Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What if You Could Gamble in Rift?

How awesome would it be if you could gamble in Rift? I mean, the game is already a pretty cool free to play MMORPG. It has a decent player base and a lot of fun things to do. So if you added in a gambling element, that might give it even more fun for certain players.

I love casino games but one of my favorites is live roulette. I think if there was live roulette options in Rift, a lot of other players would have fun with it too. If you could gamble for credits in the game, a lot of people would probably be all over it. Rift credits can be used to purchase boots, equipment, mounts and other fun stuff from the in-game store.

The only question I’d have is how you would work in classical gambling in a fantasy world so that it makes sense. Since there are also role-playing elements, there are many different ways you could likely make it work. That said, I think if it was written into the story, it’d be even better. Although that’s not likely to ever happen, it can be fun to think about.

What kinds of games would you want to see in Rift if there was gambling or a casino feature added? What races do you think would be most likely to gamble if it was in the story? Since you can’t play roulette in Rift right now, you can head over to leovegas and enjoy a few games, maybe in between your play sessions of Rift.


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