Thursday, March 22, 2018

RIFTstream 03/23: HOSTING Lynxaria!

We proudly present @Lynxaria on the RIFT livestream this week!

She may be new to your eyes, but Lynxaria is celebrating her 4th anniversary on Twitch! We’re all looking forward to learning about this young Canadian streamer and get her take on RIFT!

She will have giveaways on her channel:
  • 3x 30-day Patron Passes
  • 3x Primogenitor Packs
  • …and one glorious Greenata! Keep in mind that you can only claim Greenata on the RIFT Live servers… Prime is not yet advanced enough to host his plumpiness.

Lynxaria has been part of the Telaran story for some time – you can follow her on Twitter @Lynxaria and check out all of her Twitch videos here:

Friday, March 23, 11:30 AM Pacific

Tune in directly to Lynxaria’s channel in order to enter for the prizes:

Or watch on our Trion Worlds channel!


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