Thursday, October 06, 2016

Online Slots and Zombies

Online slots based on FIRT games are common these days, along with online slots that incorporate supernatural themes. People will be able to find a lot of their favorite supernatural creatures represented. Of all supernatural themes and creatures, zombies are among the most popular. People have liked the modern shambling zombie ever since it was first created in the mid-twentieth century as a reflection of Cold War fears. There is no shortage of games featuring zombies today at websites like the Royal Vegas Online Casino.

However, some people at this point are going to wonder about the plausibility of a zombie apocalypse. They might speculate as to whether or not their years of fighting zombies on websites like the Royal Vegas Online Casino and elsewhere are going to help them, or if they should probably spend more time there just to be on the safe side in case their skills really are inadequate. For better or for worse, this seems to be the answer: Sorry Zombies, Science Says No.

Online slots based on FIRT games aren't going to help people in the event of a real disaster. Fortunately, people are not likely to experience a real disaster, at least in this regard. The zombie apocalypse just does not take into account all of the problems that the zombies would face if they actually did become common, even if the situation was more or less how it was described in most of the movies on the subject.

Some zombies would be eaten by predators themselves, since they are more or less dead flesh as it is and a lot of predators are tougher than a shambling undead human corpse. There is no reason to believe that a pack of wolves couldn't take on zombies. There is also the fact that the zombies are not going to be able to eat human flesh indefinitely in many cases, depending upon how their biology works. Zombie stories are vague with the biology and with good reason, given how implausible the concept of a zombie is in most cases. However, it still seems odd that zombies would be complete eating machines.

An outbreak like this would also be relatively easy to contain, since most zombie stories do not feature a zombie virus that spreads over the air. If it takes a zombie bite, then creating a quarantine would be fairly easy. Many of the online games that dramatize the possibility of a disaster like this are not going to take that into account, of course, because they are trying to create a scary and seemingly insurmountable adversary. It is not going to work if that adversary appears to be something that people could contain. However, it is important for people not to invent new threats, since the real world has enough of them. Zombies are not among them, and people can be thankful for the fact that they are only going to encounter zombies in their favorite video games, and the worst thing they will lose is that game.


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