̵̶̵,̵0̵0̵0̵ ̵(+2̵5̵0̵) → 6,500 Credits
  • 7̵̶̵,̵5̵̶̵0̵̶̵0̵̶̵ ̵(+1̵,̵0̵0̵0̵) → 17,000 Credits
  • 1̵̶̵5̵̶̵,̵0̵̶̵0̵̶̵0̵̶̵(+3̵,̵5̵0̵0̵) → 37,000 Credits

  • Be aware that the 1,500 Credit Pack for 9,99€ is NOT included in this deal.
  • Credit Packs in the web store marked as “Hot – One Time Offer” are also NOT included and WILL NOT give you double Credits. We recommend using the in-game shop.
  • We do not have ANY in-game UI that displays the Double Up bonus, but it will be applied regardless.

This Double Up event will be applied during the following period:
  • November 23, 2019 – from 1 AM CET to 2 AM CET
  • November 22 – 4 PM PST to 5 PM PST

There is no time to hesitate, as you only got one hour to claim your Credits before this offer vanishes.

Get ready, time is running!
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Thursday, November 21, 2019

This one isn’t all skin and bones!

In a shocking turn of events, we’ve got deals for you.

Are you tired of bewildered raptors not following your orders? For only 14,99€ we got you covered with this completely new loyal Mech Raptor, available for the very first time!

We now also offer the Planar Pounder Supply Crate for only 450 – everything the miner’s heart desires! Ride and mine fancy at the same time! How cool is that?!

Show off Telaras great engineering progress with this cool Golden Arclight Rider, only available in 24 karat gold for only 2400 Credits!

The Mystery Box: Vostigar Curiosities offers you the chance to obtain the Key to Dimension: The Magician’s Tower for 400 Credits. Don’t miss this opportunity to build yourself a fancy operation base for your magical adventures!

Push your adventure experience with the Transcendent Trove of Boosts, containing several vials to increase Prestige, Favor, Notoriety and much more gained from all sources! Now available for 2500 Credits.

In case you still haven’t had the opportunity to gain our fluffy friend the Infernal Carousel Ram, it’s Pack for 29,99€ is still attainable!

Additionally, the following items are on offer:
  • Eternal Armor Bundle: 3̶0̶0̶0̶ 2400 Credits (20% off)!
  • Walk around in scary style, scare friends and foes alike!
  • Exceptional Crafting Skill Boost: 1̶2̶0̶0̶ 1020 Credits (15% off)!
  • Become the master of all professions far and wide! A jack of all trades but master of all!

Ride in style and be a professional while doing it!
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