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Pillars of Telara: Discordya

One of the greatest strengths of RIFT over the last five years has been its amazing community, and the stellar individuals who share their efforts with their fellow players. In celebration of 5 years of RIFT, we’re highlighting these players and their contributions. Our latest Pillars of Telara spotlight falls on Discordya!

You may have seen the recent announcement about Wardrobe Wednesday’s Ultimate Wardrobe Challenge or caught one of her many Livestreams; Discordya certainly brings the Wardrobe community together to learn and share.

Ocho: What’s your name in game?
Discordya: Well, for the past 2 and a half years I was known as Huntie but my guild seems to be in this constant need for clerics, so now I play my cleric as my main and her name is Discordyah (since a banker alt already had Discordya with no H).

Ocho: What class is your favorite?
Discordya: I really loved my rogue. I had played a mage alt in SL that was max level and was half geared out to max, but I did not love her as much as my rogue. But… now that my cleric is my main, I feel way more confident with that class. So, cleric!

Ocho: How long have you been playing RIFT?
Discordya: I started a few months after the game officially released, but got to about level 20 and my friends didn’t really play with me so I did not last. I came back again the same day the game went F2P and I never left, so roughly 2 and a half years.

Ocho: What initially got you interested in RIFT?
Discordya: My friends. Both times.

Ocho: What’s your favorite RIFT moment? What experience do you remember most fondly in RIFT?
Discordya: To be honest, it was this one time during a Trion Worlds live stream that the dev at the time (sorry, I forgot who it was now) was actually on live servers in game and they were giving away Tropical Budgies to random people, and they picked me because of my WARDROBE. I still have that wardrobe in one of my 32 slots and I’ll never change it. I love that moment not because of the free stuff, but because I love wardrobe so very much and it was really cool that a dev noticed my creativity and mentioned it out loud on stream!

Ocho: What made you want to run a Live stream for RIFT?
Discordya: Well, I was browsing through Google at some point looking for transmog (World of Warcraft’s wardrobe system) things for and came upon a YouTube channel that had something of interest, and it turns out it was an upload from a Twitch channel. So I headed over to that channel and it was actually live, so I sat for a while. It was pretty much where I got most of my ideas from, because the guy had been running a contest for WoW for transmog entries. I don’t know if winners got anything or not but I basically built Wardrobe Wednesday entirely around his structure. It seemed to work REALLY well and the chatters were totally engaged. I edited a few things here and there to suit me, but I have that guy to thank for most of it.

Ocho: What do you enjoy most about Wardrobes in RIFT?
Discordya: I really love the intricacy of the wardrobe system. Even before the big changes, being able to wear ANY type of armor and costume in your wardrobe slots was the coolest. My only experience were either foreign MMOs where you just bought overly expensive costumes that you couldn’t edit, or WoW’s transmog system where you can’t edit either, and it’s all based on armor your class can wear only. Of course the dye system in Rift is amazing, too. The fact that you could MAKE your own dyes? It was just TOO COOL. I guess it drew me in because it just felt like it added a whole other dimension (pun intended) to the game besides just quests, achievements, raids… like every other MMO has. I’ve not really played ANY game with quite the elaborate system that Rift has for wardrobe.

Ocho: How has running a Live stream changed how you look at RIFT?
Discordya: It’s made me realize just how big the game really is, community wise. It is very large, but also sometimes feels more tightly knit. I think about what would have happened if I wanted to do this for WoW, and I can’t even fathom that the devs would contact me back about any sort of support for a contest i.e. helping with prizes let alone contacting me back AT ALL. It’s really awesome to be in this community where people actually care, and people have helped me along the way in ways that I don’t think you’d ever experience in any other game.

Ocho: What’s the most underappreciated Wardrobe look in RIFT? Which looks do you continually come back to?
Discordya: That’s a good question. I’m not sure if there’s much underappreciated; we get loads of people who seem to find items we have trouble locating ourselves, whether just from our giant brain database of knowledge of the items or us actively going in game and trying to find it. We’ve had a fair share of stumpers. But I do feel like sometimes people don’t realize there’s more to wardrobe than a purchased outfit. Like, you can use the Midnight Gothic Tunic and change the boots, leggings, helmet, add a cape and shoulders if you want, and come out with a completely different look than just using the entire set. Surprisingly, we get that a lot even 6 months into the monthly contest.

Ocho: What tips do you have for someone getting started with Wardrobes?
Discordya: I’d guess just to think outside the box. Don’t get wrapped up in an entire set of something just because it matches. There are actually so many other items that you can “match” and make a really cool, unique looking outfit with and have a never-before-seen look if you just do a little puzzle piecing. Oh, and check your local auction house for cheap wardrobe you don’t have that you can unlock simply just by checking the “Uncollected Appearances Only” box. There’s SO much for super cheap that you can unlock and give yourself loads more options. Also, you CAN still craft dye. You don’t have to purchase every single dye. I personally just purchased every exceptional dye since they are not craftable (aside from black and white) and also my favorites. This helps people like me who are on a budget.

Ocho: Do you have any advice for anyone looking to start live streaming RIFT?
Discordya: Make sure you have something unique to stand out from others. Rift is a very hard game to stream, so you definitely need to have purpose other than hey, look at me I’m playing Rift. Have some sort of game you play with your chatters on at least a semi-regular basis, and get them involved in what you’re doing. Are you doing PvP? Then maybe do a random drawing of a few people from chat to come play with you. Are you doing dungeons? Maybe invite a few from your active chatters. Being interactive is the best way to engage them and make them WANT to come back.

Ocho: What would you like to see for the next 5 years of RIFT?
Discordya: More updates to Wardrobe, and less re-used content. I know it takes a lot from the devs and creators, but those of us who are veterans now are really itching for something really new and exciting and I’m confident Trion has something up their sleeves for us soon! I love Trion and I’ll stand by this game until my dying breath, thank you for doing what you do and please keep adding new wardrobe!

Ocho: Thanks Discordya!


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