Thursday, June 22, 2017

Greathound Power Pack!

We’ve just entered the dog days of summer here at the Trion studio. What’s hotter than the daystar in California today? This glorious Red Greathound mount and Tropical Baby Budgling pet!

Ride into battle on the back of a hero’s best friend!

All new for the scorching days of summer ahead, the Greathound Power Pack offers the following unlocks for ALL characters on your account:
  • Crimson Greathound Mount
  • Ascended Seal (scales to 70)
  • Tropical Baby Budgling (370638675)
  • Packmaster’s Reward Cache:
  • 20 Individual Reward Charges
  • 2 Challenger’s Mark

The Greathound pack is available on the in-game RIFT Store and on our web store.


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