Thursday, November 17, 2016


Today is the day the prophecy is fulfilled! The comet burns ominously overhead and the desperate call for brave defenders rings out across Telara… will you answer, Ascended? We also bring you a free gift, with our thanks for your support!

We are thrilled to embark on this new path with all of you! Starfall Prophecy is the culmination of a year’s hard work and encompasses a lot of content and features: four huge new zones, new challenges, features, levels, abilities, items and recipes.

To celebrate, we have a gift for ALL players – the Heroic Prophecy Pack! Just log in to RIFT any time before November 30th to grab all the free goodies, for a taste of all that the Starfall Prophecy expansion offers!

5x Individual Rewards Charges
Cosmic Earth Core Bundle
Void Drake Lock Box
Scatherran Lily
Large Artifact Bundle
Planar Pellets

We’re not ready to rest yet – players who invest in the Starfall Prophecy expansion will enjoy many more features coming over the next few months, including: Fortress Sieges, an all-new 10-man raid, the LFR (Looking for Raid) feature, DeadSimon’s devious puzzles and hundreds of new artifacts. Of course, we’re also working on ongoing features, such as Fae Yule! There’s never a dull moment in the RIFT team’s day.

We have a TON of new content and features in Starfall Prophecy!

Catch up with this handy list of our articles to date:
Producer’s Letter – Announcing Starfall Prophecy
Introduction to Starfall Prophecy
The Tuath’de Coven
Temple of Ananke
Xarth Mire
Gedlo Badlands
Alittu and Scatherran Forest
Introduction to Legendary Powers
Legendary Powers: Cleric, Mage and Warrior
Legendary Powers: Rogue and Primalist
Eternal Items and New Powers
Planar Assault Adventures
Planar Fragments
Fortress Sieges

Still need to get your copy of Starfall Prophecy? Just click below!


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