Thursday, June 23, 2016

We’re Celebrating Loyalty Week, Now Through June 28!

There’s tons of great bonuses going on, including bonus Loyalty, Affinity, and Experience!

Log into RIFT through June 28 to reap double Loyalty rewards, plus double Affinity Points for Patrons!

In addition, you’ll also get
  • 50% Bonus Prestige
  • 50% Bonus Favor
  • 50% Bonus Combat Experience
  • 50% Bonus Guild Experience
  • 50% Bonus Planar Attunment Experience.

Log in this week and enjoy a little bit extra – you deserve it!
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Monday, June 20, 2016

Fantasy Themed Online Slots

Online slots are some of the most popular online casino games around today. With so many to choose from, it might be difficult to know where to begin. If you want to play slots but you don’t live in an area where you can travel to a casino and play in person, you can play online. In fact, some people prefer to play online because of the many advantages. You can play whenever and wherever you want, you don’t have to drive anywhere, deal with crowds, or get dressed up, and you can experiment with different types of games and see which ones you like best.

If you’re into games and fantasy, then you will probably appreciate the many fantasy themed online slots available. The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy launched a new love of fantasy for many people and with this, we just saw more movies, stories, and shows of the same vein. This also means more great slot machines with a fantasy theme.

One of the first was Fantasy Realm from Crytologic. It was simple and didn’t have advanced graphics or animations but it was a great game that attracted a lot of people. There are also newer games with 3D graphics and great elements.

While the basics of most slots are the same, it’s the themes that bring people in again. The lights, colors, story, and theme of a slot machine makes it stand out from others around it. If you love fantasy and you enjoy slots, then you will likely enjoy fantasy themed online slots, and enjoy a casino bonus online. 
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Friday, June 17, 2016

Rift's Recipe of Longevity and Success - Part 1

These days, we're living in the age of MOBAs beyond the shadow of a doubt, as all the most recent major releases - including Blizzard's Overwatch - are looking to include well tested and proven MOBA elements even as they represent completely different genres. Still, even as the iconic World of Warcraft is probing ever bigger depths popularity-wise, possibly edging closer and closer to FTP-dom, there is still room for classic MMO success, and Rift, which has not long ago celebrated its 5th birthday, is living proof to that. Indeed, in MMO terms, 5 years are quite close to eternity and a title which can still boast an active and healthy player-base after that many years, can rightfully be proud of its accomplishments.

Launched to an overwhelmingly positive reception back in 2011,  Rift was Trion Games' first title and foray into the MMO industry. Even when it came out, the title won over many with its customization-focused Soul system and its dynamic events - both innovations in an already rather stale MMO environment which embraced it as a breath of fresh air. Over the years, the game has changed quite a bit indeed: new content was added and its various elements/mechanics were tweaked. Perhaps most importantly, in 2013 it dumped its prescription model, treading onto a path which Blizzard have long been trying to steer clear of with their WoW. Rift now features a hybrid free/pay monetization model which - considering that the game is ranked 13th among the highest-earning pay-to-play MMOs - is quite successful indeed.

The most important ingredient of Rift's success-concoction was the loyalty of their players though, most of whom have remained loyal to it though the years and the sea of changes. The Rift team was always responsive to player feedback, therefore most of the above-said changes - instead of antagonizing their players - reinforced their loyalty. There were some mishaps along the way too though, but there was always enough political will on the part of the Rift team to address these problems and to correct them in a timely manner.

Just how successful can the game still considered to be though? Surely, there are some cold-hard metrics by which this can be more or less accurately gauged...

Apparently - according to Trion World CEO Scott Hartsman, at any given moment, around a third of the people present online in the Rift universe are players who have been riding along since the beginnings. On top of that, there's a sizable crowd of "rotating" players, who return to the game periodically to check out new content and stay to play for a while before leaving again. This metric alone gives a rather impressive sense of why Rift has been so successful. There's more to the recipe though...and we'll take another look at it in an upcoming piece.

Philip Thalberg is tasked with covering the TI 2016 for GosuTeam, the most dedicated eSports community on the planet.
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Monday, June 13, 2016

Multicore Madness Mount Sale

Multicore Madness sweeps into RIFT, and your favorite mounts have been swept along in the wave of performance improvements! From now until June 13, all RIFT Store mounts are on sale for 25% off!

