Thursday, February 25, 2016

Rift: Guild House Tour

we built it as we levelled, so it was all fun. I bought the game when it was monthly payments and was fine with it, since I usually pick up a different mmo every couple of months.

I left the game just as it was turning free to play, then came back when I tried introducing my mates to mmorpgs.

I picked this one again cause it was popular, has the normal rpg elements as well as its own unique stuff like player housing and rifts and once you put a little money in, my mates were able to unlock the auction house and whatnot. I already had that stuff so to me this game was one of the best in terms of how a f2p mmo should be like. At the end of my video I have a little rant on stuff thats changed since I last played, and how I got a pop up soon as I logged in trying to promote a £76 expansion which looked to be advertising unlocking a 5th class plus ingame cosmetics.

That did make it seem offputting to me, and the changes to the dungeons is the only other complaint I have. Even still, I do have a lot of good memories, and this is one of the games I keep trying to introduce to everyone new to this genre as I love my cleric and the game itself. My most recent attempt was with a g/f who's only experience is Minecraft and the Sims. She struggled with it so I suggested WoW where I was able to pay a tenner to unlock most of the game, and as it is such a simple mmo, she picked it up straight away (the controls and tutorial are easier in WoW she says).

I hope this doesn't come across as a dickhead message lol.


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