Monday, June 05, 2017

Cadarsk: Ultimate Tok’s Guide!

Looking for the world’s best Tok’s Puzzle Dungeon Guide? THIS MAY BE IT!

Every week, we’re going to feature one of our community sites that makes magic happen. This week, we tip our hat to CADARSK!

Created by an intrepid duo known as Caduto@Gelidra and Darsk@Gelidra, Cadarsk is a concise, well-organized and clear walkthrough for DeadSimon’s oft-infuriating Tok’s Puzzle Dungeon. You’ll enjoy the friendly tone and attention to detail, along with excellent supporting screenshots and videos.

Best of all, you’ll fling fewer chairs, reduce keyboard breakage by 50% and flip less tables while attempting to tackle the dungeon from here on out! Just be warned, this is a very detailed spoiler site, so purists… just look away. Nothing to see here!

The Cadarsk site also offers guides for Artifact Hunting and Adding Addons. We really hope this pair of Ascended continues to share their knowledge with us, especially useful for certain filthy casual Dwarves like me.

I /bow, /salute and /cheer for you, Darsk and Caduto!


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