Friday, March 09, 2012

Rift Healer Beating in PvP

How do you kill a healer in Rift? At the moment either put a healing debuff on them, or gang up on them with a few other players. People all through the Rift forums have been either calling for a healing nerf, asking how to kill healers or both at the same time. For now though, until healers eventually do get nerfed we need to find a good way to kill them. The best way to do that would be make one of your roles solely for pvp. Most people, including my self are usually just hopping into warfronts in our PvE specs and finding ourselves in trouble pretty quickly. With the fact that we can have four roles at all times makes it easy to have an off pvp spec that we can just throw on even if we do only pvp once in a while. Because of the fact that healers are so hard to kill in pvp right now we need to be building our pvp roles around healing reduction. Each calling has a few ways to reduce the healing that the heal is doing and since you only really need one it shouldn't be that hard to spec around them.

This mini guide is going to be about which callings/souls have healing reductions, where, and how much does it reduce.

The warrior calling is one of the callings with the least amount of ways to reduce healing. They only have two souls that can do it, Champion and the pvp soul Vindicator.
Lingering Wounds: Requires 15 points in the Champion soul.

Trauma: Requires 15 points in the Vindicator soul.

The rogue calling has a few ways to reduce healing. They have three souls that can do it, Ranger, Nightblade and the pvp soul Infiltrator.

Master Huntsman: Requires 25 points in the Ranger soul.

Fell Blades: Requires 32 points in the Nightblade soul.

Anathema: Requires 15 points spent in the Infiltrator soul.

The cleric calling is the other calling with the least amount of ways to reduce healing other then warrior. They only have two souls that can do it, Druid and the pvp soul Templar.

Spiteful Spirit: Requires 44 points spent in to the Druid soul.

Retribution: Requires 20 points spent in the Templar soul.

The mage calling has the most ways to reduce healing. They have four souls that can do it, Chloromancer, Dominator, Necromancer and the pvp soul Archmage. The Dominator soul has multiple ways to reduce healing unlike the other souls.

Blight: Requires 38 points spent in the Chloromancer soul.

Void Shroud: Requires 18 points spent in the Dominator soul.

Chastise: Requires 30 points spent in the Dominator soul.

Draining Presence: Requires 51 points spent in the Dominator soul.

Essence Link: Requires 10 points spent in the Necromancer soul.

Withered Veins: Requires 15 points spent in the Archmage soul.

Those are all of the ways to reduce healing as of now. Hope this helps a little, I can't write any good guides until the beta comes back up so there wont be many posts over the next few days. Once it does though check back once in a while for new updates and new guides.


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