In addition, we’ll also open the stables for 12 hours each day (starting at 12am Server Time) and release a rare mount at the same discount!

Here’s what’s coming up:

Friday, June 10
12am: Lovely Budgie
12pm: Shadow Hellbug

Saturday, June 11
12am: White Squirrelicorn
12pm: Volt

Sunday, June 12
12am: Shadow Hellbug
12pm: Lovely Budgie

Monday, June 13
12am: Volt
12pm: White Squirrelicorn
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Thursday, June 09, 2016

RIFT LIVESTREAM – 06/10/16 3:30pm PDT

Sound & Music in RIFT!

The Rifts are alive with the sound of music… Time and time again, players tell us how moving and evocative the audio is in RIFT. This week, we proudly bring you two of the people responsible for the magnificent array of melody, sound effects and voiceovers in this sweeping MMOG. Your host, Ocho, talks with our audio wizards Jason Clarke and Andy Crosby about how they bring the world of Telara to life through sound design.

RIFT Livestream
Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, June 10th, 3:30PM PDT (GMT -8)
Duration: 45 minutes

See you all there!
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Friday, June 03, 2016

VOTE NOW: Preset Contest Redux

We are all very excited to see so many great submissions for the RIFT Preset Contest Redux. We want ALL Ascended to have a say in which Presets make it into game, and invite you to participate in our survey!

You may vote for up to five Presets per archetype. Each one gains equal weight, and will be combined with our Developer evaluations for the final call.

Please review the entries from a new player’s point of view. Look for clarity, detail, accuracy and completeness!

Click here to access the survey!

Thank you, Ascended, your experience and input is valuable to us all!
The RIFT Team
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Unicornalia returns along with the Celestial Unicorn!

Giddy-up: Unicornalia returns to RIFT from now through June 8.

Refugee Unicorns from the Plane of Life once again need your help! Head to your capital city for a special mission or complete the Hooves and Horns event in Moonshade Highlands to make progress in earning your very own Unicorn Mount! Want a more Celestial steed? Check out the Limited Edition: Celestial Unicorn Troves available for a limited time in the RIFT Store.

Unicorns need your help!
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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Rift Classes - What's Best for PvP?

This is indeed a very good can be answered both simply and briefly or in an extremely convoluted manner. One can say that class doesn't really matter when it comes to's the skills of the player behind the character that hang in the balance the heaviest, and one would be right. With the huge amount of freedom that Rift gives its players when it comes to character creation and development through their Ascended Class System, one can indeed come up with skill and ability combinations that are quite surprising and may be a hit in PvP. That said however, those looking to play Rift solely for the PvP experience are probably not walking the right path. The game has been designed with a PvE focus, and that is obvious every step of the way. Another aspect of Rift which speaks against a definite PvP focus is the fact that leveling in the game can be brutal. Therefore, picking a class one is not particularly fond of playing, just because it is supposed to be great at PvP, can lead to major pains down the line and eventually defeat the very purpose of the choice too.

Now then, the other problem is that whenever someone pops the question in the title, he means a sort of 1v1 match-up and comparison, while in Warfronts we're looking at team battles, which are balanced in a way that range, melee, healing, fast tanking and support all have their very well-defined roles in it. There is no balancing for Arena, and most Rift players like it the way it is.

To make a long story short though, those looking to become feared PvPers should probably focus on Rogues. There are quite a few of them running around in PvP and most of them seem to carry a bow, so there's definitely a marksmanship-based explanation to their PvP success. Warriors and Mages are quite successful too: for the former, being a Warlord seems to be the recipe while for the latter, Dominator spec works. Clerics are good in PvP too, but they have to stick to their own role: they are usually topping the healing charts, so obviously that's the niche such players should focus on. Obviously, a number of different soul trees work with the above builds.

The bottom line about Rift is that unlike some other popular MMORPGs out there, it has not turned characters into a sort of generic form to facilitate 1v1 PvP balance. In this respect, the game is indeed a breath of fresh air.

Philip Thalberg signed with GosuTeam after he covered the TI 2014 for the world's top eSports destination. 
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RIFT Livestream – 5/27/16 – 3:30 PM PDT

Ocho is back from paternity leave! He and Brasse will wrestle for the right to host this week’s stream.

