Thursday, January 12, 2017

RIFT Livestream Jan 13: The Balancing Act

What is balance, anyway? Who decides what abilities get buffed, nerfed and tweaked? How do they make the call?

This week, we explore the philosophy, methodology and processes employed by the RIFT Systems Team when addressing the ever-moving goals of class balance. RIFT is unique among games in having am almost limitless combination of soul builds to work with, and this complexity often leads to heated discussions between passionate gamers on forums, Reddit and in-game.

Chris “Keyens” Meyer will be on hand to talk about how the team views and evaluates balance, and the challenges of trying to accommodate the widely varied opinions and desires of RIFT players when it comes to specific classes, skills and builds. Balance in this game is definitely not one size fits all, and Keyens will describe the internal process of evolving class skills, including when and how the Systems team decides to tweak them.

Keyens will delve into the challenges of working with player feedback, parsers, opinions, synergies and perspectives in a world of widely varying playstyles and approaches. We will take a number of questions from the Livestream forum question thread.

Caveat: Keyens is here to address class balance philosophy, evaluation and process, not the highly detailed raid parse of a specific build or what happened with a single ability or soul.

Finding new ways to take on content with RIFT’s complex Soul system is part of the meta game in Telara.

Please post your Balance questions for the livestream to this thread.

We look forward to hearing from you!


RIFT Livestream

Twitch Channel:

Start Time: Friday, January 13 at 3:30 PM PST (GMT-8)

Duration: 45 minutes
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When Archonix is away on holiday, the Boglings get busy. This time, they’ve decided to rig the Patron sale to go on for an extra week, to allow even more people a chance at it!

You’ll never see Patron offered at a lower rate, so don’t miss out – lock your rate in NOW with this fantastic deal! $99 for an entire year ($8.33/mo).

There are a great many reasons why Patron status is coveted throughout Telara. Patrons receive loyalty rewards, store discounts, affinity rewards and convenience perks. In addition, all Patrons gain an amazing array of in-game bonuses, including experience gains and mount speed.

See all the incredible bonuses here!

Remember, when Archonix gets back next week, it’s all over!
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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Fortress Siegestream – January 6, 2017 – 3:30 PM PST (11:30 PM GMT)

The long-awaited Fortress Siege is already on PTS and we want your help in testing it! We’re serving this Siege up with a side order of LFR – the Looking for Raid feature!

Join Brasse as she grills Kerilar and RoughRaptors mercilessly on all aspects of this epic Siege and LFR. Read up on what we’ve previously said about the Fortress Siege in RIFT, way back in October, and get ready to rumble in the real thing! We’ll be on the Public Test Server and eager to give you all a little walkthrough.

If you’re already a Siege veteran on PTS, make sure you provide as much feedback as possible in our official forum thread!

We will also announce the winners of the Fae Yule Snobuild Contest – so tune in too, Dimensioneers!

RIFT Livestream
Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, January 6 at 3:30 PM PST (GMT-8)
Duration: 45 minutes

Bring your castle-storming gear
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Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Hold on to your festive hats, this sale is bringing in HUGE savings for RIFT fans!

Essentials Edition, 25% off! Starfall Prophecy (Standard/Deluxe) 25% off! RIFT Credit sale bonuses! $99 Year-long Patron! Get in on the details NOW!

Greatfather Frost must have been into the Fae Yule mead again, because he is in a very generous mood!

There must be a hitch, you say. Darn right there is! The Boglings in accounting didn’t take too well to the Greatfather’s generosity, so after some serious squinting at the deep discounts and clucking disapproval among themselves, they clamped on some very firm dates for these sales – check them carefully to make sure you don’t miss out on the deal you want!

All offers are available through the Glyph Store.

RIFT Essentials Edition

25% off from December 21st, 2016 through January 2nd, 2017

This must-have pack offers an enormous variety of souls for you to truly customize your characters, and more! (Also available through Steam.)
Four Souls from Storm Legion (Tempest, Harbinger, Defiler, Tactician)
Four Souls from Nightmare Tide (Arbiter, Liberator, Oracle, Physician)
Primalist Calling and Six Souls (Titan, Preserver, Vulcanist, Dervish, Typhoon, Berserker)
Earring Slots
Gear Unlock for Planewalker: Water
Six character slots per server
Bag slots 4 & 5 (if you have not already unlocked them)

Starfall Prophecy Standard, Starfall Prophecy Special Edition and Upgrade!

