Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Shiny Shenanigans: May 26 – 29

“Shiny hunting” remains one of the most beloved pastimes for the Ascended, and we’re making it even easier for you to finish those elusive sets on this Shiny Shenanigans Weekend!


Are your artifact collections keeping you up at nights? Need just a FEW more to finish some challenging categories? We are reducing the price of the “Draw” feature, up to 50% on some sets!

The artifact Draw special will start with the patch on Wednesday, May 24th and end with the patch on Wednesday, May 31st!

To make your weekend extra shiny, we will also reduce the price of all Artifact Tracking Vials by 25% from May 26 through 29th – happy hunting!


We know you all loved last year’s Summerfest Artifact Pinatas, so DeadSimon has created an all new Artifact Pinata for this weekend! It comes with its own brand new collections and rewards! Artifact Pinatas will appear in the world in one of 15 possible locations per zone – every zone in Telara has them, and up to 5 can be up at once! There is one exception – Tyrant Throne is a small area, so it only has up to 3 available at a time.

These new artifact pinatas will be available from 12:01 AM PDT Friday, May 26th, through to 11:59 PM PDT on Monday, May 29th, 2017.

Want a sneak peek? Of course you do!

One of the new collections is “The Adventures of Kiki Kookoo,” which are tales of an intrepid, swashbuckling sleuth. Read by Fae children across all of Telara, the adventures of Kiki Kookoo are one of the most popular series of books ever written in Telara. Collect all of her books, including, “Kiki Kookoo and the Haunted Fairground.”

Another set is “Violet and Pimpernel. ” Almost certainly the most elusive of the Fae, Violet and Pimpernel are little more than the product of a child’s imagination.

For those seeking something a little more seriously lore oriented, we offer, “Deep Factions of the Planes.” The Cosmos is not Telara-centric, as any true Mystic can tell you. There are Factions whose plots never involve our world… unless the Ascended venture too far.

What about the rewards?

You can earn special abilities that give you “Artifact Eyes,” one for each color type, matching the corresponding sets. For instance, you’d earn Poison Artifact Eyes for completing the poison set. The Meta set grants you Rainbow Artifact Eyes that change color every 5 seconds! What do they look like? Stick a shiny in your eye and look in the mirror!

These new artifact pinatas will be available from 12:01 AM PDT Friday, May 26th, through to 11:59 PM PDT on Monday, May 29th, 2017.

Artifact Eyes – the penultimate fashion accessory!

Oh, ONE more thing…

There is another exclusive Artifact Pinata that can ONLY be spawned by DeadSimon himself. He may or may not have used the term “pooped by Dead Simon.” This has yet to be confirmed by independent sources.

Join us for the RIFT Livestream on Friday, May 26th, 2017 and learn all you ever wanted to know about this new artifact set. Be wary though, because when riled up, DeadSimon can become quite dangerous. Yeah, we think that got everyone’s attention! We’ll start on the EU server cluster, then move to NA. This will not be the last you see of the DeadSimon artifact set, but it will be the world premiere! Do NOT miss it!

This Pinata has its own 7 sets of Artifacts and rewards that include Artifact Beguiled Companion Pets… and you guessed it, they have color-changing artifacts for eyes. These include a Guffin, DeadSimon, an owl and others.

The Artifact Beguiled Owl companion pet.
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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Wardrobe Weekend & Friday Livestream!

We love how you strut your stuff in RIFT, and celebrate your sartorial creativity with a wardrobe sale this weekend!

RIFT offers more outfit choices than anyone needs, but players keep asking for MORE! We hear you, and this weekend, we are letting loose with 25% off ALL wardrobe items in the RIFT store.

We also saw you looking longingly at holiday event wardrobe items in other people’s wardrobes. The time has passed when you could obtain them… or has it? We’re bringing a BUNCH of these back to the rack for your shopping pleasure! Get Crucia’s outfit, Vigil’s Radiance, Alsbeth’s Raiment, Tenebrean wings or that fancy event backpack this weekend!

