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Rift Chloromancers Macros

First of all you chloromancers that think we're getting such a huge nerf stop whining. Between you and ranged magic warriors crying about their stupid long range fire bolt thing you honestly make me very sad. Stop worrying about moves like Radiant Spores and Vine. Radiant is a pull opener. I'm still out on vine until 1.1

Also - Stop going more than 32-34 points in the tree. There's honestly very little benefit. You can still use two buttons if you really need them but all those extra points can honestly go elsewhere since we have no talents or passives that increase healing OR damage. If you really want to solo heal go 30 into warlock. There's a lot of damage and spell power talents there and the occasional instant cast can really assist in healing. But just for comparison's sake I do about 10 more damage per Vile Spore with 30 in warlock than I do with 30 in Archon AND you don't support the entire party just myself. The warlock build itself may be more useful in PvP when the extra 10% endurance comes in handy.

I strongly suggest some if not all 3 points in Raised in Nature. I can't tell you how many times, in expert dungeons especially, when I am not at full health and a boss charges or does some other stupid thing that somehow manages to crit and floors me. Use 5k hp as a marker and go from there. If you can manage 5k with 2 points the more power to you. Any less than that and you're asking for serious trouble.

Just thought I'd help out my fellow SUPPORT magi because that's ultimately what we're good at.

Chloro macro when the tank is in trouble OR it's a very heal heavy fight -

cast Nature's Fury (Remove if worried about pulling extra groups)
cast Nature's Touch
cast Ruin
cast Corrosion (If you like standing in melee)
cast Vile Spores
Archon macro for the rest of the time -

cast Consuming Flames
cast Leeching Flames
cast Earthen Barrage
cast Volcanic Bomb
cast Natures Fury (High damage AOE, Optional)
cast Lightning Strike (4 points in ele for 4% crit, personal preference)
cast Ruin
cast Pillaging Stone 
Saved me about 12 slots on my bar. These are not end all macros by any means. If your party is pretty settled and things are easy, these two buttons (and all your buffs obviously) will be all you need to get through a dungeon.

Particular Moves -

In situations less set and easy still have an action bar ready and hotkeys set so that you can use your four healing attacks without a macro. Also - Take note that Nature's Fury has a huge range after initial contact with an enemy. It can and will pull extra groups just outside of aggro range.

After your initial six stacks you only need to use this move for one tick before switching back to your normal attacks. The damage on this move is not high enough to be useful for more than that.

You'll never really need this for yourself. Very useful on healers new to experts or specific cleric builds that are mana intensive or don't have a mana regen CD of their own. You need one point in this, even if you don't use it often. The CD reduction is optional.

The problem with lava field, while useful in theory, is that any tiny healing effect will remove one stack. If you're using Vines or if you're standing in melee with Corrosion this move's added effect is mostly useless. Points in this talent are just as useless.

The only times you're going to use these are at peak moments when someone or the party is taking more damage than both the healers can immediately deal with. Talented, which they should be, they are instant and useful on the go which makes running to someone out of range to heal them ultimately easier for you.

I used this for a while. The thing about cool downs as long as this is that you'll wait an entire dungeon length to use it. Generally, if your group is doing well, you'll never need it. Saving those two extra points from Archon will give you two points to put elsewhere. I put them in the Elementalist tree for extra crit chance.

For "main" healers:

Okay so going 51 points in Chloro isn't TOTALLY useless. I get that. Void does massive AOE damage and Splendor is another button that you can use. If you really really like Chloro and absolutely have to go 51 points in, go for it, but these spells have very limited functionality on two minute cool downs. You're better off giving your party more buffs, stronger attacks, and supporting the main healer. Even if you never cast an archon move other than to buff yourself in slow moments you're still adding about 50 to everyone's stats, 40 to their resistances, and 500 armor. Keeping those buffs up is also reducing your mana usage, cast time, and damage by 8%.


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