Thursday, April 19, 2018

WINNERS: Prime: Vigil Month 1 Challenge

Just in case you missed the livestream last Friday, here are the WINNERS of the RIFT: Prime Month 1 Challenge!

Congratulations to the wild and crazy folks who accomplished goals last month that a Dwarf like me can only dream of, while dozing off with ale in one hand and a bowl of chips in the other. Your kudos are well deserved… hope you’re getting some sleep now! ~Brasse


Complete: Iron Tomb, Realm of the Fae, Deepstrike Mines, Darkening Deeps, Foul Cascade & King’s Breach (Normal)

First Completion: 03/10/18, 3:41:29 AM PDT






TOTAL COMPLETED: 2,556. 5 random winners drawn from all completed:







Complete: 25 Artifact Sets

First Completion: 03/10/18, 10:04:50 AM PDT




TOTAL COMPLETED: 1771. 3 random winners drawn from all completed:





Complete: Level up one of RIFT’s original crafting skills to 300

First Completion: 03/10/18, 3:52:53 AM PDT




TOTAL COMPLETED: 831. 3 random winners drawn from all completed:





Complete: Level up one original RIFT gathering skill to 300

First Completion: 03/10/18, 3:29:39 AM PDT

►Stoli (Mining)

►Tinsanetium (Foraging)

►Futaba (Foraging)

TOTAL COMPLETED: 451. 3 random winners drawn from all completed:

►Cpark (Mining)

►Gordius (Butchering)

►Lostinyou (Mining)

The Month 2 Prime Challenge is already underway, but there’s plenty of time to catch up, at the very least for the prizes drawn from the list of ALL who completed the challenges during the relevant time-frame!

Don’t just sit there, RIFT ON!
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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Friday the 13th Dev Q&A!

Hello Ascended, and welcome to our Friday the 13th lightning round of Dev Q&A!

We had more questions than we could tackle live on today’s livestream, so we wanted to follow up to reiterate what we did cover, and provide additional answers here! The questions are loosely organized into categories and largely paraphrased, due to the number that overlapped. We’re definitely going to be honest – sometimes we have to say no, because there are gameplay, logistical or resource limitations on what any game team can do. Everything is subject to change in game development, though.


Any plans for increasing Rift team member counts?

Yes. That’s all we can say here. It’s never going to be as large as the launch team, but we are getting some additional resources and some that are on loan to other projects will be returning. Live games typically peak at launch, to ensure that a huge load of content and support is available. Reducing the team size over time is normal. We generally transfer folks to other games/projects within the company as needed; it’s one way that Trion avoids the usual cycle of hiring and layoffs that many game companies resort to.

Do you think upcoming changes will be satisfying both the hardcore and casual community?

As Amary said on the livestream, “No. I’ve never seen that to be true in 13 years of working on MMOs.” We have a great many playstyles to cater to and it is impossible to make everyone equally happy. Raiders, PvP, Crafters, Dimensioneers, roleplayers, explorers, puzzlers, adventurers… we do our best, doing what we love best, for everyone!

New content for Live:

We are NOT done with the Comet of Ahnket, and definitely NOT done with the tale of Telara! We are aiming for three more content milestones this year. There are live systems and balance needs that we want to give love before discussing what a next expansion looks like.

The Planar Fragment system:

This is definitely on the list of “features that need love,” as soon as we can clear some schedule space for them.

Updates to the Guild system:

These will not be in the form that was previously. The Guild system is on the back burner for the time-being, simply because we’ve got so much else going on that takes priority.

Intrepid Greenscale’s Blight:

This will not have a simultaneous release on Live and Prime. We’ve talked about the possibility but we would have to hold prime GSB even longer. IGSB is currently intended to be Tier 3.

Will Twisted Artifacts come to the Celestial Lands?

According to DeadSimon, the order of new artifact introduction is likely Poison/Burning/Nightmare artifacts in more Mathosian zones, and then Twisted in celestial lands.

Can you add new rewards for Lucky Coins gained from Artifact Collections?

Amary said that we should! Note the lack of ETA… but the idea is great and we like it! [Note from Amary: I love artifact hunting, so clearly I have some bias toward this… but I have to treat it fairly!]

Are there plans to develop new souls?

This is not in the docket currently; we have enough balance concerns on our plate that we want to focus on before considering additional souls.

Crafting feels a bit unloved. I got crafting marks coming out of my ears. During Storm Legion I remember new recipes being released after T2 raids had come out. Any chance of new crafting recipes other than amenders?

Yes, we can confirm there is a chance of new recipes coming. No details yet!

Are we getting a 7th anniversary mount?

Done! That would be the plumpy Greenscale balloon mount on Live. We didn’t paint a big 7 on the side, which may have led to some confusion, but he is pretty darn awesome!

I see Demon Wings in my uncollected wardrobe tab… where can I get those?

Those are still a work in progress and not yet released. We released a sneak peek at them on a livestream a while back and they are certainly scary looking; like something that may appear around Halloween!