The Wardrobe Weekend event runs from Friday, May 19th through Monday, May 22nd.

On this week’s Livestream: FASHIONISTA CHALLENGE!

Join us as five people take on the challenge to dress to match three different themes! Tune in to talk about RIFT, wardrobes, color and why we care about how our characters look. Discordya, leading fashion advisor, and our own Tacitus will curate the entrants and rate their looks!

RIFT LIVESTREAM, Friday, May 19th, 11:30 AM PDT
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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

New Name, New Packs!

It’s the perfect time to create two new packs to coincide with changing RIFT 4.0’s name to Prophecy of Ahnket! Don’t forget our special Free Expansion Weekend from May 10 to May 14 too!


Prophecy of Ahnket Access Pack – $19.99
Explore the Comet of Ahnket:
  • Five massive new overland zones
  • A new Raid: Tartaric Depths
  • Gain access to earn levels 66-70, together with their Legendary abilities!
  • Lots more content and features already in and coming later this year!
  • All the glorious details are here: Prophecy of Ahnket

Celestial Adventurers Pack – $29.99
The coolest add-ons ever:
  • A ferocious Ethereal Drake Mount
  • The legendary style of Asha Catari’s Raiment (there are both male and female versions!)
  • Gorgeous Ring of Ahnket Portrait Frame

(note: this does NOT include the expansion itself!)

These packs go live on May 10, 2017 on our store.
Available on Steam on May 15th!

Did I miss something? What’s the PROPHECY OF AHNKET?

Going forward, RIFT 4.0 will be known as Prophecy of Ahnket. This name change will be reflected in game, on our website, in future emails, on ads, etc. And… that’s it, really. The only thing changing is the name. It is more evocative of the lore – we hope you like the new name as much as we do! Read the RIFT Producer’s Letter for more information!

Wait – did you say something about free copies of the Prophcey of Ahnket expansion?

From the RIFT Producer’s Letter.:
“That’s right! To celebrate the new name, we’re giving EVERYBODY who logs in from May 10 – May 14 a copy of Prophecy of Ahnket if they do not already own it. You read that right: if you log in and haven’t obtained the expansion yet, you get a free copy to keep forever. EASY, right? Right!”
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FREE Expansion Weekend: May 10 -14!

Let’s cut right to the chase: we’re giving EVERYBODY who logs in from May 10 – May 14 a copy of Prophecy of Ahnket if they do not already own it.


You read that right: if you log in and haven’t obtained the expansion yet, you get a free copy to keep forever. EASY, right? Right!
So, log in. Play. Get the expansion free and check out all the awesome new content you’ve been missing. It really doesn’t get a whole lot better than that. Oh wait… maybe it does! Read on.

Want to know why we’re calling RIFT 4.0 Prophecy of Ahnket now? Check out our most recent Producer’s Letter!

Already got the expansion? Thank you so much for supporting the ongoing development of RIFT! We want to make sure you get something amazing, in addition to the prospect of having even more people to play with in the celestial lands!
Everyone who logs in during the special promo weekend will receive a Prophecy of Ahnket Cache claimable on one of their characters! This incredible pack is stuffed full of awesome items.

Seriously, check it out:
  • 2 Tenebrean Engines (this will help progress your Eternal Item quest)
  • 100 Phenomenal Sparkles (Patron-only quest items that help you earn a piece of high level gear every month)
  • 10 Individual Reward Charges (used to claim great gear drops in our raids)
  • 1 White Deer Companion Pet (ok, so she doesn’t have any stats… we can all appreciate the beauty in life!)
  • 1 Random Puzzle Box Dimension Item (for your Telaran home)

The Prophecy of Ahnket Cache is available on the RIFT Store ONLY during this promotion, May 10 – 14. Remember that it can be claimed by ONE character on your account, and is not transferable. Make sure you log in your preferred character before you claim it. As with the free expansion promo, it all goes away at 11:59 PM PDT on May 14th, so do not delay!

