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Trion Worlds has announced an exciting new event for Rift players: the Dimension Contest titled "Colors of the Rainbow." This creative competition invites players to showcase their artistic talents by designing the most vibrant and visually stunning dimensions. Here’s everything you need to know about the contest, including how to participate, the judging criteria, and the fantastic rewards up for grabs.

Introduction to the Dimension Contest

What is the Dimension Contest?

The Dimension Contest: Colors of the Rainbow is a community-driven event where Rift players can create and submit their own dimensions—personalized in-game spaces filled with creativity and imagination. This contest encourages players to use a wide array of colors and themes to design dimensions that captivate and inspire.

Theme: Colors of the Rainbow

As the name suggests, the theme for this contest is "Colors of the Rainbow." Participants are encouraged to incorporate a spectrum of colors into their designs, creating visually striking environments that celebrate diversity and creativity.

How to Participate

Creating Your Dimension

  1. Design Your Space: Start by selecting a dimension in Rift and begin decorating. Utilize the full range of available items and tools to craft a space that reflects the contest’s colorful theme.
  2. Incorporate Colors: Ensure your dimension prominently features a variety of colors, staying true to the "Colors of the Rainbow" theme. Think about how colors interact and complement each other to create a harmonious design.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Take Screenshots: Capture high-quality screenshots of your dimension. Make sure to highlight the best aspects of your design.
  2. Submit Your Entry: Visit the official Rift website and navigate to the contest submission page. Fill out the required information and upload your screenshots.
  3. Deadline: Be mindful of the submission deadline to ensure your entry is considered. The deadline for submissions is June 30, 2024.

Judging Criteria

Creativity and Originality

Judges will look for dimensions that showcase unique and original designs. Think outside the box and bring fresh ideas to the table to stand out from the competition.

Use of Theme

Adherence to the "Colors of the Rainbow" theme is crucial. Judges will evaluate how well you’ve incorporated a diverse range of colors into your dimension and how effectively you’ve used them to enhance the overall design.

Attention to Detail

Fine details can make a significant difference. Pay attention to the small elements that can elevate your dimension, such as placement of items, lighting, and textures.

Overall Aesthetic Appeal

The overall visual impact of your dimension will be a major factor in the judging process. Aim to create a space that is not only colorful but also aesthetically pleasing and cohesive.

Rewards and Prizes

Exciting Rewards

Participants in the Dimension Contest have the chance to win a variety of exciting rewards, including:

  • Exclusive In-Game Titles: Stand out with unique titles that recognize your creative achievements.
  • Special Items: Earn rare and exclusive items to further enhance your dimensions.
  • Rift Store Credits: Receive credits to spend in the Rift Store, allowing you to expand your collection of dimension items and other goodies.

Community Recognition

Winning entries will be featured on the official Rift website and social media channels, giving your creativity the spotlight it deserves. This recognition can help you connect with other creative players in the Rift community.

Tips for Success

Plan Ahead

Before you start decorating, sketch out a rough plan for your dimension. Consider the layout, color scheme, and key features you want to include.

Experiment with Colors

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different color combinations. Use contrasting and complementary colors to create visual interest and depth.

Incorporate Interactive Elements

Adding interactive elements, such as moving parts or hidden areas, can make your dimension more engaging and memorable.

Seek Feedback

Share your work-in-progress with friends or the Rift community to get feedback and suggestions. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can offer valuable insights.


The Dimension Contest: Colors of the Rainbow is a fantastic opportunity for Rift players to unleash their creativity and showcase their artistic talents. Whether you're a seasoned dimensioneer or a newcomer to dimension building, this contest invites you to explore the vibrant possibilities of color and design. Don’t miss your chance to participate and potentially win amazing rewards. Start planning, get creative, and let your imagination shine in the colorful world of Rift.


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