Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rift Mining Guide 1-300

This Rift Mining guide will show you the fastest way to level mining profession up from 1 to 300. Mining is a gathering profession that goes exceedingly well with Armorsmiths, Artificers, and Weaponsmiths.

You should level up your mining skill along side your leveling. As you level and move into higher level zones you will be able to mine the higher end lodes for materials needed to level up. This guide is a work in progress as better, more efficient routes are found then these maps below will be replaced.

Approximate Materials Gathered:
50 Tin Ore
50 Copper Ore
50 Iron Ore
20 Silver Ore
70 Chromite Ore
70 Cobalt Ore
30 Gold Ore
80 Titanium Ore
70 Carmintium Ore
50 Platinum Ore
100 Orichalcum Ore
1-75 Novice Mining Guide
[ш]Train Novice Mining[/ш]

1-35: Mine Tin Ore in Silverwood or Freemarch
35-75: Mine Tin Ore and Copper Ore in Silverwood or Freemarch

Silverwood Mining Route

Freemarch Mining Route

75-150 Skilled Mining Guide
Train Skilled Mining

75-115: Mine Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Silver Ore (80 Mining Skill Required) in
Gloamwood, Stonefield or Scarlet Gorge

Tin Ore no longer gives skill points after 75 mining skill. Copper no longer gives skill points after 90 mining skill.

Gloamwood Mining Route

Stonefield Mining Route

115-145: Mine Chromite Ore, Iron Ore, Silver Ore in Scarlet Gorge, Scarwood Reach

Scarlet Gorge Mining Route

Scarwood Reach Mining Route

150-225 Expert Mining Guide

145-185: Mine Cobalt Ore, Gold Ore, Chromite Ore in Scarwood Reach and Moonshade Highlands

Train Expert Mining

Moonshade Highlands Mining Route

185-225: Mine Titanium Ore, Cobalt Ore, Gold Ore from Droughtlands and Iron Pine Peak

Droughtlands Mining Route

Iron Pine Peak Mining Route

225-300 Master Mining Guide

Train Master Mining

225-260: Mine Carmintium Ore, Platinum Ore in Stillmoor and Shimmersand
260-300: Mine Orichalcum ORe, Carmintium Ore, Platinum Ore in Stillmoor and Shimmersand

Stillmoor Mining Route

Shimmersand Mining Route


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