Wednesday, March 02, 2011

How to get max rewards from Rifts the easy way

A lot of you may have noticed that when you start the battle against a Rift there is a gauge that appears that shows the current stage of the rift (they typically go between 3,5,8+ stages) with a meter on the side.

That meter goes between grey to bronze to silver to gold and it depends on how much you "contribute" to the closing of the rift for that stage (typically people assume this means how much damage you contribute).

If you keep that meter in the gold for every stage of the rift's cycle and successfully close it, you will gain far superior rewards over those who do not contribute as much.

Now, while attacking does help, the real trick to rifts is not to do the most damage or heal the most.

The real trick is to spam the most abilities as fast as possible, this will raise your contribution meter the fastest with the minimal amount of effort and risk of death.

This is why attacking mobs helps, but in fact most classes have short cast time abilities and while everyone else is blowing long cooldowns going for big nukes or lots of damage, you can spam the shortest group buff or DOT you have and you will blow them away on the meter.

As an example, as a rogue class with the bard spirit, I spam the Motifs non stop (Motif of Focus, Regeneration & Bravery) as fast as possible and I get gold every single round.

This is likely to be patched in the near future but not many people seem to know about it right now (I get spammed constantly with PMs from people asking me if i'm retarded or why I keep spamming my Motifs constantly, I guess they don't notice me looting more than anyone else every round :/).

So go out and exploit this as much as possible before it's patched! Remember 100% spam 0% contribution, pure profit!


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