Tuesday, May 14, 2019

EU Live Shard merges

With the recent transition to the Google Cloud Platform, the team has been working hard to improve the server capacity and performance for our European cluster.

In order to adapt the current structure shards in our European cluster will be going through merges on June 5th, 2019. After it’s all been completed, the European cluster will consist of:
  • Brutwacht (German) (PVE)
  • Brisesol (French) (PVE)
  • Typhiria (English) (PVE)
  • Cahail (Hidden – Used for load balancing dungeons, raids & warfronts)

Bloodiron (PVP), Zaviel, Gelidra & Refuge will be merged into Typhiria (PVE).

Unfortunately, the population no longer warrants support for an open world PVP server, as noted above Bloodiron will be merged into the PVE Typhiria environment.

Thank you for your continued support during this transition!
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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Battle Pass Easter Lottery

Greetings, Ascended!

It’s that time of the year again. The chocolaty, heavenly indulgence time! Easter is arriving soon! So get ready to break out the chocolate bunnies, eggs and Nutella, because it’s time to get dirty!

We will be having our Battle Pass Easter lottery and there could be a ticket with your name on it!

What will the prize be?

You can get the Premium Battle Pass for Season 1!

What do you have to do in order to win?

It’s simple: all you must do is estimate how many chocolate eggs the following jar contains. Among all correct estimations we will draw 3 lucky winners (one participation per person)!

You will have time to submit your estimation here until April 22, 2019 at 02:59 PM PT / 23:59 CEST.

Good luck and happy holidays!
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The Battle Pass is now live!

Greetings, Ascended!

Prepare your weapons; the first season of Battle Pass is now live!

What can you look forward to?
  • Progress through 30 levels (Season 1) by completing Daily and Weekly Quests
  • 4 Daily Quests (+2 for Patrons) per Day
  • • Quests chosen at random
  • 3 Weekly Quests per Week
  • • Quests chosen at random
  • 30 Levels of rewards
  • Rewards split up between Free (no purchase required), Premium (purchased the pack) & Patron Premium (purchased the pack and have active Patron status).
  • Free rewards include a new artifact set which unlock their own unique rewards, individual reward charges, rune unsocketers, and more premium service items.
  • Premium rewards include numerous fiery cosmetics, as well as the new Great Balls of Fire mount, bonus credits and more!
  • Patrons who unlock premium will also gain bonus rewards including Loyalty, premium lock boxes and more
  • A list of rewards can be found here (please note they might change in the future)

Got any questions? Here are already some answers:

What is the Battle Pass about?
The Battle Pass provides players with additional claimable rewards by just completing quests through playing the content that’s already there! The quests (daily and weekly) will give you experience called BPXP. They allow you to level up through 30 levels (each requiring 10k BPXP so far).

How much will the Battle Pass cost?

The Battle Pass will cost $9.99 / £7.49 / €9.99 (currently not available for already purchased Credits) and is giftable! This is not a monthly cost.

Is a season longer than a month? So you don’t have to pay for the pass monthly?
The first season will last at least a couple months.

What about people who had patron when they bought the pack but patron ran out when they earned the rewards or the other way around?
Patron will be required to claim the rewards. It is also retroactive within the same pass, ie: if you unlocked all the rewards and then purchased a Patron Pass or subscription, you can claim the previously unlocked patron rewards in that pass.

Will it be the same random dailies/weeklies for everyone or are the quests individually distributed?
The quests are individually distributed. There are quests with various objectives such as PvP, Dungeons, Raids, Rifts, Instant adventures and many more.

Can players drop quests they don’t like and get new ones via NPC/system?
This is something being considered for future releases but will not be an option for Season 1.
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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Carnival Fashionista 2019!

Ladies and Gentlemen of Telara, it’s this time of the year again when we commemorate our past and look forward the many awesome years to come: The 8th Carnival and anniversary of the Ascended!

To celebrate this fantastic event full of masquerade and shenanigans, Seshatar and the RIFT team want to offer you the chance to prove your sense of style and win some of the awesome new goods our merchants brought from the far lands this year.

So, don’t wait, get dressed, take a picture of your fanciest Carnival attire and share it with the Community on the Heroes of Telara Community Discord in the respective channel until 2019-04-11!

After entries are closed, the jury will have the difficult task to pre-select the ten most marvelous entries, which will then be posted up for a community vote!

The three final winners, who have proven their unique fashion skills, can then choose to ride away with one of the brand-new Carnival premium mounts as their prize (or alternatively receive 30 days of patron time).

Good luck!
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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Carnival of the Ascended Arrives March 21st!

RIFT is fast approaching double digits with our 8th anniversary happening this year! Jump into Carnival of the Ascended 2019 to celebrate the occasion with us!

Carnival celebrations will take place in Tempest Bay for players on Live servers from March 21st at 3:30 Server Time to April 11th at 3:30 Server Time.

Available for event currency will be:
  • The Red Flames Racing Snail mount
  • The Ornate Red Tuskar mount
  • A new Raid Tier Earring for lvl 70s

This year you’ll also be able to pick up this gorgeous new Masked Carnival Budgie mount! Purchase this festive fowl for Credits and it is unlocked for every character on your account.