25% of from December 21st, 2016 through January 2nd, 2017

This deal is available through the RIFT in-game store ONLY.

NOTE: The Upgrade option from Standard to Deluxe edition will be available at 25% off during the month of January – watch for our announcement in the new year!

Starfall Prophecy Standard offers:
All-new zones on the Comet of Ahnket
An instant level 65 boost, along with boosted gear and consumables
Access to levels 66-70 and the Legendary Skill selection

Starfall Prophecy Deluxe gives you all of that and MORE:
A gorgeous Ethereal Drake mount
Asha Catari’s Raiment (comes in male and female styles)
Ring of Ahnket Portrait frame
If you already own the Standard Edition, the Starfall Prophecy Deluxe Edition is available as an upgrade as well, also at 25% off – this is the best time to grab it!

A whole year of RIFT Patron status for $99!

Available only between December 14th, 2016 through January 11th, 2017

If you have already pre-paid RIFT Patron status, this will be added to the existing term.

There are a great many reasons why Patron status is coveted throughout the lands. Patrons receive loyalty rewards, store discounts, affinity rewards and convenience perks. In addition, all Patrons gain an amazing array of in-game bonuses, including experience gains and mount speed.

See all the incredible bonuses here!

Special Bonuses to Credit Purchases!

Available from December 14th, 2016 through December 31st, 2016

Credits are available in-game through the RIFT store!

Purchase $20 in credits and get a Jolly Hellbug Mount for ALL characters on your account!
Applies to $19.99, €19.99 or £15.49 credit packs

Invest in $100 RIFT credits and receive a tradable code for the Starfall Prophecy Standard Edition to use yourself or to give to a friend!
Applies to $99.99, €99.99 or £76.49 credit packs

Don’t delay until the last minute, you KNOW you’ll forget! Get your credits while they’re HOT! You will need to sign in with your Glyph account in order to access credit purchases.

Enjoy your winter holidays!
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Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Join us over the holiday break and build a unique Fae Yule creation! We have prizes for all participants and some pretty sweet rewards for the winners! Even if you’ve never tried Dimensioneering, this is a great opportunity to explore your creative side!

On the Dec 16th RIFT Livestream, Brasse invited some experienced Dimensioneers (and one befuddled Elf) to strut their stuff and create sculptures, using nothing but snowman parts, in a mere 30 minutes! We’ve included some of these builds in this article to show you what you can do with very limited time and limited components.

Now we’re giving YOU almost two weeks to create a RIFT Fae Yule SnoBuild! Take up the challenge!

Some may choose to build a sculptural scene, while others will stick with a single sculpture – make your Fae Yule SnoBuild YOUR way! The background will not be included in judging, so no need to build out your entire dimension.

Snowman parts are brand new for Fae Yule this year. You don’t have to include Snowman parts in your sculpture, but we wanted to give you some great inspiration with the screenshots here. There are six different body parts, four arm styles, four carrot nose styles and even coal for the eyes!

The Fae Yult Kit: Snowman is found on the RIFT Store in game, under “World Event. It contains 30 pieces, and is available for 600 Unique Snowflakes (Fae Yule event currency) or 315 Credits.

Every valid entry will receive a special Dimension Item Pack after the contest closes.

The top ten entrants will win a Fae Yule Levitation mount!

The Grand Prize winner will be selected from the top ten and will also win a year’s worth of RIFT Patron Status!

OFFICIAL RULES ARE LINKED HERE. The super-short, condensed version is below, but the much more detailed official rules are binding.

Dates: 12:01am PST Tuesday, December 20th, 2016, through 11:59pm PST, Monday, January 2nd, 2017

Build a Fae Yule sculpture or scene within your dimension, using any dimension parts you wish, but don’t lose sight of the theme. Make it as small or as elaborate as you like. With two weeks to do it in, we are sure you can come up with something incredible!

Please respond to THIS thread with your entry, consisting of up to four screenshots of your Fae Yule SnoBuild. One entry per account!

