Wednesday, February 21, 2018

RIFT Prime Launch: March 7, 2018!

Go Back to Where It All Began! A brand new type of server is coming to RIFT on March 7. Are you ready to take a journey through RIFT’s history?

Over the years, nostalgia begins to waft its siren’s call, and we start to long for the good old days, when life was new and all possibilities lay before us. The RIFT Prime service is here to answer that call! We first started talking about a new server type in 2017, and formally announced RIFT Prime in this Development Letter.

The first Prime server will return us to the launch of RIFT, when the level cap was 50 and all of the great Dragons awaited. Over time, we will unlock new content and levels together!

There are no boosts, no supply crates, no equipment, no bags on the RIFT Prime in-game store for credits; they will be offered for in-game currency. This is the world of RIFT before Free-to-Play!
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The RIFT Primogenitor Pack

We know some of you want the edge on Prime access. Get your account flagged ahead of time and ready to roll out on March 7th!

Available on the RIFT Web Store at $29.99, the RIFT Primogenitor Pack contains:
30 days of Patron access for the purchaser
2 voucher codes for 15 days of Patron access each (30 days total). Invite your friends to play, apply it to your alts or use the time yourself!
A mount out of the ordinary: Armored White War Tiger
A title exclusive to Prime players: Primogenitor
Cloak of the Void
A new Prime portrait frame

RIFT Prime is a Patron-only feature. If you have Patron status via recurring subscription, buy it with REX or receive a limited-time Patron pass, you can access Prime and Live.

At the end of the Prime server’s cycle (not yet determined), you will be able to transfer your Prime character to a Live server.

We are sure you have a LOT of questions, and most of them should be covered in our RIFT Prime FAQ!

If not, post your questions to the RIFT Prime forum thread.

Be sure to join us on this Friday’s RIFTstream, where we will talk about all things Prime, including many of the questions you have!

Friday, February 23, 11:30 AM PT (19:30 UTC) – we will simulcast on Twitch, Facebook and Twitter.
Travel back in time with us and begin your journey.

We can hardly wait to greet you there!

~The RIFT team

The Glory that is RIFT!


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