Wednesday, February 21, 2018

RIFT Prime Server Name Challenge!

After weeks of discussion, deliberation, discourse, dialogue, and downright debate, we cannot agree on a name for the first ever RIFT Prime server. Help us with our Server Name Challenge!

Name the first RIFT Prime Server!
The RIFT Prime server is almost ready for action – now we need a great NAME to bestow upon it!
Imagine a version of Telara bearing the name YOU chose! The RIFT Dev team is thrilled to have our players participate in naming our very first Prime server.Our guidelines are simple:
  • The name should be in keeping with the world of Telara… that’s a wide open field!
  • RIFT is T for Teen. Don’t be vulgar.
  • Servey McServerface is RIGHT out.
Please suggest names on this forum thread.
  • We will close submissions on Sunday, Feb 25, 2018.
  • The Dev team will choose the five best suggestions and create a poll that is linked to forums, Facebook and Twitter.
  • The poll will run from noon, Feb 26 to midnight, Feb 28th, Pacific time.
  • We’ll announce the RIFT Prime server name on the RIFT Livestream on Friday, March 2nd at 11:30 AM PT (19:30 UTC):

Will YOUR name be the one?
Let’s find out!
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What is RIFT Prime?

Main article: RIFT Prime Launch Blog

RIFT Prime is a progression server, meaning that the server begins with content and level caps restricted to that of the original RIFT launch, then gradually unlocks additional content and expands the level cap over time. This allows RIFT Prime players to experience each set of content from RIFT’s history in sequence.

RIFT Prime will not be an exact copy of launch RIFT, and certain features that were added to RIFT to expand gameplay or improve quality of life will be available from day one. These include: Dimensions, Looking for Group, Looking for Raid, current Warfronts, and Wardrobes.

How is the RIFT Prime server different from the RIFT live servers?

While RIFT is a free-to-play game, the RIFT Prime server is an exclusive server that requires RIFT Patron status to access.

The RIFT Prime server features a limited in-game credit shop that only contains cosmetic and service items. Expansion unlocks and add-on content – such as souls or equipment slots – are included as part of RIFT Prime server access for all players on the server.

Some features and content from RIFT’s live servers are unavailable on RIFT Prime, including Minions, Instant Adventures, and the Primalist Calling.

RIFT Prime characters will be automatically level restricted to the level of the open-world zone they’re in. While characters that are over-levelled for the zone will still possess a slight advantage due to additional skills and equipment scaling, they won’t be able to show up and trivialize world event content. In exchange, the experience and event rewards gained while adventuring in these auto-mentored situations will remain relevant to the character’s normal level.

How do I access RIFT Prime? What is RIFT Patron?

To access the RIFT Prime server you will need RIFT Patron status on your account. You can purchase a Patron subscription here or purchase a Patron Pass in-game. You can also buy Patron status with in-game currency using Rex. In addition to Prime access, RIFT Patron status also grants you additional bonuses and rewards on RIFT live servers!

If you already have RIFT Patron status, RIFT Prime server access is automatically included with no additional purchases or changes necessary.

What happens to my RIFT Prime server access if my Patron status ends?

You will be unable to log in to the RIFT Prime server. Your RIFT Prime characters will be saved and can be accessed should you obtain Patron status again in the future.

What type of optional purchases are available on the RIFT Prime server?

RIFT Prime possesses a limited in-game credit shop that features cosmetic items (mounts, companion pets, dyes, warfront announcers, costumes, etc) as well as a small number of services (Name Change Scrolls, Guild Rally Banners, etc). There will be no lockboxes or equipment offered in the store.

Can I play on both the RIFT Prime server and RIFT live servers with the same account?

Your account works for all RIFT servers, though the two server types are separate. Items are not shared between servers and players cannot transfer characters between the two. Account-wide unlocks obtained on RIFT live servers are not accessible on the RIFT Prime server.

Can I use my RIFT live server characters on the RIFT Prime server, or vice versa?

RIFT live server characters cannot access or be transferred to the RIFT Prime server. Characters created on the RIFT Prime server cannot be accessed or transferred to RIFT live servers during the progression of the RIFT Prime server.

Can I use my existing Credits on RIFT Prime?

No. RIFT Prime uses its own currency known as Prime Credits which can be purchased from the RIFT Prime in-game or web stores. Prime Credits can only be used on RIFT Prime.

Will the RIFT Prime server remain open once progression ends?

No. Some time after progression ends, the RIFT Prime server will be closed.

What happens to my characters and Prime Credits when the RIFT Prime server closes?

