Monday, February 28, 2011

Rift Cleansing Fire Quest Mob trick

I noticed when I started this quest at the Briarsmith Manor that the werewolves didn't run at me after casting my DoTs on them. I was standing just a little in front of the rune circle to use the item in. So I started casting Bolt of Depravity, also from the Inquisitor tree, and they still didn't chase me. After the first two werewolves at this manor doing this, the third one started running at me, but acted the same way the Blazing Villager that runs out with them, following the same pathing and even stopping where they stopped.

Heading over to the Darkwood Manor, I noticed that they did run after me but I was considerably closer and they didnt acknowledge me until I started casting Bolt of Depravity. The first and third one here acted like this. The second one spawned right under me and glitched through the porch and started beating on me.

This leaving the Hawthorn Manor, I stood a little to the right of the rune circle here and I didnt cast my DoTs first this time, I started with Bolt of Depravity, and as soon as I started casting it, they began running at me like I hit them with something already. All three here acted in this manner.

Over all three manors, and all nine werewolves, I think I took a total of around 400 damage. 100 of that being done during the third house at 13 damage at a time from random instant spells the werewolves were casting at me. The other 300 being dealt at the second house being ambushed and having to be about 5 meters away from the spawn point.


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