When are the Shiny Shenanigans and Artifact Pinatas coming back?

We are not sure yet… but they will reappear at some point.


What’s your definition for success on prime? Is it only sub counts or any kind of measurement you use on satisfaction of players and their feedback?

Our definition is simple: are people enjoying it? To date it has been going very well and we’re all still having a blast with Prime ourselves. We do not release specific numbers for business reasons, but it has been a success on all sides.

Have the progression plans changed? Initially it was discussed that all content of RIFT would be served in a year, but with current pace even vanilla doesn’t look like will fit in 1 year span.

You’re correct – we’ve slowed down from the initially planned pace after seeing both the rate of player progression and in order to tackle the lag/exp/balance concerns.

Can we get progression schedules on the website like AA fresh server has?

Nope! ArcheAge has launched several fresh start/progression servers and they have established a cadence based on that experience. Vigil is our first Prime server and we are still learning how our audience adapts and grows there. We will update information as often as we can.

Will you be adding individual loot to the raid rifts on Prime?

No, but we are using individual loot for upcoming raids.


What loot system will raids such as Greenscale, River of Souls, etc. be using on Prime?

Individual loot!

Will Greenscale’s Blight be a 20-man raid?

Confirmed, there will be LFR (Looking for Raid) to 20.

Will there be a schedule or release time posted for the raids as before they are released?

Yes, right now, the ETA for Greenscale is 4/25 and we’ll get more specific times and an official date announcement post as a build is locked in for publishing. We do not currently have a date set for River of Souls, but it’s well underway – ROS is in development and undergoing internal testing as we speak… err, write. We are not ready to address Hammerknell yet, sorry!

Will mage tank gear drop from raids such as Greenscale’s Blight, either in an updated loot table or from some sort of raid currency vendor set?

Unclear at this time, we’ll have to review this more. Worst case no, medium case for raid currency, best case for individual loot rewards.

Similar to the above, but this time for Crit Power gear, will that drop from raids which were previously released before the stat was introduced?

We have no intention to do so at this time.

Will we be able to make private channels on Prime for raid organization?

Nope, we are not returning private channels to Prime.


Considering the top DPS spec for Warrior has been a healing soul for the last 6 months, why were the damage boosts to the Paragon or Champion souls applied to Prime but not applied to Live?

They were done using a prime-specific damage override to view the effects in a more aggregate form before tearing up the actual ability code on Live.

What is the plan for Warrior DPS adjustment on Prime: Vigil? Can Warriors look forward to further minor tweaks for next week?

Yes, and the adjustments are ongoing. As with the previous question, we will continue to emphasize that we are taking a careful and gradual path with ability balance.

Will souls that are sub-par mainly because of the 51 soul point cap such as Archon receive buffs before Storm Legion?

Honestly not likely, if the issue is due to the point cap, because that’ll become a non-issue quickly; that Dev time is needed for more urgent balance issues.

What are your plans for Clerics? Will they receive the same love warriors did?

Yes. Let us get Warriors into a better place first!

Will we see other mage souls competitive in DPS without needing to use Mystic Archer?

Notice how Live doesn’t have the same issues with Mystic Archer as Prime does? The core of that power difference is specific to MA on Prime and that’s been difficult to address, and we’re not done with it yet.

Archon was revised recently to quash -chon hybrids by pushing Flaring Power to the top tier 61pt ability. This has the unfortunate effect now of making Archon entirely undesirable for level 50 endgame content. Is this intended or are there plans to adjust Archon to be roughly equal in support capacity to Beastmaster?

Level 50 endgame content won’t be the status forever and this meta will change with Prime progression.

Can we please show Dominator some love and make it viable in some form again?

Maybe one day but it’s not at the top of the list at the moment.

I think it’s time to go into the specifics of what a “team effort” means exactly with regard to balance?

We’re not going to discuss specifics of class balance and Devs, other than to say that yes, multiple people are involved already (or learning the system), and multiple people will be responsible for balance concerns. We won’t be identifying them; we all know that RoughRaptors plays as a Warrior and he has a ton of suggestions for the archetype, but he is not making all the calls. In other words, you can thank him for championing the Warriors, but not blame him for things you don’t agree with. We find a team approach helps us all make balanced, measured decisions.

Mages: right now we have a very, very low % chance to get the loot from Expert dungeons and Raid Rifts. We can’t buy any Mage Tank gear or even lesser essences from vendors. Will you fix the drop rate and/or loot table, will you add Mage tank Gear to Expert and Planar vendors, and also for the coming Raid Vendors?

Mage Tank gear is a current topic of internal discussion – at the very least, we’d like to add it to vendors.


Will there be any improvement to level 45-50 questing XP?

Not impossible, but it’s not on the immediate work list.


Will we be get back any/all of the recipes that vanished a couple of weeks ago due to being too OP, for example the Tormenting set for mages?

