Friday, November 11, 2016

Second Chance Opie Opportunity!

Did you miss out on Opie, the incredible artifact-hunting mount? We’ve got great news for you!

We heard you, we heard you! Everyone wants another chance at Opie – and we can’t blame you. So we’ve made it possible: if you obtain Starfall Prophecy any time before launch day (Nov 16), you will be able to collect enough Starfall Prophecy tokens to earn your very own artifact-seeking squirrel mount!

Opie is an adventurous squirrel – here are some notes directly from DeadSimon, Opie’s trainer:

Opie is an adorable Artifact hunting squirrel mount. She loves artifacts so much that she has decorated herself with them! She matches the speed of your fastest mount but she will feel much faster than that because you are magically reduced in size to be able to ride this furry little treasure.

Opie is very fond of Planar Pellets and will do various tricks to get them. These include sniffing out and showing you where various artifacts are hiding or tip-toeing very slowly, which incidentally is very much against a squirrels nature, but useful for getting to that tricky Artifact at the end of a long, thin tree branch. She also has a super jump that she will perform for you if you reward her with a nice handful of Pellets – again, invaluable for getting to those hard to reach places. Best of all, being an avid Artifact hunter herself, Opie understands that it is not always convenient to get off your mount to pick up an Artifact… being so close to the ground, she is quite all right with you harvesting Artifacts while remaining mounted.

Opie is also capable of being taught to swim with you on her back and is looking forward to many happy hours of Artifact hunting with you. The Pellets Opie craves can be found from any Foraging or Mining node as a rare drop, and it is said that due to their Planar nature the pellets appear more frequently in the Celestial Lands. They might also be found on the Auction house or from any Artifact merchant in either Sanctum, Meridian or Tempest Bay.

Opie is almost unbearably cute and a must-have for your mount collection!

Details: Anyone who purchases the standard or deluxe Starfall Prophecy expansion before our November 16th launch can collect a Starfall Prophecy token each day for the first 60 days that the expansion is live. Collect 50 tokens to earn Opie! This offer applies to pre-orders only.

Get in on Opie NOW!


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