After this unprecedented giveaway weekend ends, the basic access pack will be available at $19.99 on our Store and Steam!
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Producer’s Letter: RIFT 4.0 Gets a New Name

Going forward, RIFT 4.0 will be known as Prophecy of Ahnket. This name change will be reflected in game, on our website, in future emails, on ads, etc. And… that’s it, really. The only thing changing is the name. It is more evocative of the lore – we hope you like the new name as much as we do!

Why the change? We’ve recently become acquainted with a terrific children’s educational charity called the Starfall Education Foundation, and we want to make sure that the names are not confused. This also gives us the chance to start a new page in the history of RIFT by offering the expansion for FREE to anyone who logs in over the coming weekend!

Help us get the word out by whatever means necessary! Tell your friends, your frenemies, your random acquaintances on the street – we want everyone to take part!

Excited? We definitely are!
Of course, no matter how excited we are about this, we’ve got to get back to work. 4.2 isn’t going to design itself.
  • Raid updates don’t end with Intrepid Rise of the Phoenix! The guys are now circling back preparing the “normal mode” version of Tartaric Depths for those who appreciate a bit more of a challenge.
  • Vladd has the Planar Fragment system under the microscope. Expect some massive changes to the system over the coming months.
  • The new Primalist Souls are still underway (remember, you get these at no additional cost if you already own or purchase the current Primalist soul pack!)
  • Revisions to class balance continue apace – remember to post your thoughts on the PTS forums as to how they are going there – PTS is your chance to take the soul revisions for a test run!

Make sure you tune in to our weekly livestreams at the new time of 11:30 AM PDT every Friday, for the latest news, fun times and giveaways!

We are now streaming simultaneously across Twitch (, Facebook (, Twitter (@RIFTgame) and YouTube ( See you there!

~Archonix and the RIFT Team
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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

RIFT LoreStream: The Captain Answers ALL!

On last week’s LoreStreamPalooza, we quizzed RIFT players with all manner of obscure lore questions pertaining to the Celestial Lands. This week, we turn the tables and find out what CaptainCursor REALLY knows!

Three of our RIFT players most steeply imbued with lore-frenzy, Mizuki Ayu, Lorska and Samuraiko, have provided us with no less than thirty-two questions. Will it prove too much for the long-winded Captain? Brasse will grill him mercilessly to make sure he answers every single one of them before the stream ends – challenge accepted! The good Captain will either prepare responses or make them up on the spot. Anything goes!

Remember to tune in at 11:30 AM PDT, our new time slot!

CaptainCursor looks so confident in last week’s stream when HE’S the one asking questions – let’s see how he does THIS week!


11:30 AM PDT, Friday, May 12th
SIMULCAST on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!
(Note: due to technical limitations, you must be in the Twitch channel to participate in prize draws)
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Intrepid Rise of the Phoenix Goes LIVE May 10/17!

Intrepid Rise of the Phoenix promises a hot challenge for max-level raiders! iROTP will go live at the same time on EU and NA servers, tentatively set for 12:00 noon, PDT, May 10th!

Jump through the eons to an Eth Empire under siege by powerful Dragonian forces. Living flames have swept across Stonefield, warping Eth sorcerers and turning High Priest Arakhurn into a raging phoenix. Stop the devastation before otherworldly calamity spills unhindered through the planar gate and into this dimension.

This sliver was first released in 2011, but we’ve just ramped it up to provide a significant challenge for modern Ascended! This Intrepid zone is intended for a coordinated group of 10 skilled players at level 70. The encounter requires 2200 Hit for success!

Damage of the encounters have been significantly increased, in tune with the updated stats on the mobs themselves. Debuffs that affected toughness, now affect Guard instead, while Seething Cores received a bit of an A.I. overhaul and some adjustments to their abilities.
Take a look at our recent Livestream video as Icarus and Keyens provide us a walkthrough of this new version of an old favorite when it was about to be released to the Public Test Server. We all look forward to your feedback once you have a chance to try it on LIVE!

