Sunday, December 15, 2013

Coming from WoW and want to know what class will fit you? I made a guide just for you.

This is a good start for people. It's important to note, though, that not all Rift specs are meant to be used for the same thing. Stormcaller is an AoE soul almost exclusively. Thunderchickens would be well advised to take that into consideration. On the other hand, since there are so many role slots, you don't have to pidgeon hole yourself. For example, Rift mage encompases Warlock, Shadow Priest, Thunderchicken, Fire Mage and Ele Shaman all at the same time. Until you start to raid, you can probably come up with a spec that will closely associate with the play style of any of those specs from Wow. As you learn about Rift though, you'll see how it diverges and you'll shrug off the WoW paradigms.

WoW Class/Role
Primary Functions
RIFT Equivalent
DRUID: Restoration
Heal-Over-Time, Large AoE Heals
CLERIC: Warden
DRUID: Balance
Ranged Magic DPS, Complex Casting
MAGE: Stormcaller/Elementalist
DRUID: Feral Tank
High Avoidance/Mitigation, AoE Threat
WARRIOR: Warlord OR ROGUE: Riftstalker
Small Builders to DoT and a Big Finisher
ROGUE: Bladedancer
Large Single Target Heals, Buffs
CLERIC: Sentinel
PALADIN: Protection
AoE Threat, Blocking, Self-Healing
CLERIC: Justicar
PALADIN: Retribution
Magic-Based Melee Damage
CLERIC: Shaman or MAGE: Harbinger
Ranged Physical DPS, Pets
ROGUE: Marksman/Ranger
Damage-Over-Time, Life Drain, Undead Pets
MAGE: Warlock/Necromancer
Elemental Damage, Massive Burst
MAGE: Pyromancer/Elementalist
Well-Rounded Healing, Buffs
CLERIC: Sentinel
PRIEST: Discipline
Shields/Damage Prevention, Single Target Heals
CLERIC: Purifier
PRIEST: Shadow
Single Target Magic Damage, DoTs, Debuffs
CLERIC: Inquisitor/Cabalist
2Handed Weapons, Burst Damage
WARRIOR: Champion/Riftblade
Dual Wielding, Sustained Damage
WARRIOR: Paragon
WARRIOR: Protection
Physical Tank, Single Target Threat
WARRIOR: Paladin/Reaver
Debuffs, Dual Wielding, Magic Damage
WARRIOR: Riftblade/Paragon
DoTs, Undead Pet, Magic Damage
WARRIOR: Riftblade/Beastmaster
Self-Sustaining, Anti-Magic Tank
WARRIOR: Void Knight/Paladin
ROGUE: Assassination
Stealth, Attack From Behind, Dual Wield
ROGUE: Assassin
ROGUE: Subtlety
Stealth, Rapid Movements, Avoidance
ROGUE: Bladedancer/Riftstalker
ROGUE: Combat
Dual Wielding, Sustained Damage
ROGUE: Nightblade/Bladedancer
SHAMAN: Elemental
Large Magic Burst DPS
MAGE: Pyromancer/Elementalist
SHAMAN: Enhancement
50/50 Magic/Physical Melee DPS
WARRIOR: Riftblade/Paragon OR ROGUE: Nightblade
SHAMAN: Restoration
Balanced Heals with Passive Healing
CLERIC: Sentinel/Warden
RIFT Classes With No Equivalent

WARRIOR: Tempest
Ranged Magic Attack-Power DPS

Short-Term Buffs, Varied Skills (Damage/Heals)

ROGUE: Saboteur
Debuffs, Massive Damage Spikes Late in Fights

ROGUE: Tactician
Buffs, Varied Healing Abilities, AoE Damage

MAGE: Archon
Massive Buffs/Debuffs, DoTs, Moderate Damage

MAGE: Dominator
CC Specialist, Some Damage and Buffs

MAGE: Chloromancer
Damage Based Healing, AoE Healing

CLERIC: Defiler
Damage Based Healing and Shields

Magic-Based Melee Damage, Varied Pets


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