RIFT Prime characters can transfer to RIFT live servers at the end of the Prime server’s content schedule. We intend this server to run for at least a year of progression, so there’s no rush. There will be absolutely no charge for this service.

We’ll provide additional details in coming months on how features gained on the Prime server will combine with features on your live server (such as unlocking something on Prime that is normally an account-wide unlock on Live). Stay tuned for details as we work them out!

Your remaining Prime Credits will be transferred to your normal RIFT Credit balance.
[edited 02/21/18 for clarity]
What happens if I have an active Patron subscription when the RIFT Prime server closes? Will I be refunded for the remaining time?

No, but you will continue to receive RIFT live server Patron benefits and be able to enjoy them with your newly transferred RIFT Prime character.

Still have questions? Watch our Livestreams, forums and social media for more information!
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RIFT Prime Launch: March 7, 2018!

Go Back to Where It All Began! A brand new type of server is coming to RIFT on March 7. Are you ready to take a journey through RIFT’s history?

Over the years, nostalgia begins to waft its siren’s call, and we start to long for the good old days, when life was new and all possibilities lay before us. The RIFT Prime service is here to answer that call! We first started talking about a new server type in 2017, and formally announced RIFT Prime in this Development Letter.

The first Prime server will return us to the launch of RIFT, when the level cap was 50 and all of the great Dragons awaited. Over time, we will unlock new content and levels together!

There are no boosts, no supply crates, no equipment, no bags on the RIFT Prime in-game store for credits; they will be offered for in-game currency. This is the world of RIFT before Free-to-Play!
[edited for clarity 02/21/18, 9:35 AM PT]

The RIFT Primogenitor Pack

We know some of you want the edge on Prime access. Get your account flagged ahead of time and ready to roll out on March 7th!

Available on the RIFT Web Store at $29.99, the RIFT Primogenitor Pack contains:
30 days of Patron access for the purchaser
2 voucher codes for 15 days of Patron access each (30 days total). Invite your friends to play, apply it to your alts or use the time yourself!
A mount out of the ordinary: Armored White War Tiger
A title exclusive to Prime players: Primogenitor
Cloak of the Void
A new Prime portrait frame

RIFT Prime is a Patron-only feature. If you have Patron status via recurring subscription, buy it with REX or receive a limited-time Patron pass, you can access Prime and Live.

At the end of the Prime server’s cycle (not yet determined), you will be able to transfer your Prime character to a Live server.

We are sure you have a LOT of questions, and most of them should be covered in our RIFT Prime FAQ!

If not, post your questions to the RIFT Prime forum thread.

Be sure to join us on this Friday’s RIFTstream, where we will talk about all things Prime, including many of the questions you have!

Friday, February 23, 11:30 AM PT (19:30 UTC) – we will simulcast on Twitch, Facebook and Twitter.
Travel back in time with us and begin your journey.

We can hardly wait to greet you there!

~The RIFT team

The Glory that is RIFT!
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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Think PINK: Lovely Cappie Supply Crate

These are heart-stealers! A few Lovely Cappies have been spotted hiding in the new shipment of Supply Crates! Just in time for Valentine’s Day…

They’re fast, they’re incredibly cute, and they are the PINKEST pink imaginable!
The Lovely Cappie is elusive, and a rare find in the new Supply Crate, now on offer in the RIFT Store. If you find a Cappie in a Supply Crate, it will also be granted to all characters on your account.

Even if you don’t get one of these lovable speedy hoppers, the Supply Crates offer a wide variety of useful items, such as artifact crates, cosmetic equipment, dimension stashes, crafting supplies, and various in game currencies, not to mention the valuable prize tickets that you can save up to choose your own reward!

Only available during Valentine’s week, Feb 12-18, 2018.

We look forward to seeing a whole mischief of Cappies in game this Valentine’s Day!
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Friday, February 09, 2018

RIFTstream: Pre-Valentine’s Mash-Up

We’re going to talk a little bit of this and a little bit of that… Dev update, Valentine’s week, and how to make your QA and CS tickets work better for you!

Join Brasse and former QA-dude Mobi this week – the RIFT team is hard at work on Prime and Live updates and can’t leave their desks on account of the heavy chains and padlocks!
  • Get a sneak peek at Valentine specials and the brand new Supply Crate.
  • Learn how to make your /bug reports help RIFT Dev take action
  • Find out what CS needs to know to prevent a long exchange of back and forth on your tickets
  • Brasse will bring along any tidbits she can scrape off Archonix and Amary’s desk!

