Thursday, August 11, 2016

Summer of Souls: The Paladin Marches Forth!

With unyielding shield and sworn devotion, the Paladin Soul has long been a favorite for many Ascended. Now, with RIFT’s Summer of Souls, we’ve made it even mightier!

With today’s Hotfix, the Paladin is more stalwart in defense of their fellow Telarans than ever before. Witness all the amazing new abilities Paladins have received!
  • Sanctuary – While standing in the Paladin’s Sanctuary, those under the Paladin’s protection will have a preternatural resistance to damage.
  • Call of the Divine – The Paladin draws a group of their foes into their presence, ready to receive justice!
  • Wall of Light – For as long as the Paladin is able to maintain their divine will, the Ascended arrayed behind them will receive significant protection from damage.
  • Purify Land – Fear the righteous wrath of the Paladin! With Purify Land, Paladins are able to erupt the very earth at a place they designate. Those within this blast will be gravely injured and enraged by the assault!

There has never been a better time to log in to RIFT and don the mantle of the Paladin!


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