Monday, August 29, 2011

Rift Jumping Achievements In 5 Seconds Guide

Here is a nice little trick / guide for rift online on how you can easily get all your jumping achievements in the game in about five seconds with pretty much no work at all on your part.

by doing this you will get all these achievements within 5 seconds:
A Quick Escape
So Much Fun, I Did It Twice
Are You Nuts!
Lovers Leap
I Hope This is Just Water
I Wish I had a Barrel
Falling for Fortune
High Diver + Title

The only reason this works because i BELIEVE all of them are based on the height you jump from and the zone you are in, and you are not in a zone when you fall from these coords..

You need a hack that you can set your own coordinates (i used MMONinja), just set your coords to 1, 1, 2000 (x,y,z)

Now just wait for your character to fall and congratz I had to do it twice to make sure I got all the achievements. ENJOY!

EDIT: Does not work in either starting zone, you will fall and die, but i did find some cool random buildings


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