Thursday, September 15, 2016

Summer of Souls: Defiler

The Defiler soul has long been a mainstay for Clerics, offering a mixed bag of abilities that were useful but not necessarily… exciting. With today’s Hotfix, Defiler has changed from merely useful to wickedly dangerous!

The newly honed Defiler is all about damage over time, dealing it out across up to three foes at a time. Defilers have learned to use their own life force to drive their opponent’s Greed to unhealthy levels, and steal their energy by fostering a blinding Rage.

Here are the key abilities Defilers will want to bring to their next battle:
  • Aggressive Avarice – The Defiler’s premier Greed based DoT effect, damaging foes with Aggressive Avarice. The ability also builds stacks of the Greed effect. The more stacks of Greed a Defiler has, the quicker their enemies succumb to the Defiler’s signature damaging abilities!
  • Explosive Rage – Explosive Rage causes your enemy’s anger to boil over, bursting blood vessels and synapses as it exceeds their physical limitations. Not only does Explosive Rage work to destroy your foes, it also funnels their stolen life force back to you!
  • Unholy Nexus – What’s better than a full stack of curses on your target? A full stack of curses that spreads to two additional nearby enemies! Unholy Nexus really makes the Defiler a force to be reckoned with against multiple targets.
  • Unstable Transformation –Defilers become the personification of Corruption! Grey gangly arms ending in wickedly sharp claws enhance the effect of all the Defiler’s curses!

Log in to RIFT, summon forth your Defiler soul and tear your foes apart with Rage and Greed!


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