Saturday, February 20, 2016

All Playable Callings and Souls!

Hey guys, I spent weeks (months really) putting together what I think will help a lot of new and returning players figure out what they want to play. Total time invested was around 65 hours, 47 narrations, 250+ video clips used(over 500 if you count the unused recordings too) to bring you a look at all 46 souls in rift currently, giving a 30 second brief overview per soul. I hope you guys like it. Happy Rifting!

In this video, I spend 30 seconds for each of the 46 souls in Rift, to explain a little bit about the soul and its play style, and then show you some gameplay footage and effects to see if that soul could be one you'd like to play! Check out the video to learn a little bit about each one. I hope you enjoy!

If you'd like to skip to a certain calling, the links are below!

Mage - 00:29
Warrior - 5:28
Cleric - 10:30
Rogge - 15:39
Primalist - 20:53


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