Thursday, April 20, 2017

RIFTSTREAM Fri. April 21: How 2 PvP & Have Fun Dying

Telaran PvP!

Some love it, some hate it. Some have always been curious but have been too skeeeeeered to enter a Warfront! Let’s all learn a little more about PvP in RIFT with Uncle Kerilar and WrenTheBlurry.

Important note: this is NOT a stream for the hardcore PvP audience, and no new features are being announced. It is entirely for the neophyte and casual fun crowd that we’d like to see in a Warfront or ten!

We will have Michael “Kerilar” Hansen on hand to answer questions from those curious about trying PvP in RIFT, while WrenTheBlurry will demonstrate the how to aspect. Mostly how to die repeatedly and getting revenge on those who have wronged you when you clearly come in peace!

We warmly invite folks to share their PvP tips and builds with us on the livestream forum thread, and will feature any good linked guides or how to information! The top three contributions will receive a 6th Anniversary Parade Tuskar mount!

RIFT Livestream

3:30 PM PST, Friday, April 21, 2017
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Monday, April 17, 2017

Primal Lord Pounces on PTS!

As of today, a new soul is available on the Public Test Shard for testing and experimentation. The Primal Lord is a powerful melee attacker who focuses on brutal melee combos and the calling of animal companions to strike the target viciously.

The Primal Lord is unique in that it has a very rigid rotation that is repeated constantly, rather than using a priority system. Several off global cooldown abilities must be used at specific points as well, to make this class fully effective. This is a fast and frenzied soul that requires focus and skill to execute under high pressure scenarios. Are you up for the challenge? We think so!

We do not have all the art finished, and the soul is in a fairly bare-bones state, but we wanted to let you all in on the testing and feedback as early as possible!
Chris “Keyens” Meyer
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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Razer zGold Special Promotion

We are proud to announce that RIFT, along with all of Trion’s games, now accepts Razer zGold as a payment method!

zGold is a unified virtual currency for gamers that allows you to pay securely across an increasing number of games and platforms. Keeping your funds together will allow you to better manage your spending (as well as spend more efficiently), all while gaining access to discounts and promotions exclusive to zGold users. If you want to learn more about zGold, you can visit the official site here.

So, why should you using zGold? Because we have 2 incredible (and exclusive) deals going on right now: buy the new RIFT Ascended Essentials Pack with zGold to get the RIFT Intermediate Pack FREE and buy the 3,250 Credit pack with zGold to get 1 month of Patron FREE.

Each of these killer deals can only be acquired once per account and will only be available to a limited number of purchasers.

Join the zGold discussion on our forums!
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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

RIFT ROTP Stream THURS This Week!

We are livestreaming on THURSDAY this week instead of Friday (it’s a holiday!). Join Brasse and Rich “Icarus” Byon for a chat about the updated Rise of the Phoenix raid, coming soon to RIFT!

Rise of the Phoenix was first released as a Level 50 10-man raid, in 2011.

Icarus will walk us through the zone and talk about how it is being tweaked for the modern generation of level 70 RIFT raiders! Prep for this raidstream by posting your raid-related questions to this forum thread!


3:30 PM PST, Thursday, April 13, 2017
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Sunday, April 02, 2017

Get a FREE Dwarf skin for Atlas Reactor’s Nix!

Many of you have already earned the Rask pet in RIFT by earning 5 levels in Atlas Reactor. Now we say, “Right back atcha, Atlas!” and send a Dwarf to the big city!

You can grab this amazing Nix Dwarf skin in RIFT and run back to dominate as a sharpshooting stealth DPS in Atlas Reactor. How does a Dwarf manage the stealth part? Clearly some form of Guardian magic! Learn all about Nix from his dossier.

Interested in getting this great skin for Atlas Reactor? Head over to Sanctum or Meridian – standing right next to Chloromancer Evort (the Trove crossover fellow) is Sniper Salta, the Dwarf. Strike up a conversation with him and you’re golden!

Atlas Reactor is a fast-paced, turn-based arena game where it’s ALWAYS your turn! Give it a try today!


