Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mind of Madness Intrepid Adventure Now Live!

Return to the Nightmare!

There’s safety in numbers, they say. Let’s put it to the test! Challenge Lord Arak and explore theMind of Madness in the company of an Intrepid Adventure party.

Featuring nine original raid bosses and a host of new challenges, the fortunate Ascended who prevail in these new challenges will be rewarded with mighty equipment bearing the same iconic appearances as those found within the Mind of Madness raid.

You’ll pursue Lord Arak from the Plane of Water to the depths of madness, through evil deities of nightmare. Face Pagura, the Destroyer of Dreams, the ever-hungry Fauxmire, the mysterious Tenebrean goddess Lady Envy, and more!

To join this new intrepid adventure, log into RIFT, build up your courage and select “Featured: Mind of Madness” in the Instant Adventure window.

Face your fears!

Catch up on our Mind of Madness IA Preview livestream video with Ocho and the crew:
(Originally aired live on April 29th.)


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