The builds will be judged after entries close.

The RIFT Team shall award each Entry a number of points based upon the following 100 point scale: 0-50 points for creativity; 0-25 points for originality; and 0-25 points for adherence to the guidelines.

To be eligible to enter the Contest, as of the time you submit your Entry, you must:
Be at least 18 years of age (minors may enter through their legal guardian); and
Have an active Trion Worlds account, a RIFT Forum account in good standing, Internet access, an email account and access to a personal computer; and
Not have won a prize in a contest from Trion within the last twelve (12) months (Livestream awards do not count, as those are not official contests); and
Open to residents worldwide excluding residents of: Quebec, Canada, Brazil and Italy (hey, we don’t make the rules!). Canadian residents will be required to answer an additional mathematical question in order to claim their prizes.

While we’re at it, I’d like to give a shoutout to two community-run contests also going on right now:

Fae Yule Dimension GIVEAWAY Challenge, hosted by Nouvae of The Dimension Gallery – Deadline December 29, 2016
“Radical Botanical” Garden Competition, hosted by Bella – Deadline January 29, 2017

Well now, it’s time to break out your toolkit and get building!



Ps. Thanks again to our all our Dec 16th Livestream builders: Kitasia, Feendish, Aeryle, Gwyndeth, Sparklynn, Audzilla and Wren!
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Thursday, December 15, 2016


Some of RIFTS finest DImensioneers face off in our first ever Fae Yule Invitational Build Challenge: “DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A…?”

Yes, ladies, gentlebeings and others, some of our finest Dimensioneers have agreed to take a random pile of brand new Snowman parts and build… SOMETHING. They will have 30 minutes and as many parts as I can smuggle into dimensions. Yes, the piles will be identical, although I’m just dumping them, not stacking them neatly. Hey, I’m a Dwarf, not an artiste!

Here’s an excerpt from today’s discussion channel:

Brasse: Thanks for accepting the invitation, folks!
Audzilla: I’m gonna wreck you fools
Brasse: Oi mae sign Wren up, seeing as she drags me auld arse into Warfronts alla time.
Polaris-Jaed: seems only fair >.>
Brasse: (pretending to listen) What’s that, Wren?
Brasse in a perfect imitation of Wren: Dat’s a pile of slumping snow. Pretend it’s March and all is melting. Yah. What’s my prize?
Feendish: the best part is that now I have an excuse to leave work early on Friday. Yeah, I have an “appointment.”
Audzilla: “sorry, I have a prior community obligation” Brasse will write you a note.
Brasse: Sure thing! Oi will sign it wi’ authoriteh!
Kitasia: Now I have to think on what to make hum. At least the snow won’t burn my finger like the wreaths I made for my garage today

I then tell the small group that on Friday morning, we will also post a wide open challenge for players to build their own creations out of Snowman parts, for prizes – only they’ll get at least a week instead of 30 minutes.

Audzilla: Oooo, a player wide contest too… with unlimited resources
Brasse: Aye, and ye CAN enter both.
Audzilla: I’m gonna destroy you suckas TWICE
Audzilla: (watch my pile of parts be all carrots)
Feendish: I will laugh…
Audzilla: I will too.
Feendish: Like a freaking hyena!
Audzilla: so, normal laugh…

We hope you’ll join us for Dimensioneering master’s mayhem on Friday. How we’re going to keep these people in line is another matter!

RIFT Livestream
Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, December 16 at 3:30 PM PST (GMT-8)
Duration: 60 minutes
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Friday, December 09, 2016

LIVE! Tok’s Proving Grounds

Puzzle me this! Give one insane RIFT designer free reign to create a dungeon based on puzzles, and what do you get? A truly unique dungeon, exclusive to Starfall Prophecy: Tok’s Proving Grounds!

First, you need to find the entrance. It’s not as easy as it seems, for it rarely shows up in the same place twice! Search for a Platonic solid, somewhere in the quiet town of Alittu; it is magically charged and will transport you to this unique region in the nethersphere.

Wait – what’s a Platonic solid, you ask? For those of you have not already fled to Google to look it up, here is a great article on the geometry in question… you’ll benefit from your new knowledge in this dungeon, where victory is not measured in hitpoints or damage, but rather by skill, knowledge and determination.

