Monday, April 23, 2018

Prime: Sliver Me Timbers!

When you dare to enter a sliver, you will experience an alternate timeline where events have evolved differently, often disastrously, from our own reality. Danger and imminent death await all but the strongest. Are you strong enough? Are you TRULY…. Well then, we shall see!

Slivers are strange temporal tears that require ten highly coordinated Ascended to conquer.
Be sure to equip yourself with Quantum Sight if you be Defiant, or Omen Sight if Guardian, to open your eyes to possibilities outside of our realm. Avail yourself of the Looking for Raid feature is you find yourself short of foolhardy friends to join you!

The fragile sliver for The Drowned Halls has begun to leak into our reality in Scarwood Reach, while the Gilded Prophecy has cracked open within the dry plains of Shimmersand.

The Drowned Halls

Guarded by primordial powers, the Halls are under the command of powerful and unforgiving masters of the ocean depths. You have heard, perhaps, from crazed fishermen and sea merchants that the High Priestess Hydriss intends to lead a massive assault force into our Telara… it is no wonder that they now huddle in terror within land-locked taverns, but heed the call of your soul, Ascended – it is your task to prevent this at all costs before Hydriss drowns all of Telara.

According to the few scouts who have survived to report, Assault Commander Jorb and Joloral Ragetide merely guard the earlier reaches of the Drowned Halls, while Isskal and the infamous sea-creature Hydriss are rumored to lurk deeper in.

Leaders, guide your charges well through this watery morass, and you may yet emerge with trophies in hand and the grateful acclaim of all Telara.

No one mourns for the bodies of the lost in the wet domains… tiny sea creatures will make short work of your corpses, should you fail, and your name will be heard no more.


Gilded Prophecy
It is written that in this thin shard of altered existence, the Golden Maw has become powerful by virtue of a unique artifact that they can implement to resurrect the great behemoth, their Queen of Greed, Laethys. Only you, Ascended, have a chance to stop the cult from achieving their goals.

The sands whisper of great foes locked within the sliver. Anrak the Foul, an enormous venomous scorpid. Gurloth, whose commands you must obey. Thalgur, who crushes mountains with his power. Uruluuk, monstrous master of the crystalline arts.
Which of these will you best?
Which will grind you to dust?
Dust… to dust.


We are officially Looking For Feedback on these Slivers, as well as a question of timing on the release of Greenscale’s Blight. Please offer your feedback and opinions on this thread!

NOTE: When we first released the Slivers on 04/18, there were issues with reqs in LFR which allowed only pre-mades to get in. We therefore decided to reset the achievements and re-release the fixed version today, 04/20. Unfortunately the server-wide broadcasts could not be reset, but congrats to all who gain achievements today – well earned, and on a level playing field!

What’s next on deck for Prime?


We have tentatively scheduled the release of GSB for May 2, but this is highly dependent on data and feedback based on how many people are ready for it in time. Stay tuned!



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