Friday, July 22, 2016

Artifact Pinatas for Summerfest!

We thought we’d seen it all… but the artifact pinatas were something totally unexpected. Every artifact hunter in Telara is on high alert for this innovation – read on for the details of all the new artifacts coming for the Summer Solstice (Update 3.7) and Summerfest!

Telara can always count on one thing… an evergrowing list of elusive artifacts, a devlish progressive plot hatched by the devious Simon Ffinch. We artifact collectors have just one thing to say to that: “Long live DeadSimon!”

During Summerfest this year, artifact pinatas will appear in every zone. They are available in every zone, and are unmistakable – giant sparkly mirrored balls! These ethereal pinatas will shift in color to designate what type of artifact explodes forth when the pinata is brought down: normal, twisted, unstable, poison, burning and nightmare. The artifacts are all part of unique sets created exclusively for Summerfest! Here’s a hint: if your group wants to collect a specific type, they need to coordinate their strikes accordingly. Good luck!

Each glorious pinata will drop around 20 artifacts, and you only have 10 seconds to collect them! Simon says that he can usually pick up 4 in the allotted time frame. We are eager to learn what the record is!

As a bonus, if you are of the appropriate level, you should get some in your RIFT loot bag as well. All of these new artifacts are tradeable, so have fun exchanging and selling them on the auction house.

Summerfest runs from July 14 through August 3rd, so don’t delay your efforts to collect all your Pinata shinies, because as we all know, time flies, especially when you’re collecting artifacts!

Artifacts for Summer Solstice (Update 3.7)
DeadSimon shared that poison, burning and nightmare artifacts have been added to Stonefield and Gloamwood. Get your hunting gear ready, as there are 126 new sets available – 21 sets of each type in each of these two zones.

With Summerfest and Summer Solstice introductions combined, there are a total of 1,052 NEW artifacts spread across 133 new sets. Who needs sleep, right?

DeadSimon likes to collect the Pinatas themselves, as you can see in this exclusive screenshot below…


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