Monday, November 07, 2011

Marksman exploit - instant frontal "Retreat"

This exploit will grant you the ability of using retreat to jump forwards, instead of backwards.

Will save you many times in warfronts, world pvp when you need to escape, carry the sourcestone in WF faster, without needing to swap to a Runner build.

How to:
it works by using On the Double and Retreat while jumping

keybind the two abilities on 1 button each
example: E for "On the Double" and Q for "Retreat"

Now: Press E (On the Double), run forward, then first jump + press Q (Retreat) the same time or a milisecond delay but not more

It will get you forwards, and have the 70% speed from On the Double to run even further.
It works 10/10 if you get a little practice for pressing jump + q instantly

Note: Jump first but Retreat instantly after,


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