Yes, they have specific “power tiers” associated with them and are restricted until that level of content is available.

Can platinum costs for various game items be revisited on Prime? Additional roles already being 100 platinum for the 5th or Guild Gank vaults being 1500p for the 3rd. Mounts being 125p also feels steep considering how mounts now drop from dungeons.

Keep in mind that plat generation ability will rapidly start to change at 50+. With that on the horizon, we do not plan to make any sweeping changes. This is why the answer to the following money-related questions is “no.”

Minor Catalysts & Catalytic Essences seem to be available differently on Prime from launch is there any way to get info like this in advance to help guild banks plan?


Can you make craft recipes bound to account?


Can we have more rewarding (at least twice the marks!) craft dailies/weeklies to enable us to buy the recipes we need before we out-level the content!


Would it be possible to change the amount of Plat needed to upgrade the guild bank to fit the current economy.

Not likely.


Dimension Test Dummies – we are finding the only ones we can hit at the moment are Mathosian Practice Dummies BUT a level 38 can hit it. Can we please have correct test Dummies at a lower cost?

Amary noted: this is a bug to be reported; I haven’t even heard of this as a thing! So the answer is no.

Can we please have the Dimension Entry Point item added to the store?


Dimensions were added to RIFT with Storm Legion, Nov. 2012 (20 months after RIFT launched). We are only 1 month old on Prime… and due to possibly expire in as little as 11 months. If a credit option is not going to be added soon for dimensions (items, keys, guild dims etc), can the plat prices be lowered to reflect a brand-spankin-new economy where every silver counts?

We agree the prices on Prime are based on a much more established economy. It’s worth figuring out a way to split those costs from Live and customize them but it’s just not been top priority for the team at this stage. Side note: at this point, we also think Prime will be around for a lot longer than 11 months.


Will Rift prime be a part of the Trion Creator Program?

Prime is already, automatically and absolutely part of the Creator Program! We don’t mind if you play on Live or Prime, it’s still RIFT to us! The big difference is that mount codes that we often give to Creators will not work on Prime. We’re working on an alternative giveaway to make up the difference. You can apply at any time, and tweet directly @TrionCreators.

Whew! That about covers what we can answer at this time.

See you all in Telara… RIFT ON!
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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Path Ahead – Spring Edition!

Ascended, we are so happy to have you with us, on Live and Prime. It’s been a busy year and we want to share what’s coming next! Grab a mug of ale or a cup of coffee and settle in…


There are a lot of causes for lag, most of which occur in the wild spaces between your system and ours. So let’s talk about a type of lag we can address internally in our services: Ability Lag. We’ve made a number of adjustments to load-heavy abilities on some classes, and load distribution on our servers, with more to come–we’ve seen a dramatic reduction in reports of Ability Lag. This doesn’t mean that we’re done yet, or that it doesn’t still occur; we continue to watch and review, and will take more action over time as we identify culprits.


Balance is a common and repeated request, and one we take seriously. We know that souls and challenges evolve over time, along with the game. Again, we plan slow and careful adjustments over time, rather than massive, sweeping changes. You can expect more of these to come throughout the evolution of RIFT on both Live and Prime services. Here are the tweaks we are making this patch on both Live and Prime services, focused heavily on Warriors, who really needed the love… GROUP HUG! (read on below for more Warrior adjustments on Prime only)
Warrior – Void Knight: The cooldown for Tempest has been removed. Damage has been slightly reduced but threat has been increased.
  • Warrior – Void Knight: Increased the threat gain on the following abilities: Ragestorm, Unstable Reaction, and Discharge.
  • Warrior – Paladin: The cooldown for Sweeping Strike has been removed. Damage has been slightly reduced but threat has been increased.
  • Warrior – Paladin: Increased the threat gain on the following abilities: Light’s Vengeance, Light’s Reprisal, and Vengeful Decree.
  • Rogue – Riftstalker: The cooldown for Rift Disturbance has been removed. Damage has been slightly reduced but threat has been increased.
  • Mage – Frostkeeper: The threat generated from Earthen Rapport has been reduced.
  • Mage – Frostkeeper: Players and pets can now only have 1 stack of a Frostkeeper barrier on them at a time.

General Content:

On the general content front, Lantern Hook has received some attention. Pyromaster Cortinald will no longer be able to ignore taunts, while Tarthak the Immolator’s health will scale more appropriately.

PVP Bolstering Adjustment

In PvP, we’re introducing an adjustment for bolstering at lower levels (10-50), wherein they use the same bolstering effect as level 50+ Warfronts. We ask that you please post feedback of any bugs you may encounter with this change. Here is the official feedback thread – we really appreciate your input AFTER the patch goes live, of course!

Guild Creation:
Creating a Guild through the game UI will now cost one platinum, to match the purchase rate of a Guild Creation Scroll.

Summer is Coming!

We’ve started work on Summerfest 2018, and hope to talk about it on this week’s Livestream! We think you’ll love the theme for this year, so tune in and have a look-see! Yes, this WILL be on Live and Prime!

