Monday, August 29, 2016

Going to PAX West? We’ll see you there!

Hanging out at PAX West? Stop by our Trion booth and say hi! We’re at Booth #117 on the Fourth Floor of the Convention Center.

Atlas Reactor, Trove, and ArcheAge will all be there, being shown off by many of your favorite staff and community team members!
Get your hands on Atlas Reactor with Kytsu, Muzzy, Hawk and Willibuster! If you have the good fortune to play Atlas Reactor, or share our #LostPuP photo op on social media, you may earn an exclusive, gorgeous enameled PuP pin! Supplies on these items are VERY limited, so find us early!
Find out more about RIFT’s Starfall Prophecy with Darkmoon and Ocho!
Hear the latest dark secrets on ArcheAge from Khrolan and Amary!
#JoinTheParty with our Trove masters of mayhem: Avarem, Twixler and Dopesheet! If you’re really lucky, you may soon sport a pair of Trove pixel-stylin’ sunglasses.
You can tell we’re excited by the number of exclamation marks we use here!!! EXCITEMENT!!!

If you stop by the booth for even a moment, ask for our TRION CODE card: a single code that grants you a terrific item for every Trion game. Whether if you’re ArcheAge, Atlas Reactor, Devilian, Defiance, Rift, or Trove, this card has something for YOU. Come by and find out what secrets are in store!

ONE code to claim an item in every Trion game!

We’re also offering gorgeous new posters for RIFT, ArcheAge, Trove, and Atlas Reactor!They’re so hot off the press that we don’t even have pics of them to share here – come see (and claim) them in person!

Find our #LostPuP, share to social media and get a gorgeous pin! (Quantities limited!)

Attention Trion Creators, streamers, bloggers, videographers and fan site folks: We extend a special invitation for you to get some official one-on-one interview time at PAX with your favorite Devs and Scott Hartsman. Just let Brasse know and she’ll set up a time for you with your Dev of choice: (we happily accept walk-up interviews as well, and will do our best to accommodate). Scapes will be on-site all day, every day, to talk about the Trion Creator Program and answer any questions you may have!


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