Thursday, July 13, 2017

RIFTSTREAMS: Celestial Storm Pre-Launch & Vostigar Art Team

TWO streams this Friday! Prophecy of Ahnket 4.2: Celestial Storm launches next week. The update is already on PTS and the team is hard at work on polish. Time to sit down with Archonix, DeadSimon and Keyens for a chat! Then we’ll follow the RIFT art team as they talk about how they built Vostigar Peaks!

Brasse is rounding up the troops to answer your questions and show you a bit more of Vostigar Peaks and all the cool stuff going on there. What diabolical plans does DeadSimon have? Keyens will update us on the new Primalist Souls that you’re about to enjoy (as well as taking a few class balance questions), and Archonix… well, he’s coming to answer all the hard questions! 11:30 AM PDT. Post your questions to our forum thread!

Later on Friday, members of the RIFT art team will take you through how they built Vostigar Peaks – one of the most beautiful and varied overland zones we’ve seen to date. What a great way to round out the lands of the Comet! Join us to feast your eyes and illuminate your experience when you travel through Vostigar yourself next week! 3:30 PM PDT. If you have any questions for the Artists, please post them to the same thread!


Friday, July 14, 2017

11:30 AM PDT: Celestial Storm Pre-Launch Dev Q&A

3:30 PM PDT: RIFT Art Team – Vostigar Peaks Creation


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