Thursday, August 25, 2016

Summer of Souls: Saboteur Explodes Onto The Scene!

With an arsenal of volatile concoctions, the Saboteur Soul has long had a habit of blowing minds. Now, with RIFT’s Summer of Souls, it’s an even bigger blast!

With today’s Hotfix, the Saboteur is capable of even more explosive damage, bringing the pain to up to eight foes simultaneously. Interested in igniting your enemies? Here are a few of their most fiery salvos:
  • Sticky Bombs – With three separate varieties of sticky bombs available to the Saboteur, there’s one that’s right for every occasion. Fragmentation and Scatter bombs are absolutely fantastic, but Sticky Annihilation Bombs are the new black this season!
  • Stun Grenade – While raw explosive power is good for almost every situation, sometimes the Saboteur may choose to employ a bit more finesse. For those special times, a Stun Grenade provides a certain percussive grace!
  • Implosion Engine – Sometimes a beautiful explosion can move your soul with its fiery glow. Other times they can move the body. Or several bodies. This implosive device drags any enemies towards your target, to set them up for your next act!
  • Cloud Maker – Once enough stacks of Chemical Mixture are available (gained through use of your other abilities), it’s time for the big one! Cloud Maker brings the pain, shredding your foes with a massive blast of explosive force. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of this strike!

Log in to RIFT today and blow up the damage charts with Saboteur!


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