Thursday, April 27, 2017

RIFTstream: CREATORS. NEW TIME: 11:30 AM PST on Fridays!

This week, Brasse and Muzzy will talk about RIFT Creators. We also start in our brand new time slot of 11:30 AM PST, so that more of our EU players can join us. Please help us spread the word!

The Trion Worlds Creator Program has been growing by leaps and bounds since we launched it almost a year ago. We will present an overview of just some of RIFT’s finest fan-sites, streamers, videographers this week, and talk about how others can join the Creator Program. It’s a great way for us to help and thank those who dedicate some (often a LOT) of their free time to support their fellow players in RIFT!

Muzzy and Brasse will also talk a bit about forum moderation across Trion games, and answer any questions you may have on that front.
Tip #1: Be kind, and you’ll never have an issue with moderation. Ever.

See you on Friday!


11:30 AM PST


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