Friday, March 22, 2024

Mechs on Parade: Telara's Call to Arms Against the Mechanical Menace


The world of Telara is under siege once again, and this time, the threat comes in the form of towering mechanical behemoths. The "Mechs on Parade" event has returned, bringing with it the thunderous sounds of war and chaos as these formidable adversaries march through the lands. From today until March 25, 2024, Ascended are called upon to defend their realm and push back against the mechanical onslaught for a chance to earn spectacular rewards.

The Battle Begins

The Mechs have made their presence known, causing destruction and mayhem in their wake. It's up to the brave and the bold to stand against them. Players can head to Sanctum, Meridian, or Tempest Bay to accept Daily Quests that will pit them against these metallic monstrosities in various challenges, including Warfronts, Expert Dungeons, and a thrilling zone event.

Daily Quests and Rewards

By participating in the "Mechs on Parade" event, players have the opportunity to collect Mech Components and complete daily quests that reward a total of 65 Chaos Motes per character each day. These quests will take adventurers across Vostigar Peaks, Silverwood, Freemarch, Shimmersand, and Stillmoor on a mission to defeat the fearsome Mechs and safeguard Telara.

Team Up for Victory

The battle against the Mechs is not one to be taken lightly. Players are encouraged to join forces with allies, utilizing the Looking For Group (LFG) tool to form parties for Expert Dungeons and coordinate efforts in the zone event. The quest "Defender of the Elements" emphasizes the importance of teamwork and strategy in overcoming the mechanical menace.

Redeem Your Rewards

The RIFT Store offers a plethora of rewards for Credits, allowing players to enhance their arsenal and appearance for the battles ahead. Additionally, the event NPC provides an opportunity to redeem collected Chaos Motes for amazing mounts, pets, and other valuable rewards. This event is not only a test of strength and resolve but also a chance to acquire unique and powerful items.

The Clock is Ticking

With the Mechs set to retreat on March 25, 2024, time is of the essence. Players have a limited window to participate in the event and claim their rewards. The "Mechs on Parade" event is a rallying cry for all Ascended to come together, defend their realm, and ensure that the mechanical invaders are kept at bay before they can wreak too much havoc.


The "Mechs on Parade" event in RIFT is a thrilling opportunity for players to engage in epic battles, earn fantastic rewards, and stand united against a common threat. As the Mechs march through Telara, it's up to the Ascended to rise to the occasion and protect their world from destruction. Gather your allies, sharpen your weapons, and prepare for a confrontation that will test your mettle and determination. See you in-game, and may the best defenders prevail!


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