Thursday, May 04, 2017

All Warfronts Open!

We are happy to reopen the majority of the Warfronts that you’ve all been asking for! Go forth and gank, stalk, murdelize, lay traps for, jump, mangle, evade, and generally cause good-natured mayhem in PvP!

The full list of Warfronts now available:
Assault on the Bronze Tomb
Blighted Antechamber
Black Garden
The Codex
Ghar Station Eyn
Karthan Ridge
Library of the RuneMasters
Whitefall Steppes: Escalation

(Conquest mode and Port Scion have been phased out)


Many of you may be wondering if you should try Warfronts in general. Never PvP’d before? No worries, everyone makes great cannon fodder! Just kidding… doing a bit of homework and studying the art of PvP can open up a whole new rewarding aspect of RIFT for you!

WrenTheBlurry and I have proven in livestreams that even potatoes* can have fun in PvP (ok, ok, I am a potato, she has evolved to asparagus).

Luckily for all of us, a great many players have made a great many PvP guides, ranging from the simple to the complex. We have gathered just a FEW of these below. Some of them date back a ways, but the general principals don’t change much.

If you know of more general or specific PvP or Warfront guides, or if you decide to create your own, please post them to this forum thread!



*potato: in gaming terms, someone who is pretty lame at something. Alternatively, their computer setup, if it is old and creaky. It is not unusual for a potato player to blame their potato computer for failings. I certainly do!

General Guides/Many Warfronts:

Player vs Player Combat (video)

Warfronts (video)

Prestige & Achievements (video)

Gear & Augments (video) (Telarapedia)

Ookamikawaii’s Warfront Guide (forums)

Kronos V’s Warfront Guide (forums)

Seatin’s Warfront Guide (forums)

Assault on the Bronze Tomb (Dubbles) (GameSkinny)

Blighted Antechamber (GameSkinny)

Black Garden (KFGuides) (Redhawk Gaze) (GameSkinny) (Dizbo)

Domination: (GameSkinny)

Ghar Station Eyn (Raptorak, (GameSkinny)

The Codex (KFGuides) (Redhawk Gaze) (GameSkinny) (Dizbo)

Karthan Ridge (Magelo) (Mute Massacre) (GameSkinny)

Domination: (GameSkinny)

Library of the Runemasters (Redhawks Gaze) (GameSkinny) (Dizbo)

Whitefall Steppes (KFGuides) (Redhawk Gaze) (GameSkinny) Escalation


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