Tok’s Proving Grounds invites scholars – as befitting a quiet questline, the challenges are meant for solo or duo players. No full groups or raids here, just a significant commitment of cooperation and exactitude.

Those who invest enough time in Tok’s service may well earn some of the most spectacular appearance gear to be found on Telara, with swirling, animated colors based on the planes: Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Life and Death… you have to see these in game to truly appreciate how glorious and unique they are. If you actually attain a full set, you will also appreciate how much effort and commitment went toward earning it!

Some time ago, we gave you a sneak preview of Tok’s Proving Grounds on the RIFT livestream. You can view that episode, with some of the armor mentioned, with Brasse and Simon “Dead Simon” Ffinch on YouTube! (WARNING: Lots of spoilers in this video!)

In the reception area of Tok’s Proving Grounds you will find Shadi Pinkoo, Ripseo Neilmi andDead Simon himself. They offer various quests or items to buy that you may obtain after you’ve proven yourself through puzzling. The quests will help you amass the faction you need, as well as killing rats, doing the puzzles or finding artifacts and if you listen very closely, you may hear designed Simon Ffinch himself, cackling quietly to himself, back in our studio. He knows this endeavor is not for the casual player, and that his name will be alternately blessed and cursed as puzzlers advance.

For starters, there are NO MAPS. That’s right. No maps anywhere in this dungeon.

In the reception area, you can buy a maddening number of oddball items that have no apparent purpose – except that they DO have a purpose – you don’t know what it is yet, and won’t for some time to come. The items are purchased with Tok Tokens, a curious currency unique to this dungeon. This means that there are no shortcuts! Simon recommends you purchase the Tok Box first – and it is the most affordable item on the list.

On your way through the dungeon’s challenges, you will find a large number of artifacts – another Dead Simon specialty. There are five huge sets to collect, the smallest of which has 28 artifacts. These special artifacts cannot be tracked, so don’t even bother – your reward, should you complete them all, is the title “Old School Collector!” as well as some really nice Platonic Solids for your Dimension. There are other Artifact sets as well that have a special purpose for you to discover one day.

All this before we even come to the challenges themselves. All puzzles have an option for solo or duo play – watch for the playing dice on the entrances for players 1 and 2. Also, the configuration of the puzzle will change every time, so you can’t just memorize one solution for each!





Did we mention rats already? Now you ARE the rat, and you need to navigate a maze that involves magic orbs and what you can think of as four floors, although it is the maze itself that changes rather than you going up and down. Confused yet? In the single player version, you will operate the up and down orbs yourself. With two players, one will look at the maze from the top while operating orbs and offering guidance to the rat below.

When you complete the puzzle, collect your prize, which includes Tok Tokens and access to the next puzzle!


The more puzzle-minded of you will recognize this is a fantasy version of Sudoku. However, while you will quickly catch on that you need to click on the Tok Blocks to change them, you will run into a complication: Pesky Bogling Numerologists will wake up and attempt to randomly change some of the blocks. To prevent this, you must run around and pick up Tok Boxes, each of which will give you an item to distract the Boglings in various ways.

In the two player mode, one person can concentrate on the puzzle, while the other contends with the Bogling Numerologists. One more thing, for both solo and duo mode… the longer you take to solve the puzzle, the faster the Boglings appear.

Never mind, we know you’ll be victorious – collect your tokens and access to the third puzzle!


This one may be the simplest, but it can be extremely disorienting as well. Simon used most of the available virtual glass in RIFT to build this great hall. In the solo version, thread your way through the maze to find two levers on each level – there are three levels in all! As a duo, one person will go to each lever on each floor, and pull them at the same time. Simon kindly allowed a variance of a few seconds to coordinate, but communication is key!

As you might guess, if you make it, you will collect a prize and pick up the access to further puzzles. This time, you may choose from three different challenges: the Polyhedron Cave, the Math Maze and the Pyramid.


You will face an elegant array of small floating spheres. Your task is to light the spheres so that they will form the vertices of all of the Platonic Solids, in any order. If you refer back to the article we linked at the beginning of this article, you’ll see that there are five in all. This puzzle can be completed solo or duo, with the latter going faster if both understand how to build these geometric shapes.