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RIFT 4.1 – Forged in Flame is here! This exciting update brings with it a ton of awesome endgame content, including a brand new raid, Eternal items, and enhanced Planar Crafting. In addition to the release of 4.1, we’re also celebrating RIFT’s 6th anniversary by bringing back the Carnival of the Ascended, complete with incredible new rewards like our massive new Tuskar mounts.

Don’t have Starfall Prophecy, but want to get the most out of 4.1’s exciting new content? You can now either purchase a copy of Starfall Prophecy from the RIFT store, or you can buy it in-game using Credits or, if you’re a RIFT Patron, Affinity!

What could make a giant spider worse? Infuse it with molten lava! Meet TarJulia.

The Tartaric Depths

Steel yourself and prepare to journey deep into an ancient and infernal prison built to contain the avatar of a Tenebrean god!

The Tartaric Depths are a new 10-man raid designed to serve as an entry point for fresh raiders. Accessed exclusively through Looking for Raid (LFR), the Tartaric Depths feature no trash mobs, meaning players will progress seamlessly through all 4 boss encounters, culminating in an epic (and deadly) confrontation with Malannon, the avatar of The Enigma.

While primarily designed to be accessible by new raiders, the Tartaric Depths still contain a number of rewards relevant to experienced raiders as well, including tier currency and active upgrade triggers.

Malannon emerges to battle the Ascended!

Eternal Items

Arm yourself with the legendary power of Eternal items!

Eternal items represent a new tier of power for equipment in RIFT. Every Eternal item is best in slot, and each of them features game changing abilities, including raid-wide damage reduction, enhanced resource regeneration, and Calling-specific buffs!

There are two ways to get Eternal items: either find them as drops or take on the Eternal Weapon questline.

Drops are exactly what you’d expect: kill stuff and you might find yourself looting an incredible new piece of equipment. However, when your first pick up an Eternal item, it isn’t going to be quite as powerful as it could be. If you want to unlock your new gear’s true power, you’re going to have to complete its active upgrades first. Still, the reward of having one of the most powerful items in all of Telara is well worth the challenge.

The Eternal weapon questline (started by speaking with Lessa Korin outside of Alittu) is similar. While it will grant you an Eternal weapon near the beginning of the chain, you’ll be required to complete an epic journey that will see you battling deadly enemies, delving deep into expert dungeons, and even facing off against Malannon in the Tartaric Depths if you wish to unlock the weapon’s full potential.

The weapons you have alsways dreamed of, finally within your reach!

Enhanced Planar Crafting

Are you ready for the next level of Planar Crafting?

There are a ton of exciting new recipes being made available to crafters. Best in slot helm and ranged options? You got it. Specialized rewards for each of the six crafting professions? Definitely. Ways to boost your gathering skills and get even more from every node? Of course.

Tint Improvements

What’s better than getting new loot? Making it look awesome with armor dyes!

Thanks to our improved tinting system, your armor’s going to look better than ever. Not only have we updated our existing dyes so that the effects on your wardrobe are more accurate and more impressive (we have been adjusting individual armor pieces to maximize dye effects), but we’re also introducing 18 more dyes to increase options available to you.

6th Anniversary – Carnival of the Ascended

The Carnival of the Ascended is back and better than ever! Runs March 30th – April 20th, 2017

In addition to all your favorite events, there are a ton of incredible new items available as event rewards and on the in-game marketplace. We are talking about massive Tuskar mounts, super cool Usukhel outfits, stylish Tenebrean Wings, adorable Tasuil Balloons and much, much more. Words really can’t do these justice, so take a look and then come on out and join us in celebrating 6 years of heroism and adventure.

The 6th Anniversary Tuskar mount!
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Get Your Rask in RIFT!

Unleash the Beast! Atlas Reactor is crossing over to celebrate RIFT’s 6th Anniversary with an adorable mini-Rask!

Well, we don’t know if adorable is quite the right word, but RIFT’s Rask pet is tiny and cute when compared to his big brother in Atlas Reactor! How can you get your hands on this slightly (ok, very) mutated kitty of doom?

All you need to do is hop over to Atlas Reactor and play 5 season levels! New players need to play 5 games, while existing players need to gain 5 levels in the current season.
Be sure you’re logged in to the account you want to receive your wee Rask on. Return to RIFT with your newfound knowledge of this alternate reality, and a mini-Rask will be waiting for you!