Specific only to Live: NA/EU

Level Boosting potions have been examined, tested and reformulated so that they will award the proper amount of experience for the applicable level.

In the Bastion of Steel Raid, we’ve taken a wrench to Vindicator MK1’s Burning Ground ability, so that it can no longer affect players outside of the instance. It’s an edge case, but an annoying one!

Greenscale can hardly wait to taste you… (credit: RIFT Pictures)

Specific to Prime: Vigil


Progression is at the top of many current discussions across our many communication channels, and as the Vigil server population slowly matures (hey, not everyone is max level yet!), it’s time to plot a course for the next month!

Heads up – Greenscale is coming soon! Everyone’s favorite voracious chomper, the first Dragon to be encountered on Telara will show up in late April. Will It be wholesale slaughter, or will your guild persevere?

Meanwhile, the path to Greenscale is already opening, with the release of the Life Saga and Death Saga, just in time for the Month 2 Vigil Challenge! These will automatically unlock at 9:00 AM PDT, April 11th!

Runic Descent looks so peaceful at sunset… (credit: RIFT Pictures)

Not enough content for ya? No problem – we’re also unlocking:
  • Expert Deepstrike Mines
  • Expert Runic Descent
  • Expert Abyssal Precipice
  • Expert Charmer’s Caldera!
Speaking of the Caldera, we’ve smacked around the bosses for ya in Standard mode:
Smouldaron: Deals a bit less damage

Cyclorax: Deals slightly less damage

Ryka Dharvos: Deals moderately less damage

Caelia the Stormtouched: Deals less damage

Darkening Deeps Expert is coming around the bend, expected to open next week or slightly later!

Blighted Antechamber is anticipated in the upcoming weeks as well. In both cases, we’re making sure the QA folks get a good look at them before being released to the wilds of Vigil!

PVP Warfront: Port Scion returns to the PvP Warfront list, as part of our 2nd Monthly Prime: Vigil Challenge! We’re looking forward to feedback on this zone; in the past it’s been love it or hate it, with very little in between.

Port Scion from Stonefield… so lovely and inviting! (credit: RIFT Pictures)


Prime-only balance updates focus largely on adjusting the Warrior, who needed the most help in this brave new world. As with balance adjustments on Live servers, we will watch, measure and gather both data and personal feedback, continuing to adjust over time as needed:
  • Mage – Frostkeeper: Healing procced by Earthen Barrier has been reduced. Boop!
  • Warrior – Paladin: Fixed an issue where when using Shield of the Hero, auto-attacks would do zero damage. Bing!
  • Warrior – Champion: Slightly increased damage of Mighty Blow. Bam!
  • Warrior – Champion: Moderately increased the damage of Titan’s Strike. Pow!
  • Warrior – Champion: Greatly increased the damage of Bladefury. BOOM!
  • Warrior – Paragon: Increased the damage of Shifting Blades. Yeah!
  • Warrior – Paragon: Greatly increased the damage of Way of the Wind. Whoa!
  • Warrior – Paragon: Slightly increased the damage of Deadly Parity. Take that!

So hug a Warrior today… unless you’re in PvP, in which case, smack ’em hard, then run away fast!

Prime PVP

PvP Queues taking forever? Level 50 Warfront Balance? We hear you like it when folks die. Message received!

Both damage (increased) and healing (lowered) have been adjusted pretty heavily. Please continue to post feedback and we’ll continue to tune toward fun. Thank you!

What’s NEXT for Prime?

Plenty! Now that we’ve been at this for a month, we’re getting a clearer picture of where the path leads. River of Souls is next up for scrutiny, Combat Balance continues, Dungeon Balance is under further review.

The first slivers glimmer on the horizon and are expected later this month – you can soon experience Gilded Prophecy and Drowned Halls again, for the first time!

We’re working on UI to support 20-player LFR.

Summerfest will come to Prime this year in addition to Live servers, marking the first full-on festival to run on Vigil!

And this just in… the team is starting internal testing on post-Greenscale world events! We can’t spill ALL the beans, or there will be nothing left to talk about, but hey, drop us some questions for the Livestream on Friday!
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Sunday, April 08, 2018


Ascended, your second Prime challenge looms! The RIFT team has all pitched in on this one to choose challenges appropriate to overall population advancement on the Prime server.

We all eagerly await the announcement of the winners of the First PRIME: VIGIL Challenge next week – it ends on the April 7th, so you still have a day to squeak in your challenges to qualify for the random winners!

Without further ado, here are the coming challenges!
The second challenge runs:
04/08/18 at 12:01 AM PDT (7:00 AM UTC)
05/17/18 at 11:59 PM PDT (7:00 PM UTC 05/18/18)

The Great Life and Death Saga Progress!