A deceptively simple maze. As you enter, you’ll see numeric values on the floor tiles. Add the numbers on the outer tiles, look for the sum in the middle of the next tile and move there. Add the outer numbers there and move to the sum again.

If you run it solo, your run will be governed by a timer. If you run it as a duo, there is no timer; the second person will gain a top-down view and will handle the math for the first player, as well as telling them which way to move. What could possibly go wrong?


This is a crazy, lost temple adventure style run. Start by running up a tightrope with colored spacers. If you use the object near the start of the rope, you’ll gain blockers of the corresponding colors on your hotkeys. Press the buttons as the colors approach you on the tightrope and you can climb it easily, right? Of course right!

Succeed at this and you’ll face the gauntlet of flame cannons, hollow logs and saw blades, and another brightly colored tightrope walk – and this one moves faster! All of this merely gets you to the top of the pyramid, at which point you need to solve the puzzle – and not ONE hint of spoiler here!

Simon did take pity on the folks who aren’t good at these sorts of gauntlets: in duo mode, one friend can run the puzzle and then turn off the various traps to allow the second player to easily make their way up to join their friend up top to help solve the final segment! Incidentally, making it through this puzzle unlocks a timed version as one of Dead Simon’s dailies.


Seasoned video gamers will recognize this life-sized version of an old favorite arcade game, involving a maze, pellets to collect, and hungry creatures. In the RIFT version, they are Skeletons, named Soggy, Foggy, Sparky and Weed. Being RIFT, you’ll also be distracted by the occasional artifact along the way, possibly leading to your doom if you pause to grab it!


Oh no, my friend, you are just beginning on your long journey. If you manage to rack up enough faction to achieve Venerated status with Dead Simon, you will gain access to the hallowed inner sanctum of the dungeon, where planar workstations await. There’s also the little matter of figuring out what to do with Tok’s Field Guide.

There are more clues we could offer for the Meta Puzzle, but we’ll part with just this: read the crafting recipes with great care and attention.

The clock is ticking! Tok, tok, tok…
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Thursday, December 08, 2016


Break out the grog, uncork the mead and don your most hideously festive sweaters – Telara’s season of good cheer is almost upon us! Here’s a sneak peek at Fae Yule 2016, arriving on Friday, December 16th.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… No need to worry about that rain, wind, ice or snow outside, when you can stay all warm and toasty by your computer and enjoy warm holiday fun in RIFT!

We’re bringing back everything you love about Fae Yule, and a bunch of new features! As a result of the #ladybeards campaign, Greatfather Frost will offer a unisex Fae Yule Bearded Cap in the RIFT store – and that’s just the start!

Tune in this Friday at 3:30pm PST for the Fae Yulestream, where we’ll show you all the new items including a mount, a minion and new cosmetic items! We will grill Chris “Tacitus” Cates, our Live Events Dev, on all the details!
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Deck the halls with a TON of new dimension items, in a brand new dimension, fa-la-la-la-laaaaa la-la-la-la!

Ok, so the phrasing may be off, but we’re on point this week, with our Fae Yule preview stream!

Join Brasse as she grills Amber “Gingers” Alexander, Chris “Tacitus” Cates and Chris “Archonix” Junior on what’s coming with next week’s Fae Yule celebration!

RIFT Livestream
Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, December 9 at 3:30 PM PST (GMT-8)
Duration: 45 minutes

See you all there!
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Thursday, December 01, 2016

RIFT LoreStream – 12/02/16 – 3:30 PM PST

Most of the Dev team is crunchily crunching on juicy bugs and polish for SFP content, but Captain Cursor and Brasse have wisely fled to the library, studying the lore of Telara, with a particular eye to Dwarves, Elfinks Elves and how they fit in. We will serve up Telaran ale and muddled accents. Yes, there will be prizes.

Note: This stream is suited for scholars, historians, lovers of mead, ale and Dwarves. If you’re looking to argue about soul balance or raid progression, this is NOT the stream for you! You have been warned – whiners will be buried under an accidental and completely deniable bookshelf collapse!

RIFT Livestream
Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, December 2 at 3:30 PM PST (GMT-8)
Duration: 45 minutes

See you all there!
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