About Atlas Reactor
Imagine a chess game on steroids, set on fire and rolled in humor, and you’ll get the idea of this fast-paced, turn based team game. Atlas Reactor has been compared to many games, but it’s truly unique and boldly defies any standard definition!

You’ll play in teams of four high powered and widely varied characters, from the wily PuP to the quirky Quark, from zany Zuki to the mad powerhouse of Rask… whatever your gamestyle, we’ve got the freelancer for you: front line, dps or support!

Enter the arena and plan out your moves, while trying to predict what your opponents will do. You have 20 seconds to plot your course to glory in each turn, and believe us, that’s a lot shorter than it sounds! Then see how your best-laid strategies play out when all moves go off simultaneously.

Best of all, Atlas Reactor is completely Free to Play! Don’t be scared, the water’s fine, just fiiiiine! Here, read through this handy New Player Guide and enjoy your time in Atlas!

Atlas Reactor’s Dev Team streams every Friday at 2:30 PM PST, just before RIFT, on our Trion Worlds Twitch channel.
You can also catch the Atlas Reactor Community stream every Tuesday at noon, and the hosted streams on Wednesday, also starting at noon!
Bookmark our YouTube channel as well – there’s a wealth of information there, free for the watching!

It’s ALWAYS your turn in Atlas Reactor!

Meet Rask1
Here, kitty, kitty…. meeeow-WOW! Rask is a plasma-fueled beast who has evolved past the point of crazy! Evolution Solutions (EvoS) considers him their crowning achievement! Read more about him in his Freelancer dossier.

Better stock up on kitty litter… and plasma!
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Monday, March 27, 2017

What We’d Like to See From Rift’s Next Expansion

More than five years since it was originally launched, Rift continues to be popular with a huge number of gamers. Indeed, according to recent research by analytics firm SuperData, it remains within the top 15 highest grossing pay-to-play MMO games in the world.

Last year’s well-received expansion Starfall Prophecy breathed some new life into the world created by developers Trion Worlds, giving gamers five new zones to explore and a host of other challenges to get stuck into. However, the release of the next chapter in Starfall Prophecy, Forged in Flame, has made us think about whether there are new ways for Trion to develop the world of Rift and perhaps even attract more players to it.

With gaming technology evolving at a rapid rate, there could be a few matters for the developers to consider as they continue to create new content for Rift.

New ways to pay
Subscription fee requirements for Rift ended in 2013 and the game took on the now widely recognised free-to-play format, which means players can purchase items and unlock new content through in-game purchases.

However, rather than just offering these options in traditional currency, should the game now start allowing people to use alternative means to pay such as bitcoin? While it originally launched in 2009, bitcoin is currently big news and recently reached record values. There are more and more instances of people being paid in the currency, and sites like are even offering gamers the chance to gamble with it in casino and sports betting games.

If Trion Worlds wants Rift to be ahead of the curve, it could do a lot worse than introduce bitcoin and other alternative payment options to the game.

An augmented experience
Pokémon Go was undoubtedly the biggest gaming success story of last year, with research suggesting it was downloaded more than 75 million times globally within days of its launch.

The game was, of course, a showcase for the huge potential offered to gaming by augmented reality technology, a concept which allows digital content and imagery to be added to real-world settings. With Pokémon Go leading the way, more games and apps are expected to embrace the huge potential of AR to create new, innovative and exciting experiences for the general public.
It would be fascinating to see what Trion Worlds could do with the technology to create exciting new features on Rift.

A whole new reality

Of course, the flipside to AR would be Trion Worlds using virtual reality to create a fully immersive experience which transports players deep into the world of Telara.

Improvements in the technology mean that VR is back with a real bang, with sales of headsets expected to grow 800 percent by 2021. Furthermore, a host of games based on major properties are being released, including content based on Ghostbusters and the upcoming Alien Covenant film.
Wouldn’t it be fascinating to see how Rift could be adapted into virtual reality – whether by developing exciting and immersive landscapes or even allowing you to see the action from your character’s point of view?

Host of options
The ideas above are just a few of the range of options that we think could be considered for Rift and fans will be able to come up with many more, too.