RIFT Stream
Friday, February 9, 11:30 AM PDT
See you there!
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Thursday, February 08, 2018

MassivelyOP: Perfect Ten

Justin Olivetti has something to say about RIFT in its current state. Ten somethings, in fact!

“I’ve gone from not thinking much of this title in my absence to somewhat missing it to absolutely craving it within the span of a week, and I’m sure that’s only going to get worse.” [Worse? No, no, this is a GOOD thing, heheh. ~Brasse]
“So whether you’re thinking about returning to RIFT this spring or perhaps taking it up for the first time, here are 10 features from the game that I feel deserve public kudos.”

MassivelyOP’s list is below, but see the original article here to read all of the details! We’re proud of the world you’ve helped us shape with your feedback and support over the years – we’re coming up on our 7th anniversary in March!
  1. Free and instant server transfers
  2. No factional barriers
  3. Dimensions
  4. Instant Adventures
  5. Level scaling
  6. Cosmetics
  7. On-the-fly class adjustments
  8. Zone puzzles
  9. Minions
  10. Support roles
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Friday, February 02, 2018

RIFT Lorestream: Feb 2, 11:00 AM PT!

All aboard the Atrophinius lore train!

We’re a bit late getting the stream sorted out this week, as everyone is working on projects for Live and Prime… but hey, I caught me a Captain Cursor, A.K.A. Atrophinius, and he’d LOVE to talk more lore tomorrow, if only to get out of his other pressing deadlines!

Atrophinius is commandeering the livestream on PTS SERVER. Zones: Silverwood (Freemarch as a backup). Mayhem will ensue!

Post your pressing Lore questions here (lore ONLY – Brasse and Atrophinius know nothing of engineering, think bugs are due to living too close to swampy areas and cannot balance their own checkbooks, never mind classes… but RP and lore? HECK YES!

RIFT LoreStream
Friday, February 2, 11:30 AM PDT
Be there!
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Thursday, February 01, 2018

Blazin’ Snail Discovered in Ashenfell!

These snails are HOT! Special flameproof saddle included, to protect your tender bits.

Introducing our new Supply Crate, featuring a chance at the rare Blazin’ Snail!

Where have these fiery, pre-cooked escargot been hiding? In the lava of Ashenfell, of course. We’ve all missed them in the past because any time we fall into lava, we don’t stop to look around – it’s a super fast jumping, flailing rush to get out before we get crispy!

Given the area they are found in, we surmised that these unusual gastropods feed on the ashen remains of failed critters and adventurers. Could this be the key to taming it? We wanted to put our theory to the test. RoughRaptors refused to be roasted and hung from a stick, claiming that it does not fall under “other duties as assigned. Therefore, we took a slightly burnt lobster to use as lead bait… and the Blazin’ Snail ravenously followed it. Huzzah!

If you’re lucky enough to gain one from the new Supply Crate, blaze a new trail at 160% of normal speed! If not, you’ll still gain valuable components as well as prize tickets that you can save toward your choice of awesome items!

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QOL: Eternal Weapon Upgrade Update!

The Eternal Weapon Quest gets NERFED… in a good way! (See Dwarf celebrating above with definitely-not-an-Eternal-Weapon)

Watch for the reworked Eternal Weapon upgrade path! Please send thanks, flowers, and your “about time!” comments to Tacitus. Huzzah!

The active upgrade steps and the quest chain have been separated out. The quest chain is still required at various steps, but the quest chain is now focused on quest activities.

The other upgrade activities such as closing Rifts, killing colossi, and running Expert dungeons are now tracked only on the weapon.
To keep it easy to track progress, a Track Progress checkbox has been added to the Upgrade Item window.
Additionally, the upgrade requirements for each step have been greatly decreased, making it easier to gear up alts or for new players to catch up on gearing!

These changes will be on the PTS for testing TODAY TOMORROW,* Feb 1, and will be rolled out to Live soon!
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Friday, January 19, 2018

2018: RIFT ON!

The holidays have ended, the calendar has turned over to 2018, and we’re heading toward RIFT’s 7-year anniversary!

Last year saw the team rounding out content for Prophecy of Ahnket, carrying this epic story through the drop-dead gorgeous peaks of the Tenebrean Schism, right to the tail of the comet itself! Untold numbers of Ascended took part in the deadly battles between the simulacrums of power-mad Ahnket and the vengeful troops of Crucia, both hell-bent on conquering the cosmos.

