Wednesday, December 13, 2017

New Festive Fae Yule Pack

Brighten up your holidays with this incredible offer, available beginning Wednesday, December 13, 2017 after the game update (NA) and Thursday, December 14, 2017 after the game update (EU)!

For the first time ever, get a level 65 boost at a discount, plus other great RIFT items to make your character ready for action and then some! This all-new RIFT pack contains the following:
Soul Unlocks (Account-wide)
  • Arbiter (Mage – Tank)
  • Defiler (Cleric – Damage)
  • Harbinger (Mage – Damage)
  • Liberator (Warrior – Healer)
  • Oracle (Cleric – Support)
  • Physician (Rogue – Healer)
  • Tactician (Rogue – Support)
  • Tempest (Warrior – Damage)
  • Level 65 Character Pack*
  • A Collection of items and gear to boost a single character to level 65
  • Ascended Weapons Cache*
  • Contains an Ascended-Quality weapon appropriate for your calling

* Available for One Character Only

That’s over $70.00 of value for only $19.99! The Festive Fae Yule Pack is now available on the in-game RIFT store. But hurry! This pack is only around for Fae Yule, so get yours today! Plus, get a FREE Jolly Hellbug item when you top up your credits in the RIFT Store.

Speaking of Fae Yule, don’t forget to partake in the festivities of RIFT’s biggest seasonal event! We’ve added new holiday rewards, updated the Faelight Sparkles quest, and more! Read up on our Fae Yule blog here.


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