While the popularity of Rift shows no signs of abating just yet, there remains a huge opportunity for Trion Worlds to take advantage of recent innovations and push this much-loved MMO gaming experience to a whole new level.
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The ever-fiesty Feendish lays out all the 4.1 Dimension items for us!

Dimensioneers are dizzy from sorting out all the incredible items coming with in 4.1 Forged in Flame!

Our sincere thanks to the incredible Feendish@Greybriar for taking the time and effort to gather all of the glorious Dimension items into one handy reference – it would have taken this Dwarf a month of Sundays to do. I raise my glass to the Feen!

The image above shows all the banners you can now obtain. Below, the new Dimension, Fortress of the Apocalypse. But hey, don’t let me keep you, head on over to the Dimension Touring Company and feast your eyes on all the great information!


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Sunday, March 26, 2017


RIFT celebrates 6 Years! Archonix sets down his heavy load of final 4.1 launch tasks to share some thoughts and ideas with us all…

It has been an amazing 6 years, and it’s clear that RIFT is here for the long-term.
I personally love RIFT, both playing it and working on it, and am proud to work with a bunch of like-minded developers and supportive staff in all departments here at Trion. Thank you so much for your support over the years. All the feedback, encouragement, ideas and criticism have been invaluable and I want you to keep it coming.

Some Serious Wins

This past year has seen some significant success for us all. As well as the frequent small updates provided, we focused heavily on tech upgrades to improve the game into the future. This was no small undertaking.

We introduced multi-threading and 64-bit to the client, and although it may not have a direct impact right now for all players, it finally provided our team with 64-bit tools. Every RIFT Dev is incredibly excited about this, because it makes us faster. The data sets were getting so big that we were having significant issues, all of which have now gone away. This is truly HUGE for us. Our productivity will increase, and that can only be good news for you and RIFT as well.

While we recognize that the amount of end game content was lacking for 4.0, we also feel that Starfall Prophecy offered something for every play style, served within some of the most beautiful content we have produced. It remains a large and gorgeous canvas for additional content in the future.

Meeting Challenges Head On

This last month has been incredibly challenging for the RIFT team. We have all been working very hard to address what we ourselves and many players saw as some shortcomings of 4.0.
We heard you, we agree, and we are pouring heart and soul into improvements.
Several issues beyond our control have conspired to try and thwart our efforts. Without derailing this letter too much, I’ll mention just a few.

We encountered a catastrophic hardware failure of our version control server that required a full backup of the entire depot. This consists of multiple terabytes of data and the process took days to recover, during which we were unable to add any new code, art, design. We were dead in the water while we waited.
Prior to that, the team (and much of Trion) suffered through rounds of a particularly serious flu in January and February that took normally stalwart people down for three or four days each, making tasks requiring team coordination particularly hard to progress.
Finally, moving the entire office was a massive undertaking, and we are still working out some of the kinks of wiring, power and rebuilding the new space.
It was a challenging situation to say the least, and made it very difficult to progress as fast as we wanted to.

We’re not looking for sympathy here, we just want to be very open with all of you. It sucked.

The upside of being unable to work for several days at a time is that it provided opportunities for some of the dev team to hop on the servers and interact with you all. This was a lot of fun for all involved, and you can expect more of this in the future.

We have an incredibly passionate and dedicated team of people on RIFT. Many of them have been on the team since before launch and still take great pride in making RIFT as great as it can be. Do we always get it right? Of course not, but it is not due to lack of effort, skill or love for RIFT. Experimentation drives innovation, and we adjust as needed. When we make missteps all we can do is review feedback and take action to improve things going forward.

We want to thank all those who offer constructive feedback on a regular basis – you help us out daily, and more than you can ever know.

For those who offer snark, rude comments and trolling, that helps no one, and certainly does nothing to move the world of Telara forward. Please consider your approach when posting – imagine that you are sitting right across from us when you start your conversation, one human speaking to another. I can’t imagine anyone making cruel, cutting comments to folks like Vladd, Keyens or DeadSimon in person – please remember we are all real people. We all care about the game as much as you do.

Even the most passionate, critical post on our forums shows us that you care – just be courteous or the Dwarf will get you.

