Saturday, February 26, 2011

More Than One Million Subscribers for Rift

New kid on the block Trion Worlds is off to a good start with their subscription-based MMORPG, Rift; bringing in over one million registered users just during their ‘Head Start’ period, according to Gamasutra. Trion feels the number indicates “a high level of interest” for Rift before its North American and European launch next week. They also announced that the 33 Head Start servers are now live, letting users who pre-ordered the game play before the official launch. The servers are separated into player-versus-player, player-versus-environment, and role-playing realms.

It seemed like a risky move for a new competitor, but Trion requires that consumers purchase the game either online or at retail stores for $49.99 to $79.99, going against the traditional free-to-play business model that most other MMO’s use. If it turns out to be a successful gamble for Trion, others might fall in line with the newbie.

Each copy of the game includes a month of complimentary game time. After that, users have to pay a standard monthly subscription rate of $14.99, but if you get a plan before March 15th, the monthly subscription drops down to $9.99.


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