Sunday, December 29, 2013

I've been taking a lot of screenshots whilst playing recently. I thought i'd show you guys, I think this game is beautiful!

You can sign up on tumblr with a username specifically for rift. Then use RIFT Connect in game to connect to this tumblr account.

The game will automatically post to your tumblr whenever you earn an achievement, and you can also create a macro or type /tumblrpic in game to have it take a screenshot and post to Tumblr.

I've been doing this myself and it's definitely enjoyable looking at yourself 'progress', plus it's a good place to have your favorite screenshots just on display. Every once in a while I'll just stop and stare at the scenery, then click my macro to take a shot.

Back when I first started playing this game, I had my Twitter account hooked up to Rift, so that every time I earned an achievement, it tweeted the achievement name and a screenshot of what I was doing at the time. I've got some really old images on there, but I ended up turning it off because it spammed my twitter feed a bit too much :P


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