In addition to this, the White Striped Racing Snail and Ornate Red Tuskar mounts will be joining the carnival festivities. Finally, the White Shelled Racing Snail will be available as part of a featured bonus pack.

We’ll see you in Telara for Carnival 2019!
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Saturday, March 16, 2019

RIFT Prime Closes on March 31, 2019

RIFT Prime has been a fantastic adventure through the history of Telara, but it’s time to bring this particular journey to a close. Prime will come offline at the stroke of midnight Pacific time (7AM UTC) on March 31st 2019.

Character and Credit transfers will begin the following week and will be completed by April 7, 2019.

How is it going to work?

All transferred characters will be available on Reclaimer (Trial Only Server) in the US environment, and players will be able to transfer those characters to any other US live shard. We currently do not support character transfers between the US and EU environments.

All accounts that have at least one character who reached level 50 on Prime will be able to claim the following on Live once character/Credit transfers have been completed (can be claimed only once):
  • Level 65 Character Boost Pack
  • 1 million Loyalty

What about the character slot maximum, can the current limit be exceeded?

Current limits cannot be exceeded. Players who have more than the maximum allowed Live characters will need to make room for any characters they wish to move characters off Reclaimer (13 slots for those who purchased the original Wilds Pack).

Any updates about name collisions? Will players be able to keep their names or how will this be resolved?

Characters who have name conflicts will be given the opportunity to choose a new name. Character names with a conflict will automatically have additional characters appended to the end of their current names until a new one is chosen.

What will happen to guilds?

Guilds will not be transferred to Live environments.

What should players do to prepare their individual accounts for the transfer?

Any items you want to transfer over to Live will need to be removed from Prime guild banks.

Thanks for being a part of RIFT Prime! We’re so grateful for all your incredible support!

Have more questions or want to stay up to date in case anything changes? View our corresponding forum thread and ask away. We’ll answer as many as we can!
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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Patch Notes - February 28, 2019

The developers of RIFT released a small patch yeesterday. Here are the patch notes:

Update Notes
  • Bastion of Steel (achievements) – Fixed a bug where Fire Fire Everywhere was not completing as intended.
  • Mech Week Call to Action returns to Telara March 1st - 4th.
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Friday, February 08, 2019

Defiance 2050 Invades RIFT – Feb. 8 – Feb. 10

Hellbugs have once again invaded Telara! Get in there and save the world, Ascended!

Prevent these Hellbugs from their aggressive colonization of Telara. These suspiciously familiar invaders have jumped from the other worldly city of San Francisco to Telara to try and make it their home. Don’t let them gain a foothold as they spread from one end of Mathosia to the other.

Call-to-Action Event

From Friday, February 8, 2019 beginning at 12:01 AM PST until Sunday, February 10, 2019 at 11:59 PM PST, Hellbugs from Defiance 2050 will invade RIFT! During this limited-time event, Hellbug Rifts will spawn more frequently throughout Telara (on both Live and Prime). Additionally, new zones have been added to their rampage, including Scarwood Reach, Shimmersand, Iron Pine Peak, and Ember Isle.

Participating in this Call to Action event can net you some unique prizes. Completing these Hellbug Rifts have a chance to award you:
  • Minor XP or Token Boosts (15%)
  • Bonus Currency
  • Special Dimension Items
  • Minions (Live only)
  • Wardrobe Skin Items & Bundles
  • Special Mounts (including three not previously released on Live)

Note that on Live, zone events use personal loot Individual Reward Charges. Players get two free rolls per zone per day, after that, they are charged. Prime however, has no gating on rolls.
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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Mechs on Parade!

Mechanical Walkers are suddenly growing in number across Telara – could it be the influence of Crucia?

There is something immensely satisfying in tromping around with your own personal mech-style mount, and we’ve got a whole parade for you this weekend! Rumble through the lands in your clanking metal machine…

PRIME Store:
  • The Red & Iron Empyreal Walker has blasted its way through to the Vigil server at last! First of its kind, ready for you! 

LIVE Store:
  • Faewood Infinity Walker 
  • Red & Silver Empyreal Walker

WORLD EVENT: Available on Live and Prime for Chaos Motes!

Collect enough for special Walkers – this event runs from January 25th to January 28th, 2019. As with other World Events, there will be a quest starter in each home city. You’ll be asked to run an Expert Dungeon with LFG, participate in Warfronts, complete the Mech Zone Event, and collect drops from special Mech Invasions and Footholds!
  • Empyreal Walker 
  • Black Empyreal Walker 
  • Golden Empyreal Walker 
  • Infinity Walker 

In addition to the clanking wonders, you can earn:
  • Mech Companion Pets 
  • Minion cards 
  • Dimension items! 

What are you waiting for?
Bolt yourself in and join the Mech Parade!
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Glyph Update Issue Fix

Greetings folks,

As you may have noticed, recently we’ve been experiencing some certificate issues with our websites. These same issues also caused some players to have trouble accessing games.

We’ve released fixes for the majority of these issues, but we have an update coming for Glyph that should be the final step to resolving this completely. Unfortunately, players using older versions of Glyph won’t be able to update to this newest version.

If you have trouble updating Glyph you’ll want to delete it from your computer and download the latest version. Find the latest version here.

We’re very sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

Thanks very much.
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