Join one of us for the RIFT Art stream, with two of the folks who bring you Telara’s distinctive style and color: Environment Artists Justin Stearns and Anthony Reis.

How does game design influence artistic decisions? What are the steps from concept art to live game?

Find out this week!

RIFT Livestream: Bringing Telara to Life
Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, May 27 at 3:30 PM PDT (GMT-7)
Duration: 45 minutes

See you all there!
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Saturday, May 21, 2016


Minions have been one of the most popular additions to RIFT since it launched. Who doesn’t want a collection of obedient servants who run around gathering goods for us? I had the chance to chat with Dan “Snedhepl” Hollinger, Lead Engineer, about this terrific game system.

Snedhepl has been involved with Minions from the start, working on the original design doc alongside other systems folks. One of their main goals was to come up with a process that incorporated engaging design and gameplay with the absolute bare minimum in processing power so that it would not bog down the game at all. To that end, the Minion system calculates processes on the fly as you call upon them, rather than running all the time.

Minions first appeared in RIFT at the time of the Nightmare Tide expansion, and have been expanding their ranks ever since. According to Snedhepl, managing minions is now the second most popular activity in RIFT, right behind adventuring… why? It’s fast, easy, fun and rewarding!

I was curious how many Minions we actually have in RIFT, but apparently there isn’t an accurate count, because some minions come and go, particularly with events, be they holiday promotions or fundraisers such as Extra-Life or Hotfix Earth. Snedhepl stated that there are “at least” 200 in game, but probably more, but not all of them are always available. There is certainly a very large core that is always available through various means.


The default key to access your Minions is “V.” If you want to reset the hotkey to something else, click on ESC, go to Keybindings > UI Toggles > Minions. Pick your new key and hit “APPLY.”

To send your minions on a mission, click on the Adventure Card of choice. It will go into the middle slot. Next, choose a minion that has appropriate attributes (at least one matching the Adventure card), and enough stamina to go on the mission. The “Send Now” button will now light up – just click on it and your Minion is off!

The minion will then appear at bottom right as being on an adventure, with a timer showing how long they will be gone. You can “Hurry Up” your minion for Aventurine or Credits, if you don’t want to wait. Aventurine is earned over time as you complete Adventures, and Credits are available from the RIFT store.

One of the most convenient features of the Minion system is that they are shared across your entire account. Any character can access the minions to send them on adventures and to collect loot. It is important to note that your higher level characters will claim higher level rewards in crafting and gathering missions!

  • All Minions can level up to 25.
  • They do have different levels of rarity based on how hard they are to acquire, but these do not have any effect on their attributes, stamina or rate of experience gain.
  • You can only have one of each type of minion, but you can sell, trade or give away extras!
  • Minions start their life in your service with 10 or 12 stamina, and as they level up, they will increase to 20 or 30, respectively, at level 25. Hidden Minions are an exception and are explained further down.
  • Stamina is required to run Adventures, and it regenerates fully over 24 hours while the minion is not out on an adventure.


Rumors of the Minion Stork and Minion Fairy are not founded in fact, but they are almost magically easy to acquire:

Quests and Achievements!

Stophie the mantis shrimp is probably everyone’s first minion, and is obtained at no cost through a very simple quest in Meridian, Sanctum or Tempest Bay. Additional minions are awarded from other quests and achievements as you progress through RIFT, and the minions themselves will also result in achievements!

Artifact Collections!

Some collections result in minions!

In game: Achievements, Mob Drops, Rifts, Instant Adventures, Puzzles, Warfronts and Raids!

Some minions are dropped from various in-game events. As you may imagine, some are easier to obtain than others!

RIFT Store!

A solid selection of minions can be found on offer in the RIFT store. Free players can save up plat in game to trade for Rex that will give them credits.

Holiday/World Events!

Many holidays feature Minion questlines. Typically a starter minion is offered on the RIFT marketplace and will lead to a chain of minion adventures, several of which will result in more minions. It’s like magic!


Yes indeed, master craftsmen can create some rare and valuable Minions, such as Runald, which can only be made by Runecrafters – all crafting professions can purchase their own special Minion recipe from the RIFT store, under Pets > Minions.

Charity Fundraisers!

