Monday, April 17, 2017

Primal Lord Pounces on PTS!

As of today, a new soul is available on the Public Test Shard for testing and experimentation. The Primal Lord is a powerful melee attacker who focuses on brutal melee combos and the calling of animal companions to strike the target viciously.

The Primal Lord is unique in that it has a very rigid rotation that is repeated constantly, rather than using a priority system. Several off global cooldown abilities must be used at specific points as well, to make this class fully effective. This is a fast and frenzied soul that requires focus and skill to execute under high pressure scenarios. Are you up for the challenge? We think so!

We do not have all the art finished, and the soul is in a fairly bare-bones state, but we wanted to let you all in on the testing and feedback as early as possible!
Chris “Keyens” Meyer


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