Monday, August 22, 2016

Starfall Prophecy: Gedlo Badlands

Not much good comes out of the Gedlo Badlands. Of course “bad” is a judgment call. A Telaran would find a certain beauty to the sharp ridges of rock and shifting beds of fine gravel, particularly at dawn or dusk when their brown and black tones are enriched with gold and red. But to the devils that now rule the Plane of Fire, this desert expanse is fit only for goblins.

The land is almost barren, and harsh. No soft and nourishing forests, no comforting leafy shade. You’ll be glad to hear that there are no rivers of lava, raging wildfires or burning atmosphere either. If the liquid pools of the caustic oasis were water instead of clear, flammable oil, it might actually be habitable for someone other than an Ascended or the cruel denizens of the Plane of Fire.

While mortals would find the badlands arid and hot, the goblins of the Gedlo Conclave consider it an exile in the freezing wastes, denied their rightful place among the burning fields of condemned souls that they covet. Only the kobolds of Saint Taranis deigned to travel to this desert wasteland, and then only for the yearly pilgrimage to wage holy war.

The goblins have been in the badlands since time immemorial and are hard at work, single-mindedly simmering with rage and thoughts of revenge against all who wronged them. The devils of Ashenfell, the mortals of Telara, and most especially the noble kobolds of Saint Taranis. The Ascended must discover what the Goblin horde is up to; rumors of a stolen prophecy of Ananke, and the plans to destroy Saint Taranis are about to hatch, now that the kobolds are trapped on the comet with them.

The goblins are centered an area known as Gedlonia, and some say they have closely guarded drake hatching grounds nearby. The most bloodthirsty among them rove about the land in war bands and attack the kobolds whenever they can; revenge for the many years of defeat at the hands of the dog-like warriors.

The Kobolds of Saint Taranis, on the other hand, are a noble, if similarly warlike faction, devoted to earning honor and redemption that the souls of their ancestors failed to find in the mortal realm. Taranis, a kobold that ascended to sainthood, has shown them the way. Each year they make pilgrimage to these badlands as a test of their prowess and courage. If they can stand against the horde of goblins with artistry, courage and nobility, then they too may just find redemption. Each year they made this pilgrimage to defeat the Gedlo Conclave and each year they returned home victorious. It was their unwelcome fate that Ahnket tore their battlefield from the Plane of Fire while their temporary holy city was erected in the badlands. Now the prospect of victory and redemption grows fainter as the goblins lay siege, and faith is shaken in the various camps of artists.

The leader of Saint Taranis is the kobold monk Veist, who has struggled to hold the various camps together and inspire them to face the horde of goblins in what might be an unwinnable battle. He knows that noble warriors respect action more than mere words, so he has embarked on a quest to find a champion or two among the strange lands from distant planes that have been taken by the Comet of Ahnket. It is this quest that brings him in contact with the Ascended of Telara and the Champion of the Vigil, Cyril Kalmar, who has too long been temple bound.

Together, these mighty warriors will help the Ascended in learning more about the Gedlo goblins, the monstrous denizens of the badlands and the Devil Lords of Ashenfell who plan to unleash a fiery apocalypse upon the world of Telara. Best prepare yourself well first, in knowledge and armament. The Gedlo Badlands is a crucible for the heroic spirit, and is part of RIFT: Starfall Prophecy, coming this fall!
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Unicornalia and the Celestial Unicorn Return!

Giddy-up! Unicornalia returns to RIFT through August 24.

Rejoice at the return of the classic Onyx and Opal unicorn mounts! You can earn these only during the event, so don’t delay! Speak with the PRI representatives in your capital city to get started (or continue) the quest for your own unicorn!

You can also once again acquire a Celestial Unicorn, a truly regal steed acquired through the Limited Edition: Celestial Unicorn Troves on the RIFT Store. Luck be with you!
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Thursday, August 18, 2016

RIFT Livestream – 8/19/16 – 3:30 PM PDT

Join Ocho and Captain Cursor on the Trion Worlds Twitch channel for our next RIFT livestream. This week we’ll be talking about the Gedlo Badlands zone in Starfall Prophecy!

