Thursday, December 15, 2016


Some of RIFTS finest DImensioneers face off in our first ever Fae Yule Invitational Build Challenge: “DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A…?”

Yes, ladies, gentlebeings and others, some of our finest Dimensioneers have agreed to take a random pile of brand new Snowman parts and build… SOMETHING. They will have 30 minutes and as many parts as I can smuggle into dimensions. Yes, the piles will be identical, although I’m just dumping them, not stacking them neatly. Hey, I’m a Dwarf, not an artiste!

Here’s an excerpt from today’s discussion channel:

Brasse: Thanks for accepting the invitation, folks!
Audzilla: I’m gonna wreck you fools
Brasse: Oi mae sign Wren up, seeing as she drags me auld arse into Warfronts alla time.
Polaris-Jaed: seems only fair >.>
Brasse: (pretending to listen) What’s that, Wren?
Brasse in a perfect imitation of Wren: Dat’s a pile of slumping snow. Pretend it’s March and all is melting. Yah. What’s my prize?
Feendish: the best part is that now I have an excuse to leave work early on Friday. Yeah, I have an “appointment.”
Audzilla: “sorry, I have a prior community obligation” Brasse will write you a note.
Brasse: Sure thing! Oi will sign it wi’ authoriteh!
Kitasia: Now I have to think on what to make hum. At least the snow won’t burn my finger like the wreaths I made for my garage today

I then tell the small group that on Friday morning, we will also post a wide open challenge for players to build their own creations out of Snowman parts, for prizes – only they’ll get at least a week instead of 30 minutes.

Audzilla: Oooo, a player wide contest too… with unlimited resources
Brasse: Aye, and ye CAN enter both.
Audzilla: I’m gonna destroy you suckas TWICE
Audzilla: (watch my pile of parts be all carrots)
Feendish: I will laugh…
Audzilla: I will too.
Feendish: Like a freaking hyena!
Audzilla: so, normal laugh…

We hope you’ll join us for Dimensioneering master’s mayhem on Friday. How we’re going to keep these people in line is another matter!

RIFT Livestream
Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, December 16 at 3:30 PM PST (GMT-8)
Duration: 60 minutes


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