Thursday, August 25, 2011

RIFT Half-Birthday Kick Off!

You read that right! RIFT has just recently hit the half way point for their one year anniversary since its release! In response to their half way check point, they are offering all RIFT players who are currently unsubbed, SIX(6) free days of gametime! They are allowing new and returning players to play from the 25th of August to the 1st of September, hence the 6 days of gametime. That is just one of the perks for this event, here is a list of all that is happening and being awarded.

A week of bonuses, free game time, and awesome prizes … and everyone is invited!Whether you’re Guardian or Defiant,High Elf or Kelari, a PvE-er or PvP-er, you’re going to find a good reason to celebrate starting August 25th as RIFT™ reaches its half-year milestone. More than a million gamers have activated RIFT in the six months since launch, making it one of the most successful MMORPG releases in history, and from August 25th to September 1st, Trion is rewarding everyone. Subscribers will enjoy a week of substantial in-game bonuses, and new and returning players can play the full game free with no leveling or zone restrictions.

Subscriber half-birthday week bonuses include:
  • Special Surprise Birthday Gift – Following the event, all active subscribers will receive a special in-game birthday surprise to commemorate the occasion!
  • Bonus Experience – Your blood-lust is rewarded with bonus experience in both PvE and PvP
  • Guild Bonus Experience – Swiftly level-up your guild with bonus XP granted for completing guild quests
  • Big PvP Payouts – All warfronts and open-world PvP will grant extra Favor and Prestige
  • A Plethora of Planarite – Sealing Telara’s rifts and combating the invasions will reward you with extra planarite
  • Bonus Plaques & Marks – Increased chance for bonus Plaques of Achievement and Marks of Ascension in all dungeons and raids
The party doesn't have to stop on the 1st! New Ascended who choose to continue their adventures in Telara can purchase the game client for just $4.99 USD through September 1st if they sign up for any RIFT subscription plan.RIFT revelers can also participate in several contests scheduled throughout the week for the chance to win awesome prizes!

That means they are offering HUGE discounts on the game, as well as giving out a TON of cool stuff listed above. The Executive Producer of RIFT, Scott Hartsman wanted to say this to the entire community,

“We really wanted to do something fun and memorable for this amazing milestone,” said Scott Hartsman, RIFT Executive Producer. “What better way to say thanks than to kick the doors open and add even more rewards for our subscribers?”

Some people on the forums aren't agreeing with some of the rewards, because they believe its tending to casuals who are wanting welfare pvp gear, rather than hard worked warfront pvp gear. Players are expected to be on the hustle for the next six days as they try to take full advantage of all the different rewards. You shouldn't be surprised to see plenty of players questing to increase their guilds level, and don't be surprised if you're getting ganked for your rift's! As they are offering more rewards as you seal them all.

To check out the official post go a head and click HERE.

You can also check out the discussion board where there are various questions answered about the event. That is located HERE

Take the initiative, and level a few characters as fast as you can! Take advantage of those extra experience gains, and enjoy yourselves. This is a fun filled week for those that play RIFT and have been a part of its loyal fan base over the last 6 months.

What do you think of this event? What's your opinion on the double pvp rewards? What do you plan to take advantage of first? We'd love to hear everyones comments. Have fun leveling a character to 50, getting your guild a few levels, signing up for contests for some sweet swag, and stay safe during your travels!


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