Friday, June 09, 2017

RIFT WEDDING: Special Livestream June 9, 3:30 PM PDT!

Your hosts, Dior and Boase, invite you to a RIFT WEDDING! 3:30 PM PDT,!

All ye ascended, may it be known that on this day the Sparkle Faerie and his dame are uniting in the celestial bonds of matrimony! Boase@Greybriar and Dior@Greybriar are welcoming the Rift community to participate in a spectacular gathering in deference to the Cosmic Rhinoceros. If it weren’t for the chivalrous support from the lovely maiden Katyele@Greybriar and her dimension expertise – we fear that the ceremony would have been a horrific nightmare with unsolvable puzzles, piles of artifacts, and scattered abstract effigies of the rainbow king himself! All of which may have already happened without the bride’s knowing!

This venerated event will take place in the perplexing meadows of Boase’s dimension on Greybriar at 3:30PM (PST). There is absolutely no dress code for any interested guests. You are encouraged to strut your stuff and show off your fabulous fashion sense! For citizens of Greybriar, all you need to do is search for Boase’s dimension titled “LIVING IN COLOR” to join. If you aren’t a resident to this shard – don’t fret! Either make a low level character on Greybriar to join or make sure to contact Boase@Greybriar for an invite to the festivities. Be prepared for much feasting and clanking of mead mugs in celebration for this notorious day!

Friday, June 9, 3:30 PM PDT


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