Saturday, November 04, 2023


As the chill of November sets in, Telara is warming up with some enticing weekend boosts. For those seasoned Ascended out there, this is the perfect opportunity to maximize your in-game gains and make the most of your adventures.

Double the Fun with Experience and Currency Boosts

Starting November 3rd and running through November 7th, players can enjoy a double experience boost. Whether you're leveling up a new character or pushing your main to new heights, now's the time to dive into those quests and dungeons you've been eyeing.

But that's not all. The weekend also brings with it a double currency boost. Those elusive Planarite and other in-game currencies will now be easier to accumulate. For the veterans, this is a golden chance to stock up and get closer to acquiring that coveted gear or item you've been saving up for.

Guild Quests: A Time to Bond

Guilds aren't left out of this weekend's festivities. The event also offers a 25% boost to guild quests. This is the perfect occasion for guild members to come together, strengthen their bonds, and work towards common goals. With the boost, guilds can progress faster, unlocking various perks and benefits that come with higher guild levels.

A Friendly Reminder

While the boosts are active, it's essential to strategize. Plan out your gameplay sessions to make the most of the limited-time event. Whether it's running specific dungeons, tackling challenging raids, or simply grinding out in the open world, every action counts double this weekend.


RIFT's Cozy November Weekend Boosts are a testament to the game's commitment to its community, offering players both new and old a chance to progress faster and enjoy the game even more. So, gear up, rally your guild, and dive into Telara for a rewarding weekend!


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