Thursday, March 09, 2017


We are at PAX EAST this week, but never fear, @Seshatar and friends will stream RIFT for us!

We are heading to PAX East and would love to see you there! While the Dwarf is away, the players will play! Join everyone’s favorite EuroStreamer, @Seshatar, on this hosted livestream.

He has invited along some special guests:
  • Kiwi from the official Rift Discord server
  • Misterwibble from
  • Clowd from The Ghar Station blog

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper SeshaStream without Kira to serve as channel mod & good mood lady, so of COURSE she’ll be here!

What on earth (or Telara) will they be talking about?

This fearsome group will level fresh Defiant characters on NA Faeblight – make a character there before the stream to take part!

They will also sling some trivia questions around in chat, and host a discussion about the Creator Program, upcoming 4.1 content and more!

Make sure you log in to take part, so that you will qualify for the stream giveaways as well: three Void Drakes and a bunch of Trion PAX Code cards, which include the Community Tuskar and an item from every one of our other games! As an added bonus, we’ll throw in three Plushie PuPs (yes, we’ll mail them anywhere) for Seshatar to give away. Yeah, we know PuP is from Atlas Reactor, but he is SO cute, we want to encourage RIFT Dev to put him in as a companion pet – you know you want one!


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