There are untold thousands of players to every one Dev, so it’s hard to engage in direct, one-on-one conversations, but we can accomplish so much through good feedback and useful suggestions. Let us continue to work together to make RIFT the best it can be!

The Future of Telara

  • Now, on to the future of RIFT, as that is what really counts, right?
  • Just around the corner is 4.1 and the introduction of Eternal Weapons. These come with an involved and long quest line to upgrade them to something truly epic for each calling.
  • A Planar Crafting Revamp that will lead to Best in Slot Helms and Ranged Weapons.
  • The 10-Man Raid “Tartaric Depths” will go live (also using the recent Looking for Raid feature).
  • New weekly quests are in the works.
  • Carnival follows right on the heels of that, as we celebrate an amazing 6 years of RIFT.
  • Next up, we have already started on update 4.2 (yeah, I know, great name, isn’t it? We’ll get a cooler title soon).
  • This will usher in a new level 70 zone! Looking back again for a moment, this has been something we have done with all our our major releases. We followed up our initial release with Ember Isle. Storm Legion was followed by The Dendrome; Nightmare Tide by Tyrants Throne and Plane Touched Wilds.
  • The new zone for Starfall Prophecy is Vostigar Peaks. As with the previous zone followups, this is a high end zone designed for max level players. There is even an elite area for level 70 group content. The lead image in this blog post is from this new zone!
  • On top of that, 4.2 will offer new daily and weekly quests with awesome rewards.
  • A full new quest line is in development, with much of the content replayable for max level players.
  • New zone events and at least two new Instant Adventure lines are on deck.
  • New Raid Rifts, Chronicles and the final installment of Primalist souls are also included.…in short a ton of stuff is coming for max level players in SFP. We heard you loud and clear!

There will be far more detail about both of these updates as we get closer to their release, as well as others we have in the pipeline. Watch for blog posts and livestreams as we develop this new content!

Looking Even Further Forward

So file the following under crazy experiments and absolutely no promises. We’re letting you know what we’re considering. I am so excited about it I’ve just got to spill the beans, probably to the chagrin of our Marketing folks, who are now rolling their eyes. Remember, this is all subject to change!

One of the threads that pops up pretty regularly in our forums runs along the lines of, “I remember when RIFT was actually a challenge, and wasn’t that cool.” Funny thing is, we have been feeling nostalgic too, so we started playing around with the logistics of a “Hard Mode” server. We set one up internally, and guess what? It is a heck of a lot of fun! Damn, that Jakub hits hard! OW!

We were not sure exactly how long this experience would remain fun, though. Would this be something that players would pursue for a long time or would it become boring once the novelty and nostalgia wore off?

Then someone suggested that perhaps this sort of server should be a limited time thing. That is, after a set period of time, it would be replaced with something different. The lights came on for everyone and the ideas came thick and fast: some crazy, some cool, some doable, some we only wish we could implement!
For instance, after Hard Mode, maybe next time you are buffed off the charts on an easy mode server, enabling you to take on some of the content you never even got a chance to see the first time through.

After much discussion, the concept of special rule set servers called “RIFT Challenges” was born.

Now, as I said, this is still very much in the experimental stages and we have no idea in what form, if any, this will eventually be taken LIVE, but the initial idea is that you play on the challenge server to reach a specific goal, which then awards you something truly awesome for your main live server character. Amazing new armor, weapons, new *cough* race *cough*… there are many details yet to be worked out and again, NO promises. No dates. This is a HUGE project that may or may not work.

We are anxious to hear your thoughts on it! In fact, we have an official feedback thread on it for you!
State of the Game Summary

All in all, it is an exciting time here for the RIFT team. We have finally all moved in to our awesome new offices and people are energized to try out some of these “out of the box” ideas.

Rest assured, aside from the crazy-town special ruleset ideas above, we have long term plans past 4.2 for our current servers too.
The idea is to revitalize those servers, not replace them, so stay tuned for future updates as we solidify the plans. Remember though, nothing is solid until the formal content announcements are made.
THANK You, Ascended!

So please, keep playing, keep posting, keep caring.
I look forward to playing alongside you for many years to come.

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