GUARDIAN SAGA: Meditations on Life
Follow your destiny! Complete the Life saga quests of the expert instances. This will not require entering Greenscale’s Blight.
5 Firsts, 5 randomly drawn from all others who complete the challenge.
Reward: New title

DEFIANT SAGA: Follow the Ancients
Trace the paths of the heroes of old who killed Regulos – Complete the Death saga quests of the expert instances. You will not have to enter Greenscale’s Blight.
5 Firsts, 5 randomly drawn from all others who complete the challenge.
Reward: New title

PvP: Battle for Port Scion Meta-Achievement

Ok, bloodthirsty types – we’re bringing Port Scion back just for you! Complete all Port Scion Achievements – team up and survive, or divide and conquer. Then let us know how you feel about this PvP zone!
5 Firsts, 5 randomly drawn from all others who complete the challenge.
Reward:New title

My Little Bounties

Bounties: Collect 20 Bounty Artifacts
Bounties are among the most challenging artifacts to acquire – so we’re going easy on you by requesting 20 Bounty Artifacts, not full collections! You’re welcome. Yes, any bounty artifacts you’ve already collected will count toward the total. [Is buying them off the auction house valid?]
5 Firsts, 5 randomly drawn from all others who complete the challenge.
Rewards: New title, animal sounds emotes, trophy
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Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Happy 5th, RiftDimensionAddicts!

We wish Dimension Addicts a very happy fifth anniversary! Let’s get to know Kitasia and how she came to create one of the most amazing resource sites for folks who are… well… Dimension Addicts!

If you’ve ever thought about building out your dream home in RIFT, you’ll know that there is an incredible array of items – many thousands, in fact! Entering your empty Dimension for the first time may also be daunting. It’s tempting to just drop all your Dim items in a pile, but you can do so much more!

Where to start? Where can you get the bits and bobs to make YOUR perfect, personal zone? Most of all, HOW can you learn to build the epic works of art you’ve seen online in RIFT? Kitasia and her site, are here to help!

Hi there! Tell us a little bit about the person behind Kitasia, and how she came to play RIFT.

I am just a plain ordinary mom. Nothing special. I like to make crafts. I am really, really bad at it, but that does not stop me. You know the “ugly birthday card” kid? When you were in grade school and someone had a birthday, the whole class made them a card. There was always the one kid, who for the life of them couldn’t make a nice card – that was me – I am the ugly birthday card kid. I have lots of imagination. I can visualize so many beautiful things, but in real life, they just turn out to be the ugly birthday card. That doesn’t stop me!

My husband and I played open beta for many games; we enjoyed seeing what was up and coming. Naturally, when a new game called RIFT offered open beta, we tried it. The rifts, the invasions – I couldn’t believe how amazingly interactive the world was. You didn’t know what was going on – it was chaos and so much fun. When it was over, I was sad. I wanted to play more, unlike any beta we tried before. RIFT came with a one month sub so my husband bought it for me. After that 30 days, I asked if we could afford just one more month of Rift and the other game we had played for years. Just a few days into that month I told him we needed to let our friends know we were leaving our other game. I was hooked, and knew I wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

I don’t remember my first character. We were up waiting for servers to come up for the first time. We didn’t go get food or anything because we were so excited. They came up we played for about 15 min before we realized we were starving. So we ran to get food. We came back, logged in and my character was standing there in her undies. I had been hacked. I couldn’t kill anything with my fists, so I put in a CS ticket, and made a new toon… ~Kitasia~

Did you start out as an adventurer in RIFT? When did you discover your deep love of Dimensions? Did you ever end up getting to max level after you were distracted by your new hobby?

Definitely an adventurer. I loved questing and I am a total quest reader.

We heard the new expansion Storm Legion was going to have player housing I was like WOOT! I love having a house. When the expansion opened on the Public Test Server I discovered I could move items exactly how I liked, not simply placing things in a house. I almost fell out of my chair! I made this giant mushroom staircase with a cute little deck on top. When Storm Legion went live, I was either building or earning reputation points for items; we had very few items to chose from at that time and many were found on reputation vendors. Grinding rep has the natural consequences of leveling you, so I always seem to get max level very easily.

What drove you to the insanity of starting up the Dimension Addicts site?

Many years back, I was sick with a fever of 105 for almost two weeks. When I didn’t die, which was amazing in itself, I very quickly discovered many things were not “right” anymore. I couldn’t control my emotions. I ended up having super high empathy, I couldn’t do simple math, my memory was completely messed up and I got confused easily.

The worst part of all was that I could no longer understand what I was trying to look for on a website if it had the wrong colors, was too cluttered, or had articles jumbled everywhere. In turn, my illness made other things pop – I see things much differently now. It is like everything had a beauty intensified. With colors and smells, I could see things anew. Looking at rings on a tree stump, for example, I could see the glimmer in the wood that I never noticed previously.

