Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Remembering Wintercharm

The RIFT Dimensioneering community mourns the recent loss of one of its long-time, creative members, Wintercharm. With tomorrow’s update, she will live on within Telara…

We all love our online communities. They bring so many of us together from around the world. We live, laugh, play, challenge each other and celebrate camaraderie with our fellow players, guildmates; our friends. Sadly, real life inexorably moves on, and, over time, we lose some of the wonderful people we have shared our game worlds with.
Wintercharm was a beloved member of our RIFT Dimensioneering community, whose kindness and creativity will be missed in equal measure. RIFT players created a lovely memorial dimension to remember Wintercharm, which you can explore in game. Her fellow Dimensioneers celebrated her life and many contributions in this forum thread.

An image from “Wintercharm’s Garden,” the memorial dimension created by her fellow players.

Dev Tacitus has worked closely with all of the Dimensioneering group for years, and was moved to create this in-game memorial on personal time. “My heart breaks for a parent to lose a child like that,” exlained Tacitus, “I wanted to let her mom know how much her daughter had touched the Rift community; that her daughter wasn’t just a customer, but also a valued part of the social fabric that makes up that community. I also wanted to do it for the Dimensioneer community, to be some balm to them as well, to help them process and heal from such a loss.”

We want to offer a special thanks to Mike and Gene from our art team for taking the time to adapt an NPC model for this special purpose fast enough so that Tacitus could get her into RIFT with tomorrow’s update. We hope that her friends and family will take some comfort and quiet enjoyment from this quiet memorial.

Click on the following link for the short video Tacitus made for Wintercharm’s friends and family: Keyvah Wintercharm awaits on Icewatch Ridge in Iron Pine Peaks, near the Stillmoor Border. She offers lovely Wintercharm Blossoms for your Dimensions. These enchanting, pale blooms will add a gentle charm to any dimension, whether planted simply or in groups. The Enchanted Wintercharm Blossoms include a pulsing glow and light sparkles.

We hope that you enjoy them in the spirit in which they were created, and remember one of our own. The Wintercharm Blossoms are available for a small number of Void Stones, an easily obtained form of in-game currency.

As you ramble through Telara, always remember that each person you interact with is a real, thinking, caring human being. Let us all be good to each other as we set off into 2018 together!


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