Thursday, June 18, 2015

My fond memory of the summer the game came out

When Trion Worlds launched Rift back in March 2011 i was so happy. I had just finished high school and i had about 3 weeks to do anything i felt like before i started my summer job at my uncles company, as a clerk in a small computer shop. I was really looking forward for the summer job because i'm very interested in computers but now i finally had some time on my own. Thank god!

First thing i did when it launched was to take the bus into the city in my local hometown and got a copy of the game. You probably know by now that i didn't spend much time outdoors those 3 weeks. This game really captured me and i don't regret i spend so much time playing it.

When i was playing i was a guardian and i enjoyed that more than being a Defiants. After my summer job i started to play the game more and really enjoyed it playing with friends. During that time a friend of mine had started to play online casino. He had signed up and got some cash for free. I signed up as well and enjoyed playing casino also. It was a great rush. Little bit like when i got my hands on Rift the first time. Only this time i could actually win money. Since i worked in the summer job, i deposited 20 euros and got a bonus of 20 euros as well as some free spins. I immediately won 300 euros! The whole amount i got from my summer job! Sweet! I told my mom about and she said i should save the money because otherwise i will just lose them again. Even though i dont like when my mother is right but this time she had a point. So i withdraw 250 euros and just played with the rest. It was a great summer!


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