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Sunday, May 07, 2017


You read that right, Glyph is and FASTERLIGHTER than before!

Our techs have just released a new version of Glyph which not only addresses Windows 10 Creator version issues, but also uses less processing power on your system

Read the full article here for all the details, then give it a try and let us know what you think on the discussion thread!
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Thursday, May 04, 2017

RIFT LoreStreampalooza! 11:30 AM PDT, May 5th!

We start with A Night at the Alittu Museum, and follow up with RIFT Lore Trivia!

Join us this week for A Night at the Alittu Museum – CaptainCursor swears there is a story behind every display cabinet, and we can’t wait to hear it, even if he has to make it all up on the spot!

RIFT Lore Trivia! Start Googling and spelunking through dusty, stained parchment and study up! We will start the trivia contest with lore questions related to the Comet of Ahnket, its lands, quests and denizens!

Brasse and CaptainCursor will attempt to stymie and stump veteran players with obscure lore questions from Telara. We will offer prizes, including the now retired 5th Anniversary Community Snail Mount and the current 6th Anniversary Parade Tuskar mount. See you there!

Meanwhile, strike up a conversation with @Brasse and @CaptainCursor on Twitter – they’re usually lurking around there!
You can also post any lore questions YOU’RE dying to have answered to this forum thread!


11:30 AM PDT, Friday, May 5th
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All Warfronts Open!

We are happy to reopen the majority of the Warfronts that you’ve all been asking for! Go forth and gank, stalk, murdelize, lay traps for, jump, mangle, evade, and generally cause good-natured mayhem in PvP!

The full list of Warfronts now available:
Assault on the Bronze Tomb
Blighted Antechamber
Black Garden
The Codex
Ghar Station Eyn
Karthan Ridge
Library of the RuneMasters
Whitefall Steppes: Escalation

(Conquest mode and Port Scion have been phased out)


Many of you may be wondering if you should try Warfronts in general. Never PvP’d before? No worries, everyone makes great cannon fodder! Just kidding… doing a bit of homework and studying the art of PvP can open up a whole new rewarding aspect of RIFT for you!

WrenTheBlurry and I have proven in livestreams that even potatoes* can have fun in PvP (ok, ok, I am a potato, she has evolved to asparagus).

Luckily for all of us, a great many players have made a great many PvP guides, ranging from the simple to the complex. We have gathered just a FEW of these below. Some of them date back a ways, but the general principals don’t change much.

If you know of more general or specific PvP or Warfront guides, or if you decide to create your own, please post them to this forum thread!



*potato: in gaming terms, someone who is pretty lame at something. Alternatively, their computer setup, if it is old and creaky. It is not unusual for a potato player to blame their potato computer for failings. I certainly do!

General Guides/Many Warfronts:

Player vs Player Combat (video)

Warfronts (video)

Prestige & Achievements (video)

Gear & Augments (video) (Telarapedia)

Ookamikawaii’s Warfront Guide (forums)

Kronos V’s Warfront Guide (forums)

Seatin’s Warfront Guide (forums)

Assault on the Bronze Tomb (Dubbles) (GameSkinny)

Blighted Antechamber (GameSkinny)

Black Garden (KFGuides) (Redhawk Gaze) (GameSkinny) (Dizbo)

Domination: (GameSkinny)

Ghar Station Eyn (Raptorak, (GameSkinny)

The Codex (KFGuides) (Redhawk Gaze) (GameSkinny) (Dizbo)

Karthan Ridge (Magelo) (Mute Massacre) (GameSkinny)

Domination: (GameSkinny)

Library of the Runemasters (Redhawks Gaze) (GameSkinny) (Dizbo)

Whitefall Steppes (KFGuides) (Redhawk Gaze) (GameSkinny) Escalation
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