Dimension items were easy for me to look at and find other uses for, beyond the obvious. I could visualize so much to be made out of the simplest items. With Dimensions, I found something I could do that I could make as beautiful as the world around me for the first time. Then came the “Joys of Dimensions” contest by Trion. You could win these beautiful Prize Blooming Faer Cages. I wanted them soooo badly that it hurt inside thinking I couldn’t get them. At that time, you could only have one dimension per character, so I ripped my dimension apart and started over ~Sweethearts~@deepwood was born. When the contest was over I didn’t know I had won anything. I started tearing down parts of my dim to make a bathroom in it, when up pops Elrar to let me know I had won the grand prize. I got my CAGES – I was jumping for joy. I was also informed I had won a computer… which took a while to sink in.

I grew up with the internet being very laggy. I didn’t know it was not normal to stutter through a game. I was playing Rift at 1 frame every 1 to 3 seconds. I was here when I was there. That was normal to me and I thought everyone played that way. When I received that computer, my tech jumped 15 years in one go. I could move dim items quickly and accurately. I had to build another dimension.

Because of my memory issues, I needed to use sites to tell me where items were, and what they were. Unfortunately, I was unable to understand the sites and ended crying out of frustration. Our friend Courdilla suggested that I make my own database so I could control the colors and how the items are listed. I laughed. I thought he was being funny and trying to make me feel better. I knew that making a database was impossible because I didn’t know the first thing about it. My husband and Courdilla said they could put the hard stuff together for me and I just needed to add the items. They said that was actually the hard part because it was time intensive.

At that time a group of us had been calling each other “dimension addicts” and someone made the chat channel in game a few days before, so I said let us call it RiftDimensionAddicts for fun. At this point, it was just going to be my personal space. So I made colors that worked for me and played at making a banner. It was just something fun to decorate and set up. I started adding images and learned simple Photoshop. I was learning new stuff, with help of many sticky notes. There were sticky notes everywhere. So many that my husband found a program called Sticky Notes just so I could keep them digital and off the floor. I was having so much fun. When it was done, it looked nice, so Courd suggested I share it with people. It was ok, even though we had 2 dim item sites already; it was something I could share with my friends.

Little did I know how many items would be added in the future, how many times the prices would change, or that the item names themselves would change.

How long do you spend on the site? Do you get any support from Trion staff on info and upcoming items?

Making the initial site took about a week or two. The updates however – some take longer to add than it took to make the site itself! Some updates we’ve had consisted of double what we had in the beginning. So I spend countless hours finding and adding each item. In the beginning, I had to find EVERY item in the game on my own to add it.

My first help from Trion was Morgana. I was so scared to ask her, but I needed help with getting a guild high enough to get some images of the guild dims. My stomach was turning and I was shaking scared, but I did it, and survived! Then Morticus opened communication channels to the dimensioneers. This helped so much – we were amazed by him and his help. Then in comes Tacitus, who just threw the doors wide open with “Here I am what do you need? I’m here to answer any question you may have, to fix anything I can, and be here for all you dimensionerds.” Tacitus has been invaluable to all of us. He takes extra care to help me find or understand where something can be found so I can add it. Brasse is always there with her support and kindness anytime I need her, too. I can not even begin to describe how grateful I am to everyone on the staff who takes the time to answer my questions and needs.

Are you among the first to submit Dimension bugs? Are you part of a group of likeminded Dim folks?
I do spend a lot of time on the PTS looking for dim bugs. Sometimes I don’t realize its a bug and just say something. I am always there the second I know the PTS has been updated with dim items.

I love being part of the dimensionaddicts channel in game. It is somewhere that all us dimensionerds can get together and get help and be help for others. Anyone can join it and chat with us.

How can other players help keep Dimension Addicts going?

Be sure to send me an email through the “contact us” button if you see any wrong information. I misspell, miss items, prices change, names change. I cant catch it all!

Also, we added a donate button to the front page. Because the database is so extensive we have to use a paid hosting service. Most sites offset this by adding advertisements to their pages. With the nature of why the site was created that won’t work. If you can’t donate its ok, don’t feel bad!
I would just like to say Thank You to everyone over the last 5 years with your support and kindness. Here’s to 5 more and beyond!

What is your one piece of advice for all RIFT players?

Always remember:

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Dev Update Note 03/27 (Ability Lag, Souls, PvP)

We’ve been very busy behind the scenes, under the carpets, in the walls and in the ceiling. We wanted to give you a quick update on Dev Status on some important Live and Prime issues.

While there are events, content, and soul-work going on in development for both Live and Prime right now, we wanted to address a handful of priorities after this past weekend’s play experiences. (Yes, we all play, usually anonymously – we may have been in your group!)While there are events, content, and soul-work going on in development for both Live and Prime right now, we wanted to address a handful of priorities after this past weekend’s play experiences. (Yes, we all play, usually anonymously - we may have been in your group!)

Here’s a quick update on what we’ve got cooking this week.
We are doing a long restart tomorrow morning (Wednesday 03/28) and pushing the weekly patch update to Thursday (03/29) instead, in order to get more adjustments in as fast as possible. Details will be in the patch notes!