RIFT Livestream
Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, August 19 at 3:30 PM PDT (GMT-8)
Duration: 45 minutes

See you all there!
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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Noclip Hack For RIFT

I thought this was cool, it basically lets you go through walls and stuff, so decided to show you! :-D
Sorry for the terrible video quality, I don't have a good screen recorder on this computer.

It works everywhere, but the hack itself is still being worked on. This subforum seems to be lacking content so I thought I'd add to it I guess.

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Summer of Souls: The Paladin Marches Forth!

With unyielding shield and sworn devotion, the Paladin Soul has long been a favorite for many Ascended. Now, with RIFT’s Summer of Souls, we’ve made it even mightier!

With today’s Hotfix, the Paladin is more stalwart in defense of their fellow Telarans than ever before. Witness all the amazing new abilities Paladins have received!
  • Sanctuary – While standing in the Paladin’s Sanctuary, those under the Paladin’s protection will have a preternatural resistance to damage.
  • Call of the Divine – The Paladin draws a group of their foes into their presence, ready to receive justice!
  • Wall of Light – For as long as the Paladin is able to maintain their divine will, the Ascended arrayed behind them will receive significant protection from damage.
  • Purify Land – Fear the righteous wrath of the Paladin! With Purify Land, Paladins are able to erupt the very earth at a place they designate. Those within this blast will be gravely injured and enraged by the assault!

There has never been a better time to log in to RIFT and don the mantle of the Paladin!
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Friday, August 05, 2016

RIFT Producer’s Letter: Starfall Prophecy

I’m incredibly excited to announce RIFT’s third full-featured expansion: Starfall Prophecy!

Since our last expansion, the team has been working hard on the next big thing for RIFT. We’re excited to finally be able to talk about how we plan to continue the story of Telara, and the Ascended’s battle against Planar forces.

The result of all this hard work is Starfall Prophecy, where the Acended will continue the fight against Ankhet, who just happens to be hell-bent on obliterating Telara. Originating far beyond the Cosmos, this Tenebrean construct of monolithic proportions has burned its way through countless worlds and torn huge swathes of the Planes of Fire and Life loose from their primal realms. The Ascended must stop the denizens of these planar domains from destroying Telara before they can ever hope to battle the tower of Ahnket itself!

You won’t just battle through the regions surrounding the tower; the time is ripe to take the war beyond Telara and the Plane of Water into the other invading Planes. To make this possible, we take our Instant Adventure system to a whole new level, with Planar Assault Adventures. Groups of Ascended will be able to band together instantly and launch powerful, coordinated attacks on the invaders’ own staging grounds.

With Starfall Prophecy, heroes of Telara will be able to reach level 70, opening up entirely new ways to expand character abilities. Collect powerful Planar Fragments to customize gear, enjoy a whole new Active Upgrade system that rewards you for completing heroic feats and challenges, and collect Eternal Items of immense power. In other words, take all measures necessary to challenge the fate before you!

It wouldn’t be RIFT without new and exciting ways to customize how you play. As such, Starfall Prophecy brings with it the addition of Legendary Powers. Offering options for each Soul, these Legendary Powers dramatically alter the way existing abilities work. It gives you a whole new layer of customization for your character!

To power all these awesome new additions to RIFT, we’ve also dedicated a lot of effort to technical improvements over the last year. Starting with true Multicore support which we launched earlier this year, our efforts continue on with the upcoming 64 bit Alpha, which we’re targeting for lateSummer. We’re committed to ensuring RIFT continues to gain in both performance and stability for an even better playing experience. We’re continuing to work on these massive improvements to RIFT’s core technology, while at the same time working closely with our partners at leading tech companies to find even more ways to improve RIFT for you.

Even after Starfall Prophecy launches, there’ll be plenty more to come in live updates, as we release additional expansion content. Our first major update after launch will include a brand new outdoor region, the Tenebrean Schism, full of dynamic content for level 70s to enjoy. As well as a brand new level 70 raid. In a continued effort to make more of RIFTs content accessible to all players, we’ll also be introducing “LFR” – Looking for Raid. More to come about that in the future!
We’ve got even more plans for Starfall Prophecy that we’ll share as the time draws closer.

Let’s talk about how you can get Starfall Prophecy. In our many discussions of the best way to make new expansion-scale releases available, our goal is always to strke a balance between supporting the cost of expansion creation and making sure people can participate on an even playing field, while maintaining the robust content in the truly massive world that RIFT offers freely to all.

Based heavily on your feedback from our most recent expansion releases, we’ll sell Starfall Prophecy as a simple premium expansion purchase, instead of dividing it into individual unlocks like equipment slots or the ability to equip expansion loot. We hear you!

We’re happy to announce that preorders for Starfall Prophecy are now available! As a thank you to those who choose to preorder you’ll unlock the title “Starlord” or “Starlady” and have the opportunity to earn our newest mount, Opie the Artifact Squirrel, as well as earning several other exciting rewards by logging in throughout the summer and collecting daily Prophecy Tokens. Seek out Maguk in Tempest Bay to find out what all is available!

You can see more details on the expansion for yourself at:

Thank you all for your continued support of RIFT from Beta through our fifth anniversary, and for sharing in this amazing journey together. RIFT is far more than just a game; it’s a bond that we all share and experience together. We couldn’t pick a better group of people to experience it with.

Chris “Archonix” Junior
RIFT Game Director
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New RIFT Expansion: Starfall Prophecy!

Change fate and emerge victorious as a true hero of Telara, with the new RIFT expansion Starfall Prophecy coming this Fall!

An Unimaginable Threat
A comet has appeared over Telara, ripping through the elemental planes, tearing off whole sections in the process. The imprisoned Defiant Orphiel knows the truth of its arrival: the comet is an Ascended Tenebrean construct sent here to devour us all.

Ahnket brings with it an endless collection of apocalyptic destruction, collected from the many worlds it has torn asunder.

Lead the battle to Level 70, and fight through 5 brand new zones (the fifth will be released after the initial launch). Prevent the ancient fae lords of Life and the devil scions of Fire from harnessing the otherworldly power of Ahnket to destroy all mortal life upon Telara!

Gain power for the coming challenge

Traveling throug Ahnket’s environs, you’ll enhance your arsenal of abilities with Legendary Powers each Level from 66-70, transforming and unleashing their full power! Multiple abilities from every Soul can be made Legendary, allowing you to customize your character further than ever before.
Empowering your gear stats and abilities with Planar Fragments you amass during your adventures. Collect even more powerful Eternal items, to challenge even the strongest of foes!

Level 65 Boost and More!
Pick up the Starfall Prophecy Pack and gain access to all Starfall Prophecy content, along with the title Starlord or Starlady. You will also receive a boost to level 65 for one character of your choice at launch!

With the Digital Deluxe Edition to enter the expansion in style!

Ethereal Drake Mount – This Drake may strike fear in all who observe it, save the one riding it!

Ring of Ahnket – Showcase your mystical nature with this animated arcane Portrait Frame!

Asha Catari’s Raiment – Descended from the Sorcerer Lords of the Eth, Asha’s skill with magic and blade is reflected by her stunning garb. The raiment of the Defiant’s leader is now yours!

Even More for Those Who Preorder!
Those who preorder, Starfall Prophecy has a very special surprise in store! Earn a Starfall Prophecy token every day you log in to RIFT, from the moment you preorder until Starfall Prophecy launches. Visit the Maguk Representative in Tempest Bay to spend them for a variety of rewards!
  • Log in for 15 days to obtain the Tenebrean Mystery Box. Its contents are unknown, but the mystery draws the curious from near and far!
  • Log in for 20 days to earn the Sack of Infinite Void. While this special bag can’t quite hold an infinite number of items, with 40 slots of capacity it will certainly expand your carrying capacity in a big way!
  • With 50 days logged on, you’ll be able to take home the ultimate reward, Opie the Artifact-Hunting Squirrel mount! Not only does Opie’s unique appearance attest to his unique ability to hunt down Artifacts, but you can leap to previously unattainable heights, and grab Artifacts from the ground without ever dismounting.

Which reward will you chose first? Make sure you pre-order early to ensure that you get them ALL!

Check the Starfall Prophecy Website, where you’ll be able to follow all the latest news on RIFT’s next amazing expansion, and preorder today and start dreaming about your rewards!
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Thursday, August 04, 2016

RIFT Livestream – 8/05/16 – 3:30 PM PDT

Join Ocho, Archonix, Gingers, and Dead Simon the Trion Worlds Twitch channel for our next RIFT livestream. This week we’ll be talking about exciting new announcements for RIFT! The more prophetic of you may guess what star will fall during the stream.

RIFT Livestream
Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, August 5 at 3:30 PM PDT (GMT-8)
Duration: 45 minutes

See you all there!
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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Rift's Recipe of Longevity and Success - Part 2

In our last piece, we pinpointed some of the obvious factors which have greatly contributed to the outstanding success and rather surprising longevity of Rift Online, one of which was the outstanding quality of their player-base and the simply astonishing results of their player-retention strategy. There are obviously more sides to this coin though, and one of these other sides is the actual distribution of the player-base. Rift Online has essentially been quite successful all over the world, so player base-wise, it definitely does not have all its eggs in one basket. Most of the currently active players are from the US, and North America in general, then Europe, Russia and Australia. The game has seen some rather unexpected growth in Brazil too, in recent years no less, so there's apparently still plenty of upside to it, especially in areas of the world not usually associated with MMO traffic.

Another major part of the success-recipe was obviously the Ascendant Souls system, which, back when Rift launched, was an MMO innovation. What it essentially accomplished was to give people control over what was the "class system" in other such games, allowing people to design their own. People have apparently always enjoyed creating their own combinations of abilities, so much so in fact that there were/are players out there who have created more than 20 different presets they can switch between at will. The Soul system has therefore been a massive boon for the game, acting as a sort of launch pad for players into the more advanced sections of the game, a game-component which is to this day extremely popular.

To make things even more enjoyable for their players, the creators of Rift have made it possible for them to move between worlds at the press of a button -another feature highly valued by their loyal customers. Bosses have been kicked up by a notch in the game as well: the first expansion introduced final bosses called Colossi, who wrought havoc on the environment itself. These NPCs were as tall as 50 players and they literally took teams of 100s of players to bring down. The sheer epic-ness of such encounters was also obviously wildly popular.

Through most of the existence of the game, creators not only listened to players, they readily implemented their suggestions too. For instance, in regards to the planes invading the world of Rift called Telara, players asked whether they could ever actually take the fight to these planes. In Nightmare Tide, the second expansion of the game, just that was implemented. The most popular expansion of the game - the one of which players are still the fondest - was the first expansion, Storm Legion. It has been proven quite a few times in the gaming industry that if an IP creator can follow up a great launch with an even better second act, success is more or less assured, together with a place for the game in the hearts of its fans forever.

Philip Thalberg is a member of the eSports news department of GosuTeam, the team behind the world's top competitive gaming destination.
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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

RIFT 3.7: Hotfix #4

  • Weapons: Reduced the hit rating of the Thundersmack Conker.
  • Weapons: The hit rating of the intermediate Thundersmack Basher is now in line with the other weapons.
  • Added Visible Phase Icon on artifact PiƱatas to aid colorblind people.
  • Quest: Estranged Brew: The item Lenny’s Finest is no longer a unique item.
  • Note: It will not stack due to technical limitations with how charged items work.
  • All Normal, Twisted, Unstable, Poison, Burning and Nightmare Artifacts no longer pop up the Need/Greed Window.
  • Fixed the Guild Finder from constantly closing.
  • Using abilities and items when using the inventory search will no longer clear out the current text search.
  • Ember Watch forge no longer sells items for Infernal Marks of Ascension.
  • A character who is a member of a starter guild and who switches factions during the game is automatically added to the appropriate starter guild of their new faction.


  • Fixed an issue with the Shadow of C’zyth getting in a state where he would not attack.
  • Threngar: The damage from Consuming Darkness has been severely lowered.
  • AFK players are now more effectively removed from matches.


  • The recipe for Cosmic Bags now creates a non-bound box that contains a Cosmic Bag. The Cosmic Bag Box can be traded with other players.
  • The ground paint effect has been removed from the following dimension items: Star Flower, Closed Star Flower, Firepetal, Tentacled Firepetal, Firepetal Stalk, Firepetal Clump, Lifespreading Podflower, Death Spine Group.
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