We also brought in a new soul: Mystic Archer, a dynamic and unique take on the AOE Mage Path, which has earned many adherents since its introduction! This soul showed us how much you like action combat: moving around while fighting with magic, and, just like the Tactician, not worrying too much about who you had targeted but rather relying on which way you are facing, for more organic and authentic feeling battles.

Along the way, we addressed important quality of life issues that you requested: the supply crate system was completely revamped to reward better items, including the prize ticket system to allow you to save up for the cool things YOU wanted. Our work here is never done, and we look forward to being able to make things better and better for you.

We also added seemingly minor but much-requested features such as a “relist all” button in the mailbox for expired auction sales – sometimes it’s the small details that make a game day more fun!

But hey, what are we planning for 2018, you ask?

In a previous Producer’s letter, we talked about ‘challenge servers’ and we got a lot of good feedback on that from you all. Overwhelmingly, you had your own ideas on what would really get you and your fellow playing friends, past and present, the most excited. And those responses led us in a direction we weren’t expecting!

While the idea of challenge servers was received well, the two themes that really dominated the feedback were: first, tons of people want to play fresh, and second, scores of suggestions on how to make the business model more appealing.

With that in mind, we are still keeping our ideas for challenges alive for the future, but we’re going to take our strongest cues from you as we progress in development. Without further ado…

Introducing RIFT Prime

In the Spring of 2018, we will launch a new server, RIFT Prime. We’ve paid a lot of attention in discussions with all of you and within the broader gaming community regarding business models in the MMO and games industry as a whole.

We have the opportunity to experiment with this fresh RIFT server using an oft-requested subscription model and progressively unlocked content. Our goal for RIFT Prime is to provide the experience that many of you have requested: no lockboxes, a significantly reduced store with more of the current store-based items obtained through gameplay (or removed entirely) – plus the excitement of sequential progression through RIFT’s content with monthly milestones and achievements.

We’re excited and we hope you are too!

We plan to present RIFT at its roots as much as is possible to do, and look forward to sharing details over the coming weeks. The PRIME server will progress at a faster pace than the original launch and will eventually come to an end in spectacular fashion.

As a small teaser of what’s to come, dynamically matching characters to their current zone’s level, dungeons dropping loot specific to your character’s true level, caps on the number of professions available to a single character, and participation awards that carry over to your characters on existing servers.

Many upcoming live content changes that apply to existing servers will also apply to the new PRIME server, assuming they’re not restricted by progression locks. We look forward to exploring all of these features and more with you in blogs and livestreams to come.

New life for PvP!

Another area that we have heard a lot of feedback on is PvP. We are happy to say that some time after RIFT Prime is released, we’ll start talking about our next warfront! This will include a new game mode taking place in a completely new area with a new look.

We are also currently testing new gameplay tech that would allow us to make some radical changes, such as servers that are in wide-open PvP status, meaning anyone and everyone is fair game, with the exception of guild members (sorry, extreme griefers!).

(We promise not to do this on existing PvE servers. 😛 )

Hey, is there more PvE content coming?

You bet! We are finalizing a revamp of one of our most classic raids, featuring an ever-hungry dragon, where you may well become part of the buffet! More to follow later in the year..

PvE has always been, and continues to be an important focus for the RIFT team – it was high time PvP crowd had a turn, so we are putting some focus there this year. As we have from the very beginning of RIFT we try to do something for each of our main playing groups and we will certainly be cycling back to cover as many play-styles as possible.

RIFT’s 7th Anniversary is fast approaching – plans are afoot to launch new Instant Adventures set in the Droughtlands and Moonshade Highlands. Right along with the Anniversary, the Carnival of The Ascended also returns to Telara, which includes some spectacular new mounts.

The RIFT Team, old and new!

We are also incredibly happy to welcome Amary back to the team as a Producer! People who have been with RIFT a long time will remember her from the very early days of Telara. She has never really been that far away here at Trion, but she is officially back on RIFT full time. Amary will help us drive and set our direction as well as executing many of the exciting plans we have in store for you.

We change and experiment with many things here on the RIFT team, trying out new things in the game or even trying changes to our business model. One of the other areas we often change and evolve is the way the team is actually organized, and who is responsible for what. In that vein we are changing the way we do class balance and changes. We have many exceptional designers on the team who will work collaboratively on classes and balance rather than placing it on a single individual – spreading around the ideation, and responsibility will be better for the whole team, and for all of you!

Naturally, throughout the year, we will continue to read and address your feedback, run seasonal events and introduce new items.

We are stoked to see what the new year brings, and we’ll roll up new characters on RIFT Prime to relive some of the amazing adventures we had seven years ago.

~The RIFT Team
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