Let’s talk ability lag, which usually happens when there’s a large zone event going on. This affects both Live and Prime:
  • This may come as a surprise: Some of the zone events on Prime are bigger than even the biggest, record setting events RIFT had during its beta and original launch.
  • Since then, souls and abilities have gotten more numerous, more complicated, and more resource intensive, primarily in their use of server CPU.
  • Even with the newer hardware that the Prime cluster is running on (it’s a beast – the newest in the company), we’ve all experienced that at times it is not always able to keep up with the mass of data.
  • The reason this may affect you even when you’re personally not in a big zone event is because large numbers of people sharing your “player service” are.

  • Last week: We made some adjustments and undertook diagnostics of the causes. While we haven't seen a huge benefit yet, we certainly gained more info to work from as we move forward.
  • This week: We’re dedicating more server cores to player ability processing in this week’s update.
  • After that: we’ll see if we also need to bring even more hardware into the cluster to help.
  • As the more significant, longer term fix, we’ll dive into the specific souls abilities that are the biggest CPU eaters, and the way they’re built internally. This isn’t about rebalancing, it’s about making sure that they perform and respond well.
  • Both Live and Prime will benefit from the work being done here.* More details here as we have them.
Regarding a handful of abilities that need some extra balance for Prime…
  • Yes, we agree there are many thoughts on abilities that we should take a pass at on Live as well...
  • However, nothing on Live compares to the crazy things that a couple of abilities were doing on Prime. (We're looking at YOU, Elemental Barrage and Wrathful Exuberance!)
  • Prime has a very differently tuned challenge curve for both PCs and NPCs.
  • We do NOT want to impact Live with Prime tweaks. We had to add some new tuning capacity to the ability system to make sure we could do that, and we’ll be rolling out Prime-only changes to these abilities this week.
  • [edited to add...]We’re rolling out Prime-only changes to these abilities this week, and taking a look at a couple of others that are effectively forcing people to play roles in a very specific way.
  • We are definitely sorry we had to leave an ability disabled for longer than a week – but we didn’t want to correct a Prime issue and have it negatively impact Live.
  • Expect Prime-only adjustments to those this week and for the abilities to return shortly following, should all the fixes prove out.
Regarding high end PvP on Prime specifically:
  • Following this weekend’s play, we came to the same conclusion that a number of you did, now that the higher end PvP ranks are beginning to fill out more.
  • Low end PvP was a blast, mid range is plenty fun.
  • At the high end though, wow, healing is way too much of a thing.
  • We’d have liked to have had a more complete answer for this week’s update, but anything we did on this that quickly would have negative side effects.
  • For now, please know that we’re moving on the best solution for this next.
  • There’s a lot more going on in the team right now, in content, in gameplay, and in tech, that will benefit all of RIFT, and we wanted to address some of these high points for you, early.
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Thursday, March 22, 2018

RIFTstream 03/23: HOSTING Lynxaria!

We proudly present @Lynxaria on the RIFT livestream this week!

She may be new to your eyes, but Lynxaria is celebrating her 4th anniversary on Twitch! We’re all looking forward to learning about this young Canadian streamer and get her take on RIFT!

She will have giveaways on her channel:
  • 3x 30-day Patron Passes
  • 3x Primogenitor Packs
  • …and one glorious Greenata! Keep in mind that you can only claim Greenata on the RIFT Live servers… Prime is not yet advanced enough to host his plumpiness.

Lynxaria has been part of the Telaran story for some time – you can follow her on Twitter @Lynxaria and check out all of her Twitch videos here:

Friday, March 23, 11:30 AM Pacific

Tune in directly to Lynxaria’s channel in order to enter for the prizes:

Or watch on our Trion Worlds channel!
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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Carnival of the Ascended! 03/15-04/05

RIFT turns 7 this year, and the Carnival folk are ready to celebrate with you!

Seven years has flown by in the blink of an eye – let’s mark the occasion with all of our traditional Carnival events in Tempest Bay. We welcome all Live server players to grab a piece of 7 Year birthday cake and join the celebrations!
Wait up, say Prime server players… Tempest Bay? We haven’t found Tempest Bay yet! Ahhh, very true, though you’ve clearly heard rumors of the fun going on there, like echoes from a past life. Likewise, a traveling merchant has heard of this new, far off land called Vigil and is even now packing up his mule train to bring you a taste of Carnival! Look for Winachuck Maguck in Sanctum and Meridian. Yes, he hasmastered the arcane art of being in two places at once!

Carnival runs from March 15th at 3:30 PM Pacific (22:30 UTC) to April 5th at 3:30 PM Pacific (22:30 UTC).

We are pleased to show off our brand new Carnival items for 2018!