Occasionally, RIFT will sponsor a fundraiser that includes a minion card. Roughraptors is indeliably associated with our annual Extra-Life efforts, and for Earth Day this year, we offered a Treant minion card. These ones can be expected to appear around Telara from time to time, but don’t miss out when you see them appear!

Auction House!

Even the most peacable, non-raiding, non-Rifting Ascended can purchase minions on the Auction House from other players. I personally make a run through the Auction House once a week juuuuust in case a minion is on offer that I do not already have. Some of the rare ones run into the hundreds of plat… TOTALLY worth it for a completionist like me!


There, we’ve said it. Some minions are just more skilled than others. The rest will just have to deal with it!

Snedhepl notes that most minions can skill up to a total of 25 across their two abilities. “HIdden Minions” are uncommon and differ from normal minions, often having more than two attributes that can total more than 25, more stamina and stat growth.

Many hidden minions can be obtained through world event quest chains, but some have a very convoluted path to obtain, such as the infamous Drekenoth of Fate and Ra’Aran of Fate. At least one hidden minion is in game but has yet to be discovered, and all manner of theories abound as to how to trigger their appearance. Snedhepl was extremely cagey on the topic when I pressed for details, but we’ll all keep trying!

Some minions are “Attractors” and display a little horseshoe magnet at the top right corner on their card. When sent on an adventure, these minions increase the chance of the same type of adventure appearing in the decks. For instance, sending a diplomatic attractor out will increase the chance of diplomacy adventures showing up in the deck. The number of extra attracted missions at maximum level is listed in their card text.


Aventurine is a currency exclusive to the Minions System. It has collected automatically when you complete adventures, and has several uses:
  • Use it to reshuffle the deck if you are searching for specific mission types
  • Pay for the high level adventures to save yourself credits
  • Use it to “hurry up” missions to finish sooner

Reward Types:

  • Experience – all adventures will result in Minion experience, and Patrons gain a 5% bonus!
  • Notoriety – these rewards are automatically consumed upon claiming, so make sure you decide in advance which character is to claim them! If your character has reached the maximum faction status, you will gain coins instead.
  • Artifacts – high star-ratings upon claiming will result in more chance of Unstable or Bounty Artifacts.
  • Dimension Items – this includes dimension keys! Items come either singly or bundled as stashes that you can open.
  • Cloth, Salvage, Runecrafting – Ore, Plants, Wood – Hides, Fish, Meat

All of the gathering Adventures are pretty self-explanatory, but remember that the level of reward for these is based on the level of the character you use to claim the reward!

If you want to fish for adventures of a specific type in any deck, you can click on “reshuffle” – this ability costs Aventurine.

There are six reward tiers, marked by the stars that you earn when you claim your adventure. This is where the random reward roll comes in. Snedhpl likens it to a dice roll, which is affected by the level of the attributes of the minion.

For this reason, it is ideal to send the minions with the highest level of matchingattributes. The level is determined by the total of all attributes listed, as long as ONE of them matches. For instance, a 5 water/5 fire Minion = 10 when sent on a water or fire mission. A 10 water minion is just as good when sent on a water mission, but not on a fire mission.

Remember that you can Auto-match your minions based on attributes, either in ascending or descending level!

Premium Adventures: These can appear in decks 2 or 3, and are identified with a diamond symbol. These adventures offer the best possible rewards, and cost credits to participate in. Not feeling flush? No problem, you can reshuffle the deck at NO cost.


Everyone starts with one free Adventure slot at the right side of the minion screen.

You can purchase up to 5 additional slots with credits in game (Patrons get these for 10% off). Each Adventure slot costs a little more than the last, but over time, the benefits of running multiple Adventures really pays off.


They decks are all differ in time expenditure and potential rewards.
  • First deck: experience only! These do not result in Aventurine rewards.
  • Second deck: 5 and 15 minute adventures, low returns on experience and loot, and, on average, 2 Aventurine.
  • Third deck: 8 hour adventures, medium returns on experience and loot, and a minumum of 10 Aventurine.
  • Fourth deck: 4 and 10 hour adventures, highest returns on experience and loot, as well as a minimum of 10 aventurine. All adventures in the fourth deck require an entry fee is Aventurine or credits.


Oh heck no… this is just the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to Minions. For an extremely comprehensive look at the Minion System, we invite you to head over to RIFTgrate and check out their extensive guide, including a Minion Card Database!

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