Friday, August 05, 2016

New RIFT Expansion: Starfall Prophecy!

Change fate and emerge victorious as a true hero of Telara, with the new RIFT expansion Starfall Prophecy coming this Fall!

An Unimaginable Threat
A comet has appeared over Telara, ripping through the elemental planes, tearing off whole sections in the process. The imprisoned Defiant Orphiel knows the truth of its arrival: the comet is an Ascended Tenebrean construct sent here to devour us all.

Ahnket brings with it an endless collection of apocalyptic destruction, collected from the many worlds it has torn asunder.

Lead the battle to Level 70, and fight through 5 brand new zones (the fifth will be released after the initial launch). Prevent the ancient fae lords of Life and the devil scions of Fire from harnessing the otherworldly power of Ahnket to destroy all mortal life upon Telara!

Gain power for the coming challenge

Traveling throug Ahnket’s environs, you’ll enhance your arsenal of abilities with Legendary Powers each Level from 66-70, transforming and unleashing their full power! Multiple abilities from every Soul can be made Legendary, allowing you to customize your character further than ever before.
Empowering your gear stats and abilities with Planar Fragments you amass during your adventures. Collect even more powerful Eternal items, to challenge even the strongest of foes!

Level 65 Boost and More!
Pick up the Starfall Prophecy Pack and gain access to all Starfall Prophecy content, along with the title Starlord or Starlady. You will also receive a boost to level 65 for one character of your choice at launch!

With the Digital Deluxe Edition to enter the expansion in style!

Ethereal Drake Mount – This Drake may strike fear in all who observe it, save the one riding it!

Ring of Ahnket – Showcase your mystical nature with this animated arcane Portrait Frame!

Asha Catari’s Raiment – Descended from the Sorcerer Lords of the Eth, Asha’s skill with magic and blade is reflected by her stunning garb. The raiment of the Defiant’s leader is now yours!

Even More for Those Who Preorder!
Those who preorder, Starfall Prophecy has a very special surprise in store! Earn a Starfall Prophecy token every day you log in to RIFT, from the moment you preorder until Starfall Prophecy launches. Visit the Maguk Representative in Tempest Bay to spend them for a variety of rewards!
  • Log in for 15 days to obtain the Tenebrean Mystery Box. Its contents are unknown, but the mystery draws the curious from near and far!
  • Log in for 20 days to earn the Sack of Infinite Void. While this special bag can’t quite hold an infinite number of items, with 40 slots of capacity it will certainly expand your carrying capacity in a big way!
  • With 50 days logged on, you’ll be able to take home the ultimate reward, Opie the Artifact-Hunting Squirrel mount! Not only does Opie’s unique appearance attest to his unique ability to hunt down Artifacts, but you can leap to previously unattainable heights, and grab Artifacts from the ground without ever dismounting.

Which reward will you chose first? Make sure you pre-order early to ensure that you get them ALL!

Check the Starfall Prophecy Website, where you’ll be able to follow all the latest news on RIFT’s next amazing expansion, and preorder today and start dreaming about your rewards!


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