Available for event currency:
  • An adorable carousel-style Pegasus companion pet named Celeste!
  • Cavort in stylish and colorful carnival-style masks, newly designed for this season
  • Feeling bubbly? Apply the new Celebratory or Prismatic weapon rune!
  • Feel like throwing around some virtual coin? Use the Golden or Silver rune of Wealth!
  • Save some cake for your Dimension – the Primal Rebirthday Cake has unlimited shelf life!
  • Earn a new Raid Tier 2 Earring for lvl 70s (RIFT Live only)
  • …and of course, the 7th Anniversary Cape!

Available on the RIFT store for credits:

Glorious new Wings of the Archfey – make your own Carnival parade while wearing these beauties!

And without further ado, the mount you’ve all been waiting for… no lockbox, offered direct, fresh from the Plane of Life with a puff of helium…


Never has Greenscale been more plumpy, soft and loveable than in this unique, floating, mount form.
Best of all, every Telaran race rides Greeñata in a different way. Pictured above, the graceful form assumed by male Dwarves.

Post your #Greeñata pics @RIFTgame, on the forums, or on Facebook!
See you for Carnival!
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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Shiny Stories

A great new challenge has been dreamed up by Seshater, long-time friend to all Telarans! You’ve got the shinies, lets tell a story!

Shinies? Stories? So how does it work?

Build a short story by using the names of artifacts! You do not have to have the artifacts collected on your character. There are well over ten thousand artifact names to choose from, so your creativity has almost no borders.

The Rules
  • You must use the full artifact names (not only parts of the name)
  • You are allowed to use between 20 (min) and 50 (max) artifact names for your story
  • For each different artifact in your story, you are allowed to use 2 other words of your choice to add to the story.
  • Each sentence must at least include 2 artifact names.
  • To make things easy for us when evaluating the entries, please write your story with artifact names in square brackets, i.e. [artifact name]

A very short example:

[Volturnus] has a [Death Fetish] for [Zombie Skin] and [Undead Flesh]. [No No Stop Eating My Face] he said to [Dead Simon]. [Cold Dead Eyes] stared, while [Dead Man’s Fingers] touched his [Blue Head Feather].

Deadline for entries:

Submit your stories by posting them in this thread until 2018-03-31 (11:59 pm PDT).

The winners will be chosen in the week following, by the Lord of All Shinies himself, DeadSimon, the always opinionated CaptainCursor, and their Dwarven compatriot, Brasse.

Bonus points are offered for good stories with NO filler words – actual prepositions are among legitimate available artifacts – check the catalog yourself!

  • If winners are on RIFT Live: A selection of cool mounts will be offered for the winners from RIFT Live to choose from, including Community Snails and Tuskars.
  • If winners are on RIFT Prime: 30-day patron codes.
  • 5 random legitimate entries will also earn 30-day Patron codes!

The winning entries will be read out loud on a RIFT Livestream by Brasse, Dead Simon and CaptainCursor!

Get it? Got it? Good! Now start writing.
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Sunday, March 11, 2018

PRIME: VIGIL – Challenges!

What could make Prime even more challenging? Challenges!

The response to the opening of Vigil has been fantastic! After a successful launch, the RIFT team is proud to announce server-wide challenges for all players.

Month one is invented and presented by Producer Amanda “Amary” Fry… we will feature challenges by other Devs as we move along the timeline, and would love for YOU to suggest challenges in our official forum thread, too!

A note from Amary: “This first set of challenges is to inspire you to get out and explore Telara through several different activities – not just leveling! If you come across a zone event while you’re out there… you should definitely take that on, too!”

These challenges will run from March 7th (yep, already underway!) to 11:59 PM PT [UTC -8] April 7th, 2018.

In addition to the titles mentioned below, each challenge has a super secret reward for the winners, too!



Complete: Iron Tomb (Normal), Realm of the Fae (Normal), Deepstrike Mines (Normal), Darkening Deeps (Normal), Foul Cascade (Normal), King’s Breach (Normal)

5 “First Completed” winners, 5 “Complete Anytime” random winners:

The number of winners is set to 5, as we expect some dedicated groups to push progression together – it is entirely likely the “First Completed” will be won by a group of 5 finishing King’s Breach at the same time.

The “Complete Anytime” winners will be drawn randomly from all who completed the challenge. May the RNG be with you!

Prize: “Dungeon Crawler” title


Complete 25 artifact sets

The Sanctum/Meridian quest artifact set DOES toward this challenge – so that’s two easy ones to start off with!

Artifacts acquired through purchase/trade are considered valid acquisition.

3 “First Completed” winners, 3 “Complete Anytime” random winners:

Prize: “Shiny Hunter” title


Level 1 original Crafting Profession to 300

Apothecary, Armorsmithing, Artificing, Outfitting, Runecrafting, Weaponsmithing, Dreamweaving

Survival is excluded from this challenge.

3 “First Completed” winners, 3 “Complete Anytime” random winners.

Prize: “So Crafty” title


Level 1 original Gathering Profession to 300

Butchering, Mining, Foraging

Fishing is excluded from this challenge

3 “First Completed” winners, 3 “Complete Anytime” random winners.

Prize: “Resourceful” title
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