Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Drake Faming Exploit At HK Chronicle

  • Kill everyone in the first hallway and everything int he lower room except the drakes at HK chronicle.
  • Kill the murdantix boss and clear everything in the rooms right behind the boss.
  • Take the portal where the faceless man spawns in the game. This will take you to the start of the level.
  • Speak to the dwarf to finish the chronicle and loot the chest.
  • Walk out of the portal behind you.
  • Reque for the HK Chronicle again.
  • Go down the hallway and kill the 7 normal drakes near by but leave the brood mother alone
  • Click "leave chronicle"
  • Go back in and kill the drakes again.
  • Best part of this is they will instant respawn and you can get the mount which trades pretty well in the AH.
  • Took me about an hour but thats not to bad considering the drops you are getting. Just remember to leave the broodmother alive.

Also, if you do this enough times...for some reason it respawns most of the mobs in the dungeon, including the bosses.

The rune vessel is not there so Murandix is a little harder to solo but he can be killed again, as well as most of the trash from Molinars room.

Molinar and the Prince are respawned, but the portal is still there from where you killed them before, and once you get them to 1 health they don't go any lower. Cant kill them again.

As far as the drakes go, they are duplicated...yup thats right there are 2 in each location for a total of 14 drakes, as well as 2 broodmother bosses standing on top of each other.

if you do the usual and kill the drakes and leave, they'll dupe again, and again. They dont dupe every time you reenter but they do alot. I did this maybe ten times and got them to dupe six times of the ten. Since I didnt think I could handle more than 6 in one pull solo I went ahead and tried to pull one of the broodmother bosses...but of course they all came and I died instantly lol.


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