Friday, March 22, 2024

Join the Rift Server Load Test: Help Shape the Future of Telara


Rift is embarking on an important journey towards enhancing the game experience for its dedicated community. From March 22 to March 29, 2024, Trion Worlds invites players from both the European and North American servers to participate in a crucial "Server Load Test." This initiative is a key component of Rift's Data Center transition, aimed at optimizing server performance to ensure a smooth, lag-free adventure in the world of Telara.

Why Your Participation Matters

The Server Load Test is not just a technical exercise; it's an opportunity for the Rift community to actively contribute to the game's ongoing development. By simulating real-world conditions, players will help the development team identify and address potential issues, ensuring that the servers can handle peak loads without compromising on performance. This collaborative effort is vital for paving the way towards a seamless gaming experience, free from the frustrations of lag or disconnections.

Rewards for Your Contribution

Understanding the value of the community's support, Trion Worlds is offering a token of appreciation to all participants. Everyone who joins the Server Load Test will receive 7 days of Patron status on the live servers, a gesture that underscores the developers' gratitude for the community's involvement. This reward will be granted to participants' live accounts following the completion of the Server Load Test.

How to Join the Server Load Test

Participating in the Server Load Test is straightforward. Players are encouraged to follow these simple steps to ensure they're ready to contribute:

  1. Launch the Glyph Client application on your device.
  2. Update the Glyph Client to the latest version, if necessary.
  3. Navigate to the “CLIENT GAMES” section within the Glyph Client interface.
  4. Select Rift from the game cards and click on the settings icon next to the install button.
  5. Choose the SLT region from the dropdown menu and initiate the installation process.
  6. Launch Rift via the Glyph Client once the installation is complete.

For players who already have Rift installed, simply select the SLT region from the settings dropdown and click “Play” to join the test.

A Call to Arms for the Ascended

The Server Load Test represents a pivotal moment for Rift and its passionate community. By joining forces, players and developers can ensure that Telara remains a vibrant, dynamic world where adventures unfold without interruption. Mark your calendars for March 22 to March 29, 2024, and be part of an event that will help shape the future of one of the most beloved MMORPGs.

Thank you, Ascended, for your invaluable support and participation. Together, we can achieve a seamless gaming experience for all adventurers in Telara.


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