Thursday, October 19, 2017

Meet the Mystic Archer

The Mystic Archer is the newest mage soul, coming with the launch of 4.3: Crucia’s Claw.

Souls are something that set RIFT apart from any other MMORPG out there. Each calling has several unique options and skills to fit a wide variety of play-styles including tanking, supporting, damage dealing, and healing. Our newest upcoming soul is for the Mage calling: The Mystic Archer.

The Mystic Archer is a new kind of play experience within RIFT. Unlike any other Mage, it uses a mystical bow and shoots magical bolts. Mystic Archers utilizes situational awareness to attack with raw, unrelenting force against their enemies. Their offensive spells must be aimed, either by character movement or placing ground-targeted AoEs strategically for maximum devastation. It’s fast paced, highly survivable, and powerful.

This new soul will be available for 900 credits beginning October 25th. However, the rest of 4.3